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7 Golden Rules to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever tried Affiliate Marketing on your Blog?

Did you fail in making money from Affiliate Marketing?

Are you thinking about to monetize your Blog with Affiliate Marketing?

If your answer is Yes! Then this guide is especially for you.

This guide is for those who want to make money blogging with Affiliate Marketing but don’t know how to do it.Tips to make money blogging through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money with a blog. This is one of the famous money making strategies which Pro Bloggers are using to make money from their blogs.

But everything has some etiquettes and there are some for earning with Affiliate Marketing.

Before we proceed towards those 7 Rules which we are going to discuss to make fair money with affiliate marketing, I will like to explain “What Affiliate Marketing Actually is?” for those who don’t know about it and who never done it before.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to make money online by promoting different products and getting some commission for each sale you make through your specific affiliate link.

This can be the most simple definition for Affiliate marketing Although there are many different forms of this type of marketing, But the basic concept remains the same.

Let me further explain it to you,

Affiliate marketing is a form of Marketing in which you Promote a specific product to the audience. If you are successful in making a sale through your specific Affiliate link, you will be paid a commission by the company who got the sale.

The commission can be different for different products, for example, it can be 33% to 70% of the total price of the product you sold.

 Why to Follow those 7 rules for Affiliate Marketing?

Every Business have some rules which have to be followed. I have ordered a list of 7 Rules which have to be followed to be a successful marketer and to build a good reputation among your readers.

Remember, Money is not everything which you have to earn with your blog. You have to earn trust and reputation also to make your Content marketing journey bright. If you are unable to get the trust of your readers, then you are just lost. No matter even you have earned thousands of dollars, But you can never make such money again with your blog in the future.

If you follow these 7 Rules then they would help you building readers trust and achieving a good reputation online along with putting thousands of dollars in your pockets.

So Let’s come towards the topic.

1. Find the Best Niche to Work with:

When you are going to start your journey as a content marketer. The first thing you have to choose wisely is the niche. You have to research on the niche, find the average number of people searching for that niche or not.

The Niche you are going to select must have a good number of affiliate products available on it to be promoted. If there is not a wide variety of Products, then it can be hard to succeed promoting products for that niche. Niche with fewer products often have a low commission rate because there are just a few products available and there are no competitors of them.

So, Always look for the products available for a niche before choosing it.

Always choose a niche about which you have enough knowledge to share with your readers. If you want to do good with Affiliate Marketing then you have to become an expert of your niche for your readers. Your readers will buy a product on your recommendation if they find you helpful and get detailed answers of their questions from you.

So always be an expert in your niche and never answer your readers in short lines. Always try to answer them in detail.

To earn through Affiliate Marketing you have to win the trust of your reader, in order to get sales and to earn commissions and the best way to win the reader’s trust is to always be helpful to him. This thing will turn a visitor into your fan and also in your regular reader.

2. Choose Products wisely:

When you are going to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, it is must to choose a product you are going to promote, wisely. The Product is the root of your Affiliate marketing business. If the product is helpful and related to your niche, then you should be able to make more sales from your blog, which help you make more profit.

Mostly newbie bloggers who are just starting with Affiliate Marketing choose only products who are offering more commission to them. They do not focus on the rating of the product and don’t even think about that does the  product will help their readers or not.

Remember, Affiliate Marketing was done on the base of trust. If you are recommending useless and costly products to your readers just for some extra bucks, you are ruining your business by your own. Don’t try to fool your readers. Never prioritize revenue over trust and readership. Try to manage both reputation and revenue.

You can earn a good profit by recommending useful products to your readers, rather than losing all the reader’s trust just for some extra dollars.

So Always promote products that worth money and don’t ever recommend products that were not useful and doesn’t worth spending money.

One more thing you have to consider while choosing a product to promote is the cookies support.

You may ask about What is cookie support?

Let me answer, After visiting a website, a cookie is a set of information sometimes stored on the visitor’s computer. In Affiliate marketing, it is used to track the visitor who is referred by a website/blog and doesn’t make a purchase at that time. He later come back and make a purchase then He is identified by the cookies stored on his computer. Then the commission was paid to the referrer of that visitor

So first of all, always go with a product that offers cookie support. So, You will get your commission even if your referred visitor doesn’t purchases the product immediately and make a purchase after some time.

The Cookies stored,  have a specific time after which they expire. So, I recommend to prefer the product which have a long cookie expiry time. Amazon affiliate has a cookie expiry time of 24 Hours. There are some Affiliates who offers an expiry time of more than 90 days.

Which means if your referred visitor purchases the product within 90 days of being referred, You will get your commission paid from your affiliate company.

3. Promote less but Useful Products:

During your journey as an Affiliate marketer, this is the most important rule to be followed. When you are promoting products on your blog and advising your reader to buy that product. It is a must that your products help them.

Mostly Newbie bloggers make a common mistake while promoting products on their blog. They mostly choose too many products and promote them on their blog, some of them was helpful to the reader and some are useless. Even some are completely unrelated to the niche.

They get disappointed when they are unable to make a single sale through their blog.

So it is must to choose and market only those products which are related to your niche and can be helpful for your reader.

Marketing so many products on your blog and makes it look like an e-store or a marketing agency and won’t make more sales. Even, promoting fewer but useful products can help you generating more sales and making more money.

So, always stay with products that were related to your niche, Rather than stuffing your blog with unrelated products.

I am not asking to go with just one product. It’s a good practice to promote 2,3 products for different purposes which are related to your niche and mostly pro bloggers were promoting 2,3 products at once on their blogs.

4. Try different Products:

Trying new things and strategies is a good way to make more profit with your blog. I recommend to test different niche related products on your blog and test the results. Then you can figure out, which product is performing better and making more money So you can stay with that product in the future.

You can also try different methods to promote your products. Don’t just stay with some banner ads of your Affiliate’s products on your blog. Try to promote them through Product reviews and recommending them in posts.

If you are going to write reviews about your Affiliate’s Products. You should know that according to the FTC guidelines, You must have to disclose that you will get a commission on the purchase of the product which is made through your affiliate link.

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Some blogs make more sales through banner ads and some perform well with review posts. So always Try different methods and test them to get the best results out of them. Keep testing with different products and different ways of promotion.

5. Be a Marketer, not a salesman:

Is the heading confusing you? Maybe it can, let me explain in more detail.

While promoting products on your blog, you have to act like a marketer, not like a salesman. You have to make people buy your product, don’t beg people to buy it.

Make people believe that the product will help them, Let them know how they can get benefited from that product.

Some newbie bloggers start begging the readers to make a purchase or hide the cons of that product from their readers. Believe me, this can never help you getting more sales. It’s better to describe all the pros and cons of that particular product and let people decide what they have to do next.

Always be fair with your readers and never try to trick them by telling stories and lies to them. Be honest with your profession, this will help you to earn a completely fair income and also gains the users trust you.

6. Don’t Make False Claims:

This is one of the worst mistake most newbie bloggers make, who are just started with their Affiliate marketing business. They tell different fake stories to their readers about How useful the product is which they are recommending.

Even some of them make false claims about that they have used the product their selves and found that useful.

Don’t even try to trick those people who are spending their hard earned money on your advice. Always be fair and say the truth to him, Who is ready to spend some money on the product you are recommending to him.

A reader can be only converted to a customer if you are using the right strategy to market your product.

I agree that you can make more sales for the first time by making false claims. But You have to realize the truth that you can make sales for the very first time. When the reader realizes that your recommended product doesn’t worth purchasing and you have advised him wrong. He should never come back to purchase anything promoted on your blog.

If you are telling them the truth and fairly promoting the products. This will turn your customer into a returning customer and help you earning a recurring product for the future sales.

7. Recommend What you personally use:

This is the last rule to be followed if you want to earn fair income as an affiliate marketer. This rule is completely based on my personal recommendation. That while promoting products related to your niche, it is good to use those products first and find out how they helped you.

Don’t rely on he reviews of other bloggers and marketer. Try yourself before you present it to your readers. A reader will trust more on you if He finds that you are using that product also for yourself before recommending to him.

Mostly famous and well-known bloggers use this method to promote only the best and helpful products to their readers. They first try the products their selves and find out how they work? Are they helpful or not?

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After figuring out all the pros and cons of the product, They decide whether they should have to promote them on their blogs or not. That will ensure maximum user’s trust on them and never hurt their digital image.


I have still crossed 2000 words and now it’s time to wind up the discussion.

At the last, I just want to say “Always be fair with your business”. Whether you are promoting a product or just generally making an advice to your readers, always tell them the truth. In any online or offline business, a lie can destroy the whole business.

If you want to make more profit and make your future shine as a successful Affiliate marketer. Always search and choose the best marketing strategies and promote only useful products on your blog. Research the market needs to figure out which kind of product readers of your blog are looking for.

When you know your readers need, Then you can promote the product they want. This can lead to more sales and more money.

Don’t every lie with your reader and don’t try to trick them using cheap marketing strategies. Otherwise, you can never become a successful marketer even if you are successful in making some dollars. You can make money for a specific time using cheap marketing strategies but can’t ever create a bright future as a digital marketer.

I know, I haven’t discussed all the points completely. Now it’s your turn to add your valuable words to this blog post through comments.

Also show your love towards my work, by sharing it on social media with your friends and fellows.

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  4. There are some tools that could track your reffered users. Search on Google and you’ll find some interesting ones

  5. I agree. There report of the sites should be more transparent, so we can see and calculate our own earnings.Their kind of reporting is always suspicious

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  6. I always get the impression that this reffering and affiliate sites steal from us. The reports are vague. At least the ones that i used were like this.. The rules you said are pretty ok. Good article !

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