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19 Blogging Tips That will Change your Blogging Forever

Do you want to improve your blogging skills?


Good! You should have to improve because being a blogger, if you can’t improve every day you will be out of the market soon.

Every blogger has to improve with this consistently changing game, even pro bloggers have to improve.

But, how and where I should work on?

This is one of the most embarrassing questions which frustrate mostly bloggers.

Blogging is a game of constant challenges; this teaches you how to accept new challenges and how to manage them.

I have searched for the same question on many blogs, for some best blogging advice by Experts.

It takes me more than 6 months for me to come up with a complete list of the most useful and effective blogging advice, which really works.

So, now the only thing I want to do is to share those awesome blogging advises with you guys. So here they are:

Blogging tips that will Change your Blogging Forever

Tip# 1: Be Consistent

Blogging is not a Get rich quick scheme, and it will never make you a millionaire overnight. So stop thinking like stupid’s, and don’t blog if you want to be a millionaire in a single night.

If you still want to be one, then quit blogging and go to sleep, because this can only happen in dreams.

Blogging is a game of consistent hard work. You have to work for several months before you can see a remarkable success with your blog.

Always stick with a blogging schedule. Update your blog daily to serve your readers with a new and unique article every time they visit your blog.

Here is what Neil Patel says about being consistent with blogging:

“New bloggers also face this as it is hard to blog on a consistent basis. Without doing this it will be hard for you to grow your blog.

Years ago I took a month off of blogging. When I did this my traffic didn’t just drop, but it took me roughly 3 months recover. In which after 3 months of consistent blogging, my traffic returned to the initial amount I was at before I took a month break.

If you want to fix this, you’ll have to set specific time aside just for blogging so that you can write your content in advance. If there are holidays or if you get sick, you’ll still have content to publish.

To help with this process you can use a content calendar. In addition to that, every time you have a new blog post idea store it in Evernote or any note taking application” – Neil Patel

So, don’t expect quick results. Always stick with a schedule and focus on your content in the starting days of your blog. Being consistent at blogging works like a glance and really boosts your blog’s growth.

Tip# 2: Focus on Quality, not on Quantity

This is the main problem of nearly every newbie blogger. Whenever an expert talks about being consistent and posting one or two article daily, newbies get it wrong.

They start creating fast and low-quality articles and then publish them on their blogs.

What happen then?

Obviously, they fail to get the expected results and then they quit blogging, or start blaming the expert who advised them to write daily.

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Don’t get it wrong, champ:

Even, I can’t understand how you got it wrong where you know that there are thousands of competitors with high-quality content, always trying to lead?

Remember one thing, Quality is ruling the blogosphere and it will be for the next 20-30 years. So, always focus on quality, not on quantity.

You have to create a schedule; you can post one article daily or weekly. But try to stick with your schedule, if you are posting one article daily, try to post one article daily for the coming months or even years.

But never lose quality; don’t try to throw all the garbage on your blog. If you are doing so, you are just wasting your and your reader’s time.

Tip# 3: Try to stand out of the Crowd

If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to find out something which makes you stand out of the crowd.

Remember, the blogosphere is full of hard working and talented bloggers who are working day and night to compete other bloggers. So, if you want to still attract a handsome number of readers, you have to do smart work.

You have to give readers a reason for “Why they visit your blog?” What makes you stand out of the crowd? Try to be unique, It’s not a bad thing to copy successful ideas and personalize them but do not copy other’s ideas. You can generate a new idea of your own by analyzing other’s ideas, which worked for them.

Tip# 4: Know your Audience very well:

It’s must for a blogger that He knows for whom he was writing. If a blogger doesn’t know his target audience then he is writing for blind audience and can never get benefit of all those hard work.

You should always know for what type of audience you are writing and how you can get maximum benefit from them.

Tip# 5: Build your E-mail list from Day one:

The email list is one of the most powerful tools of a Blogger. A Blogger is nearly incomplete without an email list, no matter if he is going to sell anything or not.

An e-mail list is the best way to communicate and stay in touch with your audience. So, always focus on building your e-mail list from the start of your blogging journey.

When a visitor lands on your blog, He reads your content and then go away to find out other things. So, what you’ve got by giving such great content for FREE?


That’s why you have to try to get his e-mail so you can contact him in future and let him know about your future updates.

But, nobody will exchange his/her e-mail with you for nothing. You have to offer them something in exchange of their e-mail address. It can be a free e-book, a content upgrade or anything else which attracts them.

Your offer must be attractive and useful so you can get more e-mails and more people to connect with.

Tip# 6: First Learn & Then Earn:

This is the biggest mistake most newbies do in the start of their blogging journey. Most of them are excited to get an AdSense account approval and then putting the ads on their blog. Listen, those ads were not going to make a single penny if you don’t have necessary traffic on your blog.

Then why you are trying to get an AdSense account rather than trying to get an impressive number of hits per day?

Blogging is not about earning thousands of dollars from the very first day. You have to learn some great tactics and techniques to grow your traffic and then monetize your content.

Once you started following the right path, making dollars will be as easy as 1,2,3… J

Tip# 7: Don’t Quit:

Success is not as easy as it seems. Some guys start a blog just by reading the success stories of some great bloggers. Remember guys, they have not achieved all those within a single day. They worked really very hard to achieve all that success.

It’s not impossible for you to be one of them. But you have to invest time and hard work to achieve that position. Nobody else will do that for you, if you want to get it, you have to do it yourself.

So Never quit and keep trying because failure is a necessary part of success.

Whenever you fail at something, try one more time.

Tip# 8: Take Daily dose of Motivation:

Just like you need a breakfast daily, motivation should be taken similarly. Because, being a blogger you need it daily.

Take necessary diet of daily motivation to stay working for your dreams and to achieve what you want

Here is something which can really help you along the journey:

13 Handpicked Motivational quotes for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Tip# 9: Connect with your fellows:

Blogging is all about creating connections with your fellow bloggers. You have to connect with them to get recognized in the blogosphere. This will also help you getting comments from them and also in attracting some guest authors to your blog.

You can also contribute guest posts on the blogs of your fellow bloggers to gain backlinks and exposure in front of their blog’s audience.

Tip# 10: Interact with your readers:

The best way to make your readers stick with your blog is to interact with them. Don’t be a dummy blogger who just write articles and never reply on social media neither on comments. Be active on both and interact with your blog’s readers.

Because they want to know more about you and want to ask questions to you, Always be helpful to them and try your best to never let them alone in this journey.

Tip# 11: Value your readership:

Readers must be valued. But most of the new bloggers in the blogosphere, neglect their importance. You should value your readers to show your love towards them. Let them know that they are important for you and you know it.

You can do this by giving them freebies to letting them participate in contests.

A simple mention in a blog post can also be a great and effective way to value your loyal readers.

Tip# 12: Give value to the Guest Authors:

Guest authors work as an energy booster for a blog. They are really important for a blog’s growth. They write for your blog, let their content published and then promote that content in front of their audience and followers.

Do you think that they do it for just one or two backlinks from your blog?


You are wrong. They do all this for lifetime values and they must be provided to them. Always try to value their work by some kind words of appreciation; You can also compliment them by writing a guest article for their blog also.

Tip# 13: Reply to the comments on your blog:

You must have to keep an eagle’s eye on your blogs comment. They are the best way to communicate with your readers and also to turn them into loyal ones. Even if you are not replying to comments on social media, you have to reply those which were posted on your blog.

Your readers read your articles because they think that you will help them, where they need your help. So, try your best that their expectations will never get broken.

Tip# 14: End posts with a Call to Action:

Have you ever thought of writing incomplete blog posts?


But I want to let you know that blog posts which lack a call-to-action were actually incomplete. Readers land on your blog and read what you’ve written. Once, he finished reading your content he doesn’t know what to do next? So let them know by finishing your blog posts with a call-to-action at the end.

You can ask them for a Share, or let them know about how they can receive regular tips from you by subscribing to your newsletter.

Tip# 15: Write for other Blogs:

This method really works well in driving targeted audience to your blog and also to create strong and long last connections with others.

You should have to write articles to be published on other blogger’s blogs. This will help you building quality backlinks and also to get targeted audience to your blog.

Guest blogging has become much more popular nowadays and I personally recommend to contribute guest articles to other bloggers.

Tip# 16: Don’t Neglect Social Media:

Today is not the era of just SEO and Search engines. Social media was playing an important role in driving traffic and generating sales. Thousands of blogs were getting millions of hits just from Social media.

So, being a blogger doesn’t ever neglect the importance of social media. You have to be active on social media in order to gain exposure for your content and to promote your content.

If you are neglecting the importance of social media websites then you should take it seriously from NOW!

Here are some useful guides I’ve previously written about Social media:

Tip# 17: Automation is worse:

This is what I’ve seen in the past few years. Many of the bloggers are using automation tools to manage their social media presences. Although it can make your work easy and you don’t need to spend too much time promoting your content on social media.

But, don’t always rely on automation.

It ruins your online image when you are send automated tweets and welcome messages to all your new followers on twitter etc.

You should use automation tools just where you need them badly.

Tip# 18: Work Hard & Smart:

Just working too much can’t help you to be a successor. You must have to be on the right path also.

So, don’t just work hard, try to work smart also. Try to know everything about the topic you are going to write about.

Before start doing anything, search for the best and effective way to do it.

Because nowadays “Hard work is not the Key to success, Smart work is”

Tip# 19: Share this Blog Post:

Although, this action is not going to change your blogging forever, but you can show your love and can appreciate my hard work by sharing this blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social media websites.

You can use the sharing buttons below or either share it yourself, to spread the knowledge and let your fellows boost their blogs growth.

You can appreciate all my 20 hours of hard work spent writing this hard work with this little deed of kindness.

The Final Words:

Just reading and then forgetting this post will never help you getting a single visitor to your blog. You have to do effort and implement them on your blog in order to get results.

By following these tips, I am pretty sure that you can get much better results with your blog in nearly every section including Traffic, readership, conversions and sales.

If you like this blog post and you think that it was really helpful, then please share this article over social media.

Do you think I’ve missed any point? Then add value to this blog post by dropping that advice in comments below.

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I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. Impressive! article Umair.Thanks for compiling these list. I have bookmarked your blog.

  2. WOW.. That’s Really awesome dude…. well i’m a beginner to this blogging profession… just started ma.. blog Well ur Article.. Really Useful to me.. Actually i saved this article in ma Pc.. to interact With ur tips..
    Thanks a Lot… Gud Job 🙂

  3. hey Umair,
    nice job this is great articles and got many information in this content keep up your Good work Bro
    Again thank for this post

    • Hi! Ahsan,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and I am really glad that you like it. These words of motivation from you makes me eager to write more interesting stuff like that. Hope that I can serve you with some more great stuff in your next visit.

      Keep visiting, Thanks!
      Umair Akram

  4. Great Job Umair! This is my first visit to your blog and let me tell you, I wasn’t going to read this article but the way you presented your article, it eventually, indirectly forced me to read it.

    All blogging tips written are awesome however, I liked the 10th one, the most.

    Thats the most interesting and important of any blog survival. Articles has a limit, advertising has a limit but relationships don’t.. build relations with your audience, interact, communicate and listen to them, thats the most important thing i believe.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for visiting my blog Ali,

      I think I am really very lucky to have you here. Thanks for such nice compliments, I am glad you liked it. I have worked for more than a month to gather the most finest and the most effective list of blogging tips that really works.

      Yeah! Relationships matters a lot, Everything can be lost even your rankings, you blog nearly everything. But, the only thing which stay with you and will help you to take a new start was relationships and connections.

      It was not 2001 anymore and nowadays to boost your blog You have to make strong connections with other bloggers!

      Thanks for your visit, keep visiting…


  5. Hi Umair,
    One of the best posts that I have read so far about better blogging.
    In my view, inconsistency is a dream killer. In 2011, the start of my blogging, I did that mistake. I used not to be consistent at my blogs and simultaneously, I was unable to get results as I required.
    Simply, Blogging is like a Full-Time job. Its not just about writing and publishing the articles, Its all about working smarter.
    Thanks for such a nice write-up!
    Your little brother,

    • Thank you so much, Ahmad for spending time reading and commenting on my blog during your examns. This shows your utmost love towards Blogging and me. Yeah! Consistency is very important to turn your dreams into reality. Due to lack of time, I can’t manage to write and promote my blog consistently, But I’ll soon fix that mistake.

      BTW, What about your Exams? How they are going?

      Thanks Again for visiting Brother, and lots of love for tagging me as your Brother. You are really like my brother mate… 🙂

  6. Consistency is the main thing to do when it comes to make a successful blog. One can not get rich or successful over night, there are many sleepless nights and days full of work behind a successful person. We have to keep focusing on many things to make a successful blog. All the 19 points should be followed step by step and one would definitely be a successful individual in this blogging industry! Thanks for compiling this list of us!

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