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10 Best WordPress Plugins to Rank Higher in Google SERP’s

Are you using WordPress as a Blogging Platform for you blog? If yes, Then you have definitely searched for some best SEO Plugins for your WordPress blog. I have also done the same when I am new to WordPress and blogging, but I was unable to find some trustworthy tools that can improve the SEO of my blog.

After spending a couple of years blogging on WordPress blog, I have found some plugins which perform’s best to improve the Search Engine Ranking of your WordPress Blog. So I decided to put them all at one place and to Share it with the new Bloggers who are facing difficulties finding those Plugins.

WordPress is not SEO Friendly platform when you install it for the very first time, But there are thousands of Plugins Available to make your WordPress blog SEO friendly. The basic drawback is that most of them are Paid Plugins and you have to pay if you want to use them on your blog. But Paying too much for some SEO Plugins can be a difficult task for Newbie’s.

SEO Tactics are being changed day by day. So it is quite hard to meet the requirements of Google and other Search Engines. I have ordered a complete list of Plugins which will help you to make your Blog SEO friendly, So you can rank higher and also High Traffic and more Sales.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The First Plugin in my list was named as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It is a quite famous Plugin for the SEO of WordPress Blog’s. Basically, there are two most famous WordPress SEO plugins one is named as “All in One SEO Pack” and the Second one is “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”. I personally recommend using the WordPress SEO by Yoast because I use it on my own blog too and find it Working better than any other Plugin. It is an SEO Plugin which helps you to add Meta Tags to your posts and Pages which are most important in SEO of your Blog.

How to Configure WordPress SEO by Yoast – MyTechMag on Youtube:

2. WP Super Cache

Today the SEO is all about Speed and Faster Page loading time. You can rank higher in Search Engines if your Site loads faster. It will have to take just 1,2 Seconds to load. Google and other Search Engines are ranking those Site’s or blog’s higher in their results which are fast loading and require minimum time to load. To make your blog fast loading, You will have to use a Caching Plugin like WP Super Cache. This plugin turns your Php Pages into HTML pages and caches your images and content. So your blog can perform faster and can rank higher in Search results.

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3. WP Touch Mobile

Recently Google has made some changes in its policies and stated that Google will prefer mobile friendly websites in its search results. Although Google is showing mobile friendly tags along with those blogs which are mobile friendly. If your blog have a mobile friendly tag along with the result in Search Engine, So you will get more Clicks in Results.

So that’s why I recommend, to use a responsive WordPress Theme or to use WP Touch Mobile to build a mobile site of your Blog. Although This plugin is free but you can expand the features if you pay a little for this plugin. No matter you can use it free for life or upgrade to premium in the future, whenever you want to do so.

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4. Related Posts Plugin

Today Search Engines prefer internal linking. You can improve your SEO score and also the Visitor engagement by putting some links of other posts like the above one below that post. They can be tagged as Related Posts. But it takes a lot of time to picking some related articles and putting their links manually below every post in your blog. So why not put all the stress on Related Posts Plugin by Zemanta.

The Plugin use’s its semantic system to search for the related articles on your blog and show them below the posts. It will increase the page views you get from a single visitor. You can set the number of posts to show, from the settings page of the Plugin.

5. No Self Pings

Do you notice? that whenever you put a link of you own site in your post to another post. WordPress count it as a ping to your blog. Although it’s not a major ranking factor but can affect the rankings. So Why not we will stay safe? You can stop this to be happening again by using the Plugin Named as “No Self Pings”.

6. SEO Friendly Images

ALT Tags of Images can affect your visibility in Image search engines. Or an Image search in Google or Bing. If you want to improve your images SEO you can use this free plugin to do the hard work for you. SEO Friendly Images put’s your Keyword in the Title and ALT Tag on the images on your blog. Which helps them to rank higher in Image Search’s.

7. WP Social SEO Booster

It is another Free plugin use to Boost your blog’s SEO. SEO is not just putting a bundle of Keywords along with a Title and a Meta Description, It is even more. As this, is the era of Social Media and your blog must have to rank better on Social media and it have to be more Social Network friendly to rank higher in Search Engines.

You can use WP Social SEO Booster for this purpose, it will improve your blog’s SEO score by adding support to Facebook Open Graph, Twitter card, and Google+ Authorship to your blog.

Update: Google is not more showing Author Information in its Search Results. But Still this plugin can help a lot in Twitter and Facebook Sharings.

8. WP

Wp is an Image optimizing plugin, which reduces the size of the images on your blog. This plugin compresses your blog’s images without losing the image quality. The images can be seen quite good even on Retina Version of your website. Reducing the Image Size will also reduce the loading time of your blog, so it can perform better in search engines.

I personally use this plugin on my blog and recommend this plugin to New Blogger’s who want to rank higher in Search Engine Results.

9. Digg Digg WordPress Plugin

It is another Free plugin for your WordPress Blog. It will allow you to add Social Sharing Buttons to your blog without knowing anything about coding. The Plugin also have feature of adding a floating share bar in your blog. The Only drawback of this plugin is that it will not work fine with a Jetpack powered mobile site of your blog, But as I recommend to use WP touch for the mobile version of your website. It works quite fine with WP Touch.

If you want some more then you can go Premium and I advise you to Buy Monarch by Elegant Themes, if you want to pay some pennies.

Keep practicing with the Upcoming SEO Tactics to perform better in Search Engines. If you want your blog to perform better than always do smart work rather doing Hard Work. Because, Now a days! Hard Work is not a key to success, Smart Work is.

Its all upto You!

Keep in mind that you cannot perform well in Search Results with only those plugins. Always remember that in a blog “Content is King”. If you have some good and quality articles then these plugins can help you improving your blog’s visibility. But if your content is poor then you are just wasting your time installing these Plugins in your Blog.

If you have any questions in your mind related to Blogging or Search Engine Optimization. You can ask those in Comments Section below, I will try my best to reply you with the best possible answer, because I love helping People.

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  2. Brilliant post great collection of plugins i cant wait to try each of the above plugins out. So far am using SEO post content links. But will compare it with the above.Thanks for shearing great post

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