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7 Smart Tactics to Create Content that will be Shared Crazily

Content marketers are always in search of those tactics which can help them drive more targeted traffic to their blogs or websites. But How can we drive that highly targeted traffic?

Remember, Traffic is of two types targeted or non-targeted. Traffic which converts most into customers and clients is targeted traffic. Those days have gone when the only wish of a content marketer is to drive thousands of visitors to its website.

Nowadays, content marketers were focusing on traffic that generates profit for them or simple traffic that converts into clients or customers. That was obviously the targeted traffic.7 Awesome tips to Create content that will be shared on social media and drives a lot of traffic

The thing in a blog/website which attracts traffic the most is the Content. Content can be classified into two categories. One type is of content which goes viral, where the other one only rests in your archives.

Social Media is a great source of traffic these days. They have the potential to drive highly targeted traffic to a blog or a website.

According to the recent report published by Shareaholic’s Blog, 31% of the total referral traffic is being driven from the Social Media. Those figures really prove the ability of social media to drive traffic.

According to that report, Facebook is the highest traffic referral till Dec 2014, Covering 24% of the total traffic coming from the social media, Which is 1/4th of the Total traffic.

Social Media websites are driving more than 31% of the Total Referral Traffic

Shareaholic’s Social Media report for 2014

What an impressive figure, Isn’t it?

It Means up to 25% of total traffic is being referred from Facebook till Dec 2014, and the rest 6% is from other Social media websites.

The Second major traffic referrer was Pinterest covering 5% of the traffic.

In the light of that report, We should optimize or content for sharing on Facebook and Pinterest. In order to cover the largest source of traffic.

Creating Content that will be Shared like Crazy

There are different ways to boost your websites shares on social media. Today we are going to study those 7 tactics which can help you create content that can get a maximum number of shares.

After reading and implementing these 7 Effective tactics which I have earned by researching different blogs that have got the most number of shares on social media. I am sure, You will be able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog by creating content that have the potential to go Viral.

Write what your Audience want to Read:

Before you start writing your content, You should have to plan it first. Content which is planned well also performs well. So, in order to get more shares on your content and more traffic on your blog posts, You must have to know which type of content your readers love to read.

Different type of audience has different needs and different desires. If you write content, which your audience want to read then you can definitely make them share your content on social media.

But How to find out your Reader’s interest?

Does it seem to be tough? Actually it’s not as difficult as it looks. You just have to find out in which sections your readers were facing difficulties. You can do it by looking at the comments section of your blog.

You can find out a particular question which was being asked by readers frequently. After that, you have a better topic to write which have the potential to attract users.

You can also ask your readers about what topic they are facing difficulties and want to know about. Once you have got a response from them, Try to figure out some impressive blog post ideas from them. This tactic will also help you to interact with your blog’s subscribers.

After that, Once you have written and published that article You can let them know about that blog post through email. They will definitely head towards your blog to find out what you have written for them.

Make Use of Catchy Titles:

Titles were the first chance to attract a visitor on your blog post. After a blog post is shared, these titles and headlines make other visitors click on the shared post.

Well said by Brian Clark: “A Poor Headline will render your Article Invisible”

If your content doesn’t have a catchy and appealing title, all that hours of effort was all in vain which you have invested in creating that content.

An appealing title can make your content shine bright and a poor one can throw it in dark.

Always try to find out the best titles for your content. Spend time researching and finding a title which best describes your content in a controversial tone.

Try to make use of Power words which makes users click on the link and read your content. Some of the best examples of power words are:

  1. Effective
  2. Practically Working
  3. Smart
  4. Powerful
  5. Killer etc.

You can use these Power words in your Blog post titles to make them more attractive and catchy. This simple little trick can make thousands of people read click on your blog post and read it.

Making your Headlines more Attractive can help you getting more shares on social media

Example of a Catchy Title blog post published at MytechMag

Here are some examples of these power words used in my blog post titles:

Grab the Benefits of Anxiety:

Sounds Weird? Yes, it can be, But believe me, this can be an Effective tactic to make users crazily click and read your blog post.

Anxiety is a strong will or Desire to do something. This can be natural or can be manually putted into a readers mind.

I am honestly not a Hypnosis expert, But You can call it reader hypnosis. The process is to build a strong desire to read something, So the reader could not stay without reading your blog post.

But How to Do this?

Obviously You want to learn how can you create a visitor anxious to read your blog post.

Let me show you how!

You can get the benefits of anxiety by using anxious keywords in your Post Titles. Anxious Keywords forces users to open and read a blog post.

Here are some examples of anxious keywords which you can use them in your Post Titles:

  1. Must Read
  2. Must Know
  3. Unknown Secrets
  4. Revealed Secrets

Anxious keywords have proved their importance by getting thousands of more clicks then simple Headings. You should use this kind of keywords to make a visitor click your blog post’s headline and then read it. But, Don’t every use too much anxious keywords in a single blog post because they can dissolve your headlines content and will not be clicked.

Here is an example of an Anxious keyword used in one of my blog posts:

Using Anxious keywords in your Blog posts can help you getting more shares

An Anxious Keyword used in Mytechmag’s Blog Post

You can read this Blog Post here “10 Must Read Pro Blogger’s Secrets to Make More Money Online

Find out What is being Shared and Why?

Learning is a long term process. It takes nearly 2-3 Months to learn “How to start a Blog” but, to Learn “How to improve a blog” is a process of learning which continues till the end of life or of that blog 🙂 .

There are different strategies being researched every day, Some performs well where some doesn’t. Content marketers are always in search of new strategies and techniques to gain more success than their competitors.

In order to make content which will be shared more times on social media than our previous content. We Should have to research and find out which content is getting Viral on social media and Why?

If we can figure out the reasons why a piece of content got more shares than others, We can use that strategy in our content to get more shares. It’s a method of learning from What others learned.

So let’s start Finding it 🙂

For this purpose, I am heading to Which is an online feed of the content who get shared the most. There are some posts who got over 4K Shares on Social media and getting popular.

Let’s find out Why they got such views.

Here is a screenshot of Buzzsumo where the most shared content can be seen.

Post titles with Numbers can get more shares than others

Screenshot of Buzz Sumo

Have you noticed that content who got shared the most of times have numbers in its title?

Yeah! That’s for What we are looking.

Number Headings have the potential to get viral easily than other types of Blog posts.

In the above image, You can see that the top 3 pieces of content which were shared for the maximum times have numbers in them.

They are:

  • Top 3 Strategies for Attracting Visitors to your Website
  • How I made 4,513.43 in Passive Photography income in 11 months using Affiliate Marketing

That’s why they got more shares than other posts.

Number Posts attract the readers because they have a suspense in them. A Reader must want to read the blog posts which describe Top 5 or 3 Smart tips to Do something Great 🙂 That’s why they can easily go Viral on Social Media.

Not Satisfied Yet?

Let’s head towards another social media buzz, known as It works nearly same like buzzsumo works.

When I opened the page with most shared content on the social media. The Results was more Amazing as expected to be.

Number titles were more likely get shared on Social Media

A look on Buzzfeed’s Page

There are 4 Number Posts out of 6 Which was shared the most on Social media. This proves the potential of Number posts being shared.

Another Free Tip:

Although All this content was free to read and I am never going to charge you for reading this. But I want to add a little more value to Number posts.

Numbers posts perform even great if they were used with some Power or Anxious keywords. They are proven to be shared more than simple headings with numbers.

For Example:

Let’s suppose the original heading like this:

  • 5 Ways to Earn money online

If I add a Power keyword to this post, Then obviously it will look more catchy and will hopefully get more social shares. After addition of a Power Keyword it will look something like this:

Or with an Anxious keyword:

  • 5 Secret Ways to Earn money online [Revealed]

There is another form of number posts. Yeah! Maybe you got it but, if not let me explain:

Along with number posts, posts with industrial statistics also performs great. Have you missed a blog post title in the Buzzsumo’s screenshot?

The title is: How I made 4,513.43 in Passive Photography income in 11 months using Affiliate Marketing

This post title has managed to get 7500 Shares on social media. This contains an industrial stats, the exact and real looking figure 4,513.43 is the secret which attracts visitors towards this blog post. It can be 4.5K, but it doesn’t look more appealing & attracting. That’s why the exact figure is used.

You can also use this technique for your blog posts titles (for example)

  • How I attracted 5,354 Visitors towards my blog in 1 Month
  • How I made an Extra $1356.41 through Affiliate Marketing in 1 Month

Every piece of content have thousands of new post ideas hidden in it. You just have to brainstorm and find out those in order to use them for your next blog post.

Write in a Conversational Tone:

In your blog posts, your writing style matters the most. Your words play a most important role in convincing a reader to share your content on his profile or with his followers. Some experts of Content marketing says that you should have to write in simple words & don’t write the way you talk.

But, I personally disagree with them a little bit.

Near to me, Writing conversationally can help you building a more friendly connection with your reader. You can get him engaged with your content if you write in a Conversational  tone. This gives the reader a feel that you are talking directly with him and removes the feel of reading a typical blog post.

Conversational Blog posts are proven to be more effective in getting social shares as compared to typical blog posts. Because, When writing in a conversational style you can express your feelings more effectively and can create content that really gives a friendly feel while reading.

But remember one thing, Conversational tone doesn’t mean to use short words instead of complete sentences. Make sure to write a quality blog post with nearly zero spellings and grammar mistakes. Content with too many spelling or Grammar mistakes might be ignored by the search engines. This thing will lead you towards the loss of too many organic traffic by ranking lower in SERP’s.

Use Images within your Blog posts:

Using images in your blog posts is a proven strategy to reach a wider audience through social media shares. According to a recent study conducted by Noah Kogan, it is proven that infographics and list posts get the highest number of social media shares as compared to any other post type.

a Report proving that Infographics and list posts are more likely to be shared on social media

Noah Kogan’s Report on Shares by Content type

Infographics perform even better than any other posts types for social media sharing. If you want your blog posts to gain some attraction on social media, you should give infographics a try. Infographics are a piece of content that presents the content visually in the form of images.

They are more likely to be shared because they have a lot of information about a specific topic beautifully.

You should also have to use images in your blog post. Using images in your blog posts helps you improving your content in three different manners.

  1. They give your content a more beautiful feel. Your blog’s reader will not get irritated by all those black lines filled with text, There are images with colors to give your content a more appealing touch.
  2. They will also improve your organic traffic. Because, images get indexed in Google Image Search and you can drive a lot of image-based traffic to your blog by using images with ALT tags.
  3. They can help you getting more shares on Social media as compared to blog posts without images.

How to Grab some Extra traffic with Images? (Best Tip)

According to the Shareaholic’s Social media, Report discussed at the beginning of this blog post. Pinterest is the second major source of traffic after Facebook. So How to get the benefit of that second major referrer traffic source?

Pinterest is an image sharing website, which makes users able to share images with their friends and family by pinning them in different groups named as boards.

To share images in a board people have to pin them. There is a free WordPress plugin known as “jQuery Pin it button for Images” which adds a button on each image in your blog post when the cursor hovered on them.

Adding a pin it button on your images shown on hover can drive a lot of traffic along with thousands of shares

Pin It button on image with Pin it Plugin

Users can Pin that image to any of the boards they want. When the image is shared a link was included with that image pointing to the blog from where the image was shared. This can dramatically increase your social shares on Pinterest and can drive thousands of visitors to your content.

Include Tweetables in your Content:

Content which is well optimized for Social sharing can attract thousands of social shares.

Twitter can be a great source targeted traffic. But it is not about getting your blog post link shared on twitter for more and more times. This can drive traffic to your blog, but there is a giant potential to drive traffic to your blog from twitter.

Some of your readers might not want to share your whole blog post with their friends or followers. They can be more interested in sharing the extracts from your blog post.

The strategy is to provide them those extracts in which they are more interested in sharing. This strategy can help you to drive thousands of visitors to your blog.

Got it?


Okay, let me explain it more simply.

You can use Tweetables within your blog posts, which provides a reader to share the juicy content from your blog post on twitter. Tweetables were the extract of a content which can be shared easily on twitter with a click.

People love to share interesting tweets with their followers on twitter &, Believe me, these 140 characters can drive thousands of visitors to your blog.

Neil Patel published a post containing 54 business advice consisting on 3 words. He just added a [Tweet] button along with each quote he published in his blog post.

Posts with Tweetables manages to get tons of more shares on social media

Neil’s post with Tweetables

How that post performed?

You will definitely want to know that How the post performed with “Click to tweet buttons”. I am very happy to cite Neil here, Lets read what He says about that blog post:

“The post got over 417 retweets. And out of the 417 retweets, 283 of them came from the 54 retweet buttons within the blog post.” Neil Patel

Look how this post got 283 extra tweets just with those “Tweet” buttons. That means 67% of the twitter shares were made just because of those tweet buttons.

That post generates 17,452 visits just from twitter because of Tweetables for Neil Patel.

 Still, the Results can be improved more!

Look at those tweet buttons they are just so simple to look and can’t attract the readers eye. If we can make those Tweetables more attractive by using graphics So, they can perform even better.

But How?

Thanks to the “TweetDis WordPress Plugin”. This plugin makes it much easier for a blogger to create Tweetables which looks more attractive and catchy.

I am going to show you How this plugin can boost your blog’s twitter shares and can drive thousands of extra visitors to your blog without having a single follower.

This is a tweetable created with the TweetDis plugin. It looks much more catchy and attractive than the Neil’s tweetable advices. If He can manage to get 283 more social shares then Why not you?

With this simple plugin, you can create attractive tweetables within your content, along with a link to that blog post. The plugin also supports hash tags which play an important role in social media targeting especially for Twitter.

Tweetables created with TweetDis plugin can get thousands of Tweets and Traffic

A Tweetable created with TweetDis WordPress Plugin

The plugin is very useful yet affordable. You have to buy the plugin for just one time and no need to pay a single penny again. Price starts from as low as 37 $ for your blog.

If you are a web developer or a Social media Marketer, also there are some great deals for you too. You can buy the plugin by paying just 10 $ extra to get a developer license and use it on multiple websites.

According to my personal recommendation, TweetDis is one of the most powerful and effective plugins to create tweetables and to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

For those 37 $ one-time payment, they provide you more than 16 Tweetable designs and 6 Tweetable image designs by which you can also make images tweetable. 24/7 Support and lifetime updates were also offered for free with purchase.

Along with all that amazing stuff and offers, Still they are providing a 60 Days Money back Guarantee. So If you don’t like the plugin You can simply get your money back.

If you want to Buy TweetDis or to learn more about this plugin, You can use the button below:

I want to Buy TweetDis!

End up with a Call to Action:

After investing hours of work by sitting in front of your laptop screen if you end your blog post without a call to action, It is just like throwing it in the dustbin.

A well-written blog post with hours of hard work is just incomplete without a call to action.

When a reader visits your blog, He read the content for which he visited your blog. After reading content, they left your blog if there is not a call to action included in your blog post.

So, for What you are writing then?

Sometimes a reader wants to interact with you but sadly he can’t because your blog post is missing a call to action. That’s why a call-to-action is necessary for a blog post.

Remember “If you don’t ask, The answer is always a No!

So, in order to get more shares on social media it’s not bad to ask the reader to share your content. Although, You are providing them a lot of useful content for free then Why not you deserves a social share in reward?

Always end your blog post asking your reader to join the discussion by commenting on your blog post or to share your blog post with their friends on social media.

When a reader finds your content helpful, He will definitely share your content on your call to action. Believe me, this will help you getting more shares on your blog.


No matter which type of audience you are targeting. High quality and well-optimized content always perform best.

A Well written piece of content is completely useless unless it is properly marketed. How can you get visitors on your blog without implementing the correct marketing strategies to market your content. Always try different marketing strategies and also analyze what your competitors were doing to market their content to a wider audience.

I am not telling you to copy exactly what your competitors are doing. But, you can grab a new idea and make it better by analyzing their techniques and strategies completely.

Never stop learning new things. Blogging is a process of learning new things throughout. There are thousands of bloggers who are sharing fresh and effective techniques to market your content by doing split testing on their blogs. Try to get the benefit from them by simply reading their blog posts thoroughly.

I always try to serve my readers with the best content. I always try new things and conduct split A/B tests on my blog to find out the best strategies to improve blogs. You can subscribe to my blog’s Newsletter by signing up with your email address below.

Once you have signed up you will receive notifications about my blog posts directly in your inbox. So, you can grab and read that useful content first and use what I share, on your blog to get awesome results.

If you are facing some difficulties with the tips discussed above, You can ask me for the answers. I will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. An Eye-Opening post..Thanks for sharing mate!!!

  2. You’re killing! Umair 🙂
    Wonderful and a great informative post.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Looking forward to read more guides from you.
    ~ Ahmad

  3. Hi Umair,

    Good to be back, and over to your blog after my break 🙂

    Informative post indeed, and I think you mentioned all that one needs to do to get our blogs go viral and shared all over! Nothing works better than writing for your readers, and making your post useful enough for them. Once that happens, it automatically is shared further.

    Writing in a conversational tone helps connect with the readers and they are able to relate to what you’ve written, as if it’s written for them – this does work even in the comments, when you spend a little time and make it a little personal by adding more of me, my, you, your, and I words, isn’t it?

    I agree about Pinterest, as it’s the largest traffic source to my blog, followed by Twitter and G+ – more so, the posts you pin stay the longest on Pinterest as compared to any other social media platform, so that makes a huge difference.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi! Harleena Maam,
      Thanks a lot for spending time commenting on my blog post. I am really very happy to see you here on my blog. What a great motivation is it When one of your inspiration comments on What you have created, isn’t it?

      Yeah! I totally agree with you, Writing in a conversational tone boost your readers engagement everywhere. No matter you are writing a blog post or a comment. That’s why your comments means a lot and Bloggers really love to read your comments on their blog posts (Even me also!).

      Thanks a lot for adding more value to my blog post, Really very happy to know that you like my content 🙂

      Happy to see you again in future. Have a Great Week ahead! 🙂

  4. Hi Umair,

    Yes, I agree with you. There are many who say that if you want to write a content, you have to imagine a single person and you have to solve the problem of that person.

    Indeed, we can find a lot of ideas from the comments field. I often read the comment section on my blog. In addition to getting new ideas, it also kept me going blogging because I’ve come this far.

    However, in the end, the most important factor that will make your content go viral is quality content. Quality content will solve many problems of the readers, it will make your content will be shared by those who are helped because of your article. It will also make Google love your content. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this great post with us.
    Keep up the hard work!

    I found your blog from Adeel’s blog. 🙂
    Nice to meet you.


    • Hi! Nanda,

      First of all a Warm Welcome to my blog. I am glad you found my blog from my friend Adeel’s blog. Hope you will find my content useful.

      Yeah! I agree with you, Content Quality matters the most but it performs best with a well choosen content type. Nowadays Number posts were attracting a lot of traffic and that’s why they were being shared mostly on Social media. If you analyze the BussSumo or Buzzfeed’s report like I have did, you will find that Numbers and even odd number posts were attracting readers… That’s why we should search a great title along with great content quality to get traffic.

      In Simple words, Titles were used to attract a visitor and Content quality converts the visitor into a regular reader.

      Thanks for Visiting, Happy to see you again in future. 🙂

      ~ Umair Akram

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