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7 Best SEO Practices to Boost your Website Traffic by 300%

Today SEO is going to be more difficult every day and you have to accept all the Conditions imposed by Search Engines to rank higher in their Results. The biggest Question which is on the tongue of every New and old blogger is How to Increase my Blog’s Traffic. So I have decided to write a quite unique Article which will help you to increase your blog’s Traffic by 300% and you will also be able to Rank Higher in search Engines.

SEO Tricks are being changed daily. As the Search Engines are changing their Ranking policies time to time and it is getting hard to Rank high in search engines for Bloggers. Ranking Higher in Search results is not only the way to get traffic and readers for your blog.

You can get Traffic through even more ways and can get more that Search Engines. So I will personally recommend you that you must follow these guidelines along with SEO tips to get thousands of Readers without being getting on the First Page of Google.

There are thousands of Ways to Get traffic, But Always use only legal ways otherwise Rating of your blog among advertisers and search engines will be lost and this action is taken maybe forever. I am sharing a complete list of things you can do to get thousands of page views on your blog within a month.

White Hat SEO:

If you are a blogger. Then the first thing you have to keep in mind that never use cheap ways to rank higher in search engines Because you cannot never do that this way. Even you can get your blog blacklisted in Search Engines if you use Black hat SEO tactics to Rank higher. for eg: Keyword Stuffing, Purchasing low PR Backlinks, Copied Content. Always try to be fair with your passion and always do White hat SEO of your blog.

If you have a good content then you can easily get indexed by search engines but always be fair. If you are using WordPress then you are free to use plugins to do better SEO of your blog. You can use these Free plugins to easily rank higher in Search Results.

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Social Media Sharing:

Do you know? You can get a lot of readers for you blog by sharing it to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc. Social Networks are a good mean of traffic. If you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a try. Make an Official page for your Blog on Social Media and Share your awesome content with people over there. Always keep in mind that Content is the King.

You cannot get traffic if you are sharing copied content on the social media and even you don’t deserve to be a blogger if you put your name in front of someone’s creation. It is against the Blogging manners. You can use Applications like Buffer app to make the Work Easier for you.

Writing Guest posts:

Another Good way for driving a lot of Targeted and quality traffic to your blog is to Write Posts on different popular blog’s which match your niche. If you can write good content then you can do so. They will put a link back to your blog and you can earn a lot of Targeted traffic by this way.

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If you are planning to write some guest posts but don’t know where to publish them, Just make your content and let me write a complete blog post about “Famous Blogs Accepting Guest posts for Different Niche’s”.

Getting Traffic through Forums:

Do you even think about it, that forums are a good mean of getting traffic for your blog. You can get Targeted reader to your blog by helping people. You can answer the questions of users of different users and can place the links of related posts of your blog posts related to that Question. It’s my personal Experience that you can get a lot of traffic by this method if you do this in a quite fair manner. Never try to Spam on forums, You cannot get even a single visitor by doing that.

Designing themes:

If you are a Web Designer and know basics about coding. In Simple that if you can design themes then it’s a great way of getting traffic. You can get a lot of Traffic by doing that stuff. You will have to design an eye-catching theme and put it on your blog to be downloaded with backlinks to your blog in the footer. This will drive many visitors to your blog and also improve your blog’s ranking in Search Engines.

Developing Plugin’s:

If you are a Developer and love to make plugins. You can use your skills to drive people to your blog. You just have to develop a necessary plugin related to your niche and make it available to be downloaded for free or as a Premium plugin. Just ask the Customer’s to put your blog link on their website as a support. You can get thousands of visitors by this method.

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P.S: Better results can be seen if the plugin was given for free.

Backlinks Exchange:

A Quite good method to improve your Page Rank and to rank higher in search engines is Backlink Exchange. You can contact some publishers or blogger related to the niche of your blog. Ask them to put a link back to your blog and in return you can do the same. This will support both of you and it is most likely mean of getting backlinks. This method is also allowed by Google.

You can do that stuff in another manner, which is Writing a Blog overview of someone’s Blog and ask him to do the same for you.

This will get even more visibility and results will be clearer.

The Rest Depends on YOU!

Now the rest depends on you, What Tactics you are using to get more traffic to your blog. Always do everything fairly, Never try to be a spammer Otherwise your blog will be hated by Readers and search engines too.

I will keep writing new tips about increasing traffic to your blog & about other SEO Tips.

If you have any questions about this topic or about any other Topic related to my Blog’s Niche, Then ask me in comments. I will try to reply you within 24 Hours.

If you have other ways to Increase Blog Traffic then don’t be shy. Share them with the World by dropping them in the comments section below.

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