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6 Practically Working Tips to Build a Loyal Readership

Are you a Blogger?

Do You want to Build a Readership for your blog? But Don’t Know how?

You are at the right place then. I am going to share 6 Practically Effective tips which works and helps you out in building a loyal and Active readership for your blog. Readership is the most necessary pillar of a blog, They let your content spread over the internet and helps you getting more Traffic. A Loyal readership also helps you in making more affiliate sales and more sales to your product too.Do you want to learn those 6 Methods Pro Bloggers use to build a Loyal Readership for their blogs.

Some of the newbie’s bloggers think that all they need to become a successful blogger is just thousands of visitors on your blog. It’s Wrong!. You need visitors which are satisfied with your content and love to read your blogs. This is the secret to becoming a successful blogger. If you have a readership and they are satisfied with your blog posts then they will take your blog to a next level, and you will get thousands of Tweets, Facebook, and Google+ shares. Pro Bloggers always focus on making a readership on their blog, To make their blogs succeed in the blogosphere.

So, you have got the importance of the readers in blogging and want to make a readership on your blog? But, How to make a readership on your blog? That’s what I am going to tell you in this blog post. You can implement the below-listed tips on your blog to make a readership which shares your blog posts, comment on them and help you skyrocket your blog’s growth.

Write Engaging Posts:

The first step in making a loyal readership is to write posts that engage readers in their content, But How? Now that’s a point. Consider writing your blog post’s in a manner which gives the reader a feel that you are talking to him directly. This will not let the reader bored while reading your blog posts.

You can also engage a reader by adding a poll in your blog posts or by asking them different questions, asking them to drop the answers in the comment box. This will give the reader a direct conversation feeling. They love to read more content on your blog and turn into a follower from a reader of your blog.

Encourage Readers to Write Comments:

Another thing you can do to turn your visitor into a loyal reader is to motivate them to comment on their blog posts. You can use different tips for this purpose like: Leave one or two questions at the end of your blog post and ask your readers to answer them in the comments section.

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You can also ask them that If they think that you have missed a point, then let others know by commenting below.

Use Comment Luv WordPress Plugin:

If you are using WordPress as the blogging platform for your blog, then there is an awesome plugin to motivate your readers to do comment on your blog posts. This plugin has a sidebar widget which show the names of Top Commenters on your blog. You can then offer some free weekly or monthly gifts to the top commenters, who have commented more on your posts. This will boost your blog’s Comment rate. This is what one of my kind Blogosphere friend “Rohan Chaubey” is doing on his blog. He is offering free Advertising space to the top commenter on his personal blog. This will encourage readers to stop by and do comments on your posts.

This can Helps you improving your Alexa rank too. Sounds Weird? Yeah! Maybe it can because it is a fact mostly newbie bloggers don’t know. When visitors with Alexa toolbar installed lands on your blog and do comment, Alexa will notice that your blog post is engaging visitors and they are dropping comments on your blog. This will make your Alexa rank better and also your blog’s traffic too.

Reply to The Comments of your Readers:

Encouraging Readers to do comments on your blog is just one side of building a strong readership. You must have to reply those comments to let readers know that you read their comments and their comments make you feel happy. That’s what they need to know. Tell them that you are thankful to them if they have shared your blog and you are happy to see them again on your blog.

Replying to the comments of you reader can be time taking, but it can help you grow your blog and this will turn your visitors into frequent readers of your blog. It also places a friendly impression on your visitor that You are in touch with them and you are not a Hidden Guy behind a blog. Bloggers who reply to the comments on their blog have a strong readership than those who don’t.Treat them like your Friends:

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A Blog is driven towards success with the help of your readers, and it is your duty to treat them like your friends. This will let them know that you are thankful to them for their great support. Also thanks them whenever your blog’s reaches a new milestone like Completes its one-year journey, Made its first affiliate sale, Successful in getting 1K Fans on a Social Media Profile etc. Let them aware of their important role in achieving this success.

Share some percious moments and happiness you have achieved with your readers to aquire a great readership

This will help you to make a great digital impression among your blog’s readers, and they will love to interact with you through comments and share’s on social Media.

Be Kind and Helpful to Your Readers:

A Reader always imagines you as an expert of your niche. This thing makes him ask you Questions about your blog’s niche. You must have to focus on replying to your readers. Because, if they found you helping them, they will love you for this. They will read your blog posts to get something new and if they have confusion about anything they know that they can ask You!. This will make a relationship with your reader, and He will follow your blog and read them frequently.

Blogging is long-term Journey. You also have some haters as well as having some fans. Always be kind to your fans and haters too. This thing will also turn some of your Hater’s into your True Fans. When you are Blogging, as your Blog grows the number of Fans also grows and it is not compulsory that every person likes what you write, the number of haters will increase too. But by being Supportive and helping your readers you can build up a good readership which loves to read what you write.

Offer Freebie’s To your Readers:

If you want to put some more juice in your blog’s readership you can offer them free gifts which are just only available to those who have subscribed to your blog. This will also increase the number of subscribers of your blog. You can offer gifts like Free E-books, Special Weekly guides,Free Tips about a specific niche. No Matter what ever your offer them, but it must be helpful and your content worth reading. You can get a free e-book with Creative Common License or can write your Own E-Book that you can provide to your readers for free. You can also include your Affiliate Links in that E-Book, this will help you generate some money also.

But Before offering a freebie, Consider these tips to boost the results:

1. Your Product must related to your niche

2. Your Product must be helpful to your blog readers

3. Use an Eye-Catching Title

You can promote those freebie’s using different methods and can ask the reader to Subscribe to your blog if they want to get this product for Free!

Try using different Methods of promotion like: A Widget in Sider, Promoting it through a Page on your Blog, Promoting it through an Opt-in Plugin.

You can use GetSiteControl Opt-in Service, as is available for free.

Prioritize your Readers over Monetization:

It is a kind of Advice for all the bloggers, Newbie’s and old ones. Always Prioritize your Reader over the Money. Having a Good readership you can try different methods of monetization. but if you ruined away your readership, every monetization method is nearly useless.

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Some of the Newbie’s Bloggers fill their entire blog with ads from different networks, which sometimes look ugly and they reader cant read their content. This will make your reader to go somewhere else to find some helpful content. Don’t stuff your blog with lots of ad’s, Your content must be clear and must be easy for the reader to read and get benefit from that.

Always Pretend to create a relation of Support and Motivation with your reader. If you Prioritize your Reader on Money, then Ad Networks will prioritize you.

It’s Your Turn Buddy:

Here I rests, The Final Words I want to say is that Always try to help your readers, and make a relation with your reader. Earning Money is not the only thing you have to earn from blogging. There are numerous other Things that you can earn, Try to earn those things that worth earning. Always try your best to earn the Trust Level of your readers, Earn some great Compliments from your readers. If you are successful in getting some kind words from your readers, then it is the most best thing you can even earn from blogging, even more than earning too.

At the Last, I want to say a GREAT Big Thanks to all my readers (No Matter if they are less than 5) for such support and Motivation. I consider my blog’s readers as my best friends because This is the result of their kind support and Motivation that I am successful in making Blog Live. I am expecting the same Support and Motivation for the future journey. I will try my best to serve you with the finest content I can write.

Now it’s Your turn to share with us that Which Tips you are following to build a Readership for your blog? and How it works for you? Share your Delightful Comments, So they can also help me increasing my knowledge. If you think that I’ve Missed some points, Do your Work and drop them in comments.

If you enjoyed this post then don’t put it limited to just yourselves, Share it with the world too.

About Umair Akram

I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


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  2. Really appreciate reading this post. Loved the way you wrote. 🙂 Thanks Umair. Want some more cool articles from you. Thanks.

    • Hi! Kreettanam,

      I am really very glad to see your comment here on my blog. I hope you really enjoyed reading this blogpost. Yeah! I am always working to write more content for my readers and It will be here on my blog soon.

      Keep visiting for more awesome stuff like that! 🙂


  3. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  4. Wow, good article. For common insider or latest technology news .

  5. Didn’t you go to college? People love the Newsfeed. Regardless of those peiotitns in the beginning, people saying it was too stalkerish, college kids love it. It makes it easier to stalk all of your friends at once. Exactly what Facebook provides. Would people be happy if they were to take it down now? No, most users have grown to love it.I’m not saying the new situation is going to succeed, but they certainly were right last time.

  6. Hi Umair,

    Good to read another insightful write-up. Posts naturally get engaging when quality is the main target of the blogger/writer. Writing in a conversational tone helps, I learned this the hard way.

    Thanks for mentioning me. I actually wanted to sincerely help my readers so I decided to giveaway Ad banners to the top commentators. Winners will be announced towards the end of this month. At my blog, I feel everyone takes so much effort to post really thoughtful and great comments. Unlike some other blogs where one-liners and general comments are accepted. So I thought my readers must get something in return for the time they invest in reading and commenting. In the near future, I am planning to provide more value to the regular commentators as they are the backbone of my blog.

    I also thank you for all the conditional support you have extended so far. 🙂

    Umair, I think CommentLuv is also available for Blogger users. I’ve seen some bloggers using it on Blogger platform as well.

    Offering freebies are one of the best ways to get more readers and subscribers. I really liked your point where you suggest to prioritize readers over monetization. Some blogs extensively promote other services and products and forget to provide value and focus more on money making.

    Monetization is good but quality content and readers must be the top priority.

    I would like to add one more tip to your list – Social sharing. Creating a buzz about your content on social media does helps a lot. In fact my major blog traffic comes from social media.

    Thanks for sharing. Couldn’t resist sharing this post on G+, Twitter and Pinterest. Have a nice week ahead. 🙂


    • Hi! Rohan,
      Happy to See you again on my Blog. These little deeds of motivations from my Friends make me able to write more and more great content as I can.

      It’s a pleasure to mention you in my blog post. Actually I love the way you are motivating people to do comment on your blog and it works. We must have to value our Readers and understand their important role’s in the growth of our blogs.

      Yeah Nobody can deny Social Media’s importance in building a Readership. Thanks buddy for sharing that useful point in comments. I really appreciate it 🙂

      Thanks for the Kind and Valuable Share.It Worths a lot to me because It helps me growing my Blog’s Audience 🙂

      Happy to See you again and love to read your awesome comments here 🙂
      ~ Umair Akram

      • Asad, I don’t think Saad is writing about your atlrcie but rather the comments on it. Note that he writes – As I browsed through the comments I saw something that is a regular occurrence Good to see you around Saad! Are you on the alumni mailing list?

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