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2 Free Plugins to Make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

The internet is Improving day by day and our blogs will also have to improve to compete in this race of a better internet. The Technology is improving and Now many people are using Smart Phones and tablets rather than PC’s and Laptops. So that’s the reason behind why our blog’s will have to be mobile friendly if we want a good number of readership on the internet. A Great piece of a blog post cannot do anything if it cannot be read by the user on their Smartphones, Tablets or other devices.

After the Google’s Mobile Friendly Update, A Mobile-Friendly and responsive blog is obligatory to achieve high traffic and a high rank in Search Engines. Now Google’s Algorithm is ranking blog’s which are mobile-friendly higher in its SERP’s and also shows a “Mobile-Friendly” tag along with the blog’s in Search Results. So being Mobile-Friendly helps you get more traffic in two manners.2 Free Plugins to make Your WordPress Blog mobile friendly to get Higher Rank in Google

One is that your blog is ranked higher in SERP’s and the other one is that CTR of you blog will increase because of the Mobile-Friendly Tag along with your blog in Search Engine Results Page. That’s the purpose behind writing this blog post, “Making your WordPress Blog Mobile friendly to Rank higher in SERP’s”. Thousands of bloggers are planning to upgrade to mobile friendly blog’s or to get a Responsive theme for their blog.

You can either hire a developer or can get a quote from a Web Solutions company to develop a Mobile Responsive theme for your blog, or You can easily go and hire a freelancer for this task. It can be easy for those Bloggers who were earning a good amount from their blog’s.

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But it’s hard for the newbie’s to hire someone and pay him for this task, Today I am going to share two Awesome ways through which you can easily create a mobile friendly blog for your Readers who use mobile or other devices to read your blogs.

Rather than making your blog’s theme Responsive, we will make a mobile Version of your blog. The Visitors who are from mobile devices were automatically redirected to the Mobile Version of your blog, they can also switch between mobile and desktop versions if they wish to do so.

There are 2 Free Plugins available for WordPress through which you can create a mobile version of your blog with just some couple of clicks. Let’s Discuss both of those plugins in detail and try putting out the best one aside to use it on your blog.

Jetpack by

Jetpack is a free and awesome plugin by some of the Great and Popular Plugin Developer’s. It is a Compulsory Power Pack for your WordPress Blog. Jetpack is loaded with more than 35 Features which can turn your Simple WordPress blog into a Power Blog with just some clicks.

It is very easy to use and install and available free to download. You can load your blog with tons of features provided to you for free by Jetpack, for e.g.: You can create Contact forms for your blog, Spelling and Grammar check your blog posts, Create an E-mail Subscription for your blog, Get Detailed Traffic Stats for your blog, Create a Mobile Version of your blog and even much more.

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Today We are talking about the Mobile theme for your WordPress Blog. All you have to do is, Just go to the Jetpack Section and Activate the Mobile Theme option there. Jetpacks will setup a Mobile theme for your blog which uses Header, Background Image and Widgets of your actual blog. It also supports different post types which make it an awesome plugin for a mobile blog.

Let’s Talk about Some Pros and Cons of Jetpack.


  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Available for Free
  • Create a Fast loading Mobile theme


  • Does not provide advanced flexibility for Mobile Theme Configuration
  • Doesn’t include different themes for your Mobile theme

WP Touch Mobile:

WP Touch is another free plugin available at to be downloaded for free. This plugin also allows you to set up a Mobile Website for your WordPress blog and redirect Visitors to the Mobile website who are using mobile devices to visit your blog. This plugin provides great flexibility, setting up a mobile website. The plugin is also easy to use and Provides a great User Interface.

The Plugin provides you awesome and advanced options to configure your mobile theme like Appearance, Styling, Different Themes to choose from, Monetization and also you can disable any plugin to be used on Mobile site.

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WP Touch Mobile have also a premium version too, to which you can upgrade if you want extended features. Their Pricing starts from 69$, but it is okay to go with the free version because it provides a lot of features you basically need. Let’s take a look on the Pros and Cons of this plugin too, to get the best plugin out and use it on our blog!


  • Easy to use
  • Provides extended flexibility
  • Allow to change between different themes for your Mobile Site
  • Allows you to disable specific plugins in your mobile site


  • Some features are locked and will open if you Upgrade to Premium Version
  • Can Cause errors with some plugins on your WordPress blog

Over To You!:

By reviewing both of the above-listed plugins, I came to a final decision that, You can Use Jetpack if you prefer Simplification over Customization. But, If you want to get more flexibility and more feature you can prefer using the “WP Touch Mobile” for a mobile site.

You can share your own experiences and suggestions about, Which Plugins you are using? Which kind of feature’s they are providing to you? and anything you want to share with others, Share it in Comments. I love to hear from readers and it makes me happy if readers are sharing their knowledge because this can boost there and also my knowledge. 🙂

You can Subscribe to my Blog if you want to read latest Tips, tricks and Tutorials to super rocket You blog. I share Tips and Tutorials about Blogging, SEO Tips, Monetization and every aspect which can help you Grow your Blog.

Have a Happy Blogging Journey. 😉

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