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9 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail & How to Beat them?

Blogging is not always easy as eating a cupcake and even not difficult as Rocket Science. If you know the right way and have dreams and passion to do something, then you can definitely achieve what you want. But some teenagers think that blogging is just a Get Rich Overnight scheme, believe me, its not. You must have a lot of patience and a hunger to become a successful person. Without those things, it can be very hard to stay as a blogger. Unfortunately, Many young boys and girls start blogging to earn a lot of money within days and fail because they don’t know the true meaning of blogging and start without a Plan. They just dream about that they will be a Six Figure Millionaire within days. You can be a Millionaire being a blogger, but you have to work hard, You are hard work must deserves to be a Millionaire if you want.10 Shocking and Most Common Reasons Why Newbie bloggers fail in blogging and end up quitting their journey

When I think about those reasons, which makes bloggers quit their journey with disappointment. I came up with those 10 Reasons that makes bloggers quit their blogging career. If you are a blogger and failed to achieve your goals with blogging, then you must read those 10 Reason Why Bloggers quit. So, It may be helpful to you and can stop you from quitting. Mistakes are a part of our life, and no one can succeed without doing mistakes. The Key to success is to learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you will achieve your Goals.

Here are the 10 Mistakes which can lead a blogger towards quitting his blogging journey. Don’t quit the entire journey, just go with quitting that mistake. So let’s come towards our topic and learn about why those newbie’s quit and how to make yourself stop quitting and correcting the mistakes that were making you quit.

Choosing the Wrong Niche:

It is one of the most common mistakes which leads a blogger towards ending their blogging journey. Before Starting a blog and start writing content, You must choose a niche which best suits you. You can go for a niche which you find interesting to talk about. Most bloggers try the one which have more traffic even they don’t have any knowledge about that. Researching the traffic of your chosen niche is a good pre-blogging step, but don’t go with that niche you don’t know about. If you still want to blog on that niche, just spend time learning about that before starting to blog on it.

Don’t know about SEO and Blogging Platforms:

Mostly the teenagers who quit their blogging career and don’t much familiar with “How to Make a Blog”. They even don’t know which Platform they have to use for their blog. They were confused between WordPress and Blogger. Although I am not going to compare both of these Blogging Platforms, we will talk about this later. Before Starting a blog, you must have to decide with which blogging platform you’re are going with and How to create a Blog with your chosen platform.

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There are many free tutorials available on the internet to learn about managing your blog. Another thing you must have to know before starting with a blog is some basic knowledge of Search engine Optimization. Without knowing SEO you can’t get your blog indexed in Google or other Major search Engine’s which can lead you to disappointment and in the bad situation mostly bloggers quit because their blog are not getting much traffic.

Lack of Desire:

Most of the Bloggers who quit their blogging career within 3-4 Months have a lack of two most needed things to become a successful blogger. Those two things are Desire and Patience. If you don’t have the Desire to do Something big in life, you can’t do anything. Because Desire is the feeling which lead us to success. If there is no Desire, Mark Zuckerberg can’t Introduce Facebook, Bill Gates can’t Skyrocket Microsoft’s growth, Even Mustafa can’t make MBT a place which helps thousands of bloggers daily.

Desire is the most important Mental Motivation you need to achieve your goals in life. Even in other professions too.


When you want to succeed as bad, as you want to breath. Then you can definitely can be a Successful person.

Lack of Patience:

Blogging is a field of Patience If you want to be successful in the blogosphere. You must have to be patient for the results to appear. You have started a blog So, you have to wait for 2,3 months to catch some eyeballs for your content. I agree that the time can be shortened by using good strategy and quality content.

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But it is impossible that your first post will make your blog Viral and you can become a successful blogger just be writing 4,5 blog post. Be Patient and do your work with consistency. This is the most important thing you need to become a Professional blogger. Always try to make you blog a better place for readers.

Make a readership and a relation with your readers. A successful blogger is whom, whose readers are satisfied and find him helpful. Don’t Always focus on money blogging, Even making money from a blog is not a sin but prioritize your readers over money.

Dream to Get Rich Over Night:

Most newbie’s think that Blogging is just a way to Get Rich overnight, and they can become a Millionaire with a couple of days being a blogger. That theory is totally wrong. Even Blogging has a potential to make someone Billionaire, but one have to work hard for it. It’s is not Money Making Machine. You will have to be constant with things in blogging. If you want to earn a good living with blogging you must consider preparing your mind with the following tips:

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First of All try making and developing your blog for a Good User interface. The Navigation of your blog is clean and easy to understands, this helps your reader to explore your blog and posts you have written.

After that, you have to write awesome and unique content. This is the most important part of a Blogging journey.

Write Content for 6 Months. For the first six months of your blogging journey, just write content and don’t focus on any marketing and promotion method. Also be prepared that your blog will not get any traffic within the first six months, and you can’t make even a single penny from blogging. If you will be successful in making some bucks within the first six months, this will be a way of extreme motivation for you.

After making a stand to your blog for the first six months. Now it’s the time to do some Off-Page Optimization.

Try to Trick Search Engines;

Some Newbie Bloggers have a wrong myth in their mind that they can trick the search Engine and get stuck on the first page. I will be happy to tell those one’s that you are not making the Search Engine fool, Actually you are fooling yourself. Those times have gone, when blog’s with Low-Quality backlinks and thin content can touch the first page. If you really want to make some money with blogging, tend to work genuine and do only fair and White Hat SEO. If you think you can achieve your goals with Black Hat SEO techniques, You are just wasting your time and efforts in blogosphere. Go and do some other work.

Failed to Get their AdSense Application Approved:

Most newbie’s who starts blogging to earn some money, think that AdSense is the only way to make money with blogging. They make their blogs, write some content and don’t focus on the quality and quantity. They just want to get AdSense’s Ads on their blog as soon as possible. But they get extreme disappointment when they apply for AdSense and got their AdSense application Rejected. Believe me, AdSense is not the end of the world.

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There are thousands of other means to make money from blogging if you have the desire to do so. You can read about “10 Ways you can make money from your blog”.Always be honest with blogging. If you still tend to use AdSense on your blog, try improving your blog and applying a second time. Before Reapplying Must read my guide about “How to Get your AdSense account approved quickly” for better results.

Don’t Know much about content Marketing:

Some of the Newbie Bloggers who quit doesn’t even know basics of Content Marketing and what Content Marketing really is. Content Marketing is a way to create and Promote your content over the Internet. Blogging is just one Branch of Content Marketing, There are many other Types of content marketing too. Mostly bloggers don’t know about other types of Content Marketing and they think that Blogging is only form of content marketing and they have to go with that, even if they don’t Like writing content. You can’t Create Unique and awesome content if you don’t love the form of content you are making.

If you don’t like to write content, and you are good with Video Editing So you can go with Visual Blogging/Visual Content Marketing. By this form you can make videos to serve your fans and followers. You can also make money with that type of Marketing. YouTube provides a good platform for Video Content Marketing, and also they have a monetization program from which you can earn money. There are some other ways also, I will write about them in upcoming days.

Choose the Wrong Marketing Strategy:

Even if a Blogger knows about SEO, and Blogging Platforms and He have consistency and Patience also to go with blogging. Many of them fail at choosing and implementing a Marketing Strategy. They don’t know how to market and promote their content to a wider audience and fails in making some good money. If you have chosen a wrong Marketing Strategy You have ruined your all hard work because you are targeting wrong audience. So, you can’t earn from PPC and even you will be failed to make a single sale with affiliate Marketing. Choosing the right Marketing Strategy is also important to grow you blog and to target a wide Targeted audience.

Over To YOU:

If you are a blogger and want to quit your blogging journey due to any above-listed reason. So, Don’t do it, buddy, because blogging is a journey of making mistakes and learning from them. Always tend to learn something new and correcting those mistakes you have done in the past. Even all the famous bloggers have made mistakes in the start of their blogging journey. Just be patient because blogging is not a Get rich overnight scheme. You have to do a lot of hard work to earn some Money and become a successful blogger.

Earning is not the only goal of blogging. Helping others and reading comments of those persons also makes me happy and it gives me the motivation to write some more good content. So, If you want to make me happy and you want that I will write more great content than this. Just let me know about your feedbacks and suggestions by leaving them in comments. Also, comment if you think that I’ve missed a point.

Share this post over social media, Maybe it can stop a blogger from quitting its journey.

About Umair Akram

I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. Hello Umair,

    It is an honest advice!

    These are so common and yet the true reasons most of the bloggers quit too early.

    Blogging is like a business if you are into it developing your career. Same like business, you gotta be prepared for it in advance even before opening it.

    What I want to further stress upon the very common mistake of starting without thinking that you cannot open a barber shop by knowing that other barber in that area is earning this much. You are missing on the important part and seeing that barber in latter years of his boom. Might be he was struggling in the his initial years and he might give his many years to earn the know-how of being a barber.

    So, you cannot really start into anything prior to having enough practices and skills. Do not let it worry that today’s bloggers are earning so much. Buddy, they had started back in the years when we were playing with toys, going to schools, etc.

    Thanks once again, Umair bhai! I am happy to share it!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi! Adeel Bro,
      I am glad to see you here again. 🙂 You guys are awesome and your pretty comments on my blog, always supporting me to write more and more content which can help my readers and my friends also :-). One Should have to be patient with his blogging journey, Because I think Blogging is not a short earning scheme, It is a full-time business with a high earning potential. So It is not bad to work for 1,2 Years to build your own business. Even it is awesome 🙂

      I love a Quote which I have read in a Book (Don’t Remeber the Name) It is: “Expert of Anything, Was Once a Beginner”. So don’t worry that others were earning and you are not. They have putted a lot of effort to get on this position on which they today are. So Work Hard and be Patient.

      Thanks for the Kind Share Adeel Bhai, and Happy to See you here 🙂

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