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Shocking Facts you must Know about Google Phantom 2

Do You want to recover from google phantom 2, Then there are 5 this you must know about this quality update

Google is trying to improve its search engine all the time. That results in frequent updates from Google in the ranking algorithms. Those algorithm change affects some websites in a negative manner resulting a massive traffic dropdown and can be beneficial for some too. Most bloggers know about the Google’s recent update The “Mobile Update” which is more popular as the “Mobilegeddon”. This update has rolled out thousands or even millions of websites and blogs which are not mobile friendly in the past. The Mobilegeddon ... Read More »

7 Best SEO Practices to Boost your Website Traffic by 300%

Best SEO Tactics to Improve your Blog's Traffic by 300%

Today SEO is going to be more difficult every day and you have to accept all the Conditions imposed by Search Engines to rank higher in their Results. The biggest Question which is on the tongue of every New and old blogger is How to Increase my Blog’s Traffic. So I have decided to write a quite unique Article which will help you to increase your blog’s Traffic by 300% and you will also be able to Rank Higher in search Engines. SEO Tricks are ... Read More »

2 Free Plugins to Make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

2 Free Plugins to make Your Wordpress Blog mobile friendly to get Higher Rank in Google

The internet is Improving day by day and our blogs will also have to improve to compete in this race of a better internet. The Technology is improving and Now many people are using Smart Phones and tablets rather than PC’s and Laptops. So that’s the reason behind why our blog’s will have to be mobile friendly if we want a good number of readership on the internet. A Great piece of a blog post cannot do anything if it cannot be read by the ... Read More »

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Rank Higher in Google SERP’s

Top Ten Free Best Wordpress Plugins to rank higher in search results in Google SERP's

Are you using WordPress as a Blogging Platform for you blog? If yes, Then you have definitely searched for some best SEO Plugins for your WordPress blog. I have also done the same when I am new to WordPress and blogging, but I was unable to find some trustworthy tools that can improve the SEO of my blog. After spending a couple of years blogging on WordPress blog, I have found some plugins which perform’s best to improve the Search Engine Ranking of your WordPress ... Read More »

How to Speed up your WordPress Blog Page load time 2015

The Page load Speed is an important Ranking Factor in Search Engine Optimization. If your Blog load’s faster and it takes a short time to load, Then there are more chances to be ranked high in Search Results. Search Engines does not rank that website or blog high in their results, which takes too much time to load. WordPress is a quite good platform for blogging. The biggest advantage is that you can extend your limitations by Using Different plugins in your WordPress Installation. These ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes