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Get more Followers on Twitter – The Bible of Twitter Marketing

So, You want to grow your Twitter followers? Right?….

Yeah! Why not, you have to grow them and this will also increase the number of traffic to your blog from Twitter.

But wait!

I want to bust a Myth mostly bloggers and content marketers have about Twitter marketing that “The more people follows you, The more number of people interacts with your tweets”

That is just a Myth, it never works.

To drive traffic and generate leads from twitter, followers are not the only thing you need.

Your followers must be the people, who take interest in what you tweets and what you blogs in order to generate leads.The Complete Twitter Marketing Guide by Umair Akram

I’ve seen thousands of guides on the internet while researching for this article, the problem is that those guides mostly doesn’t work…

Maybe, they can help you increase the number of followers of your twitter account, but the traffic remains the same.

And you are not using twitter for followers; you are using it for traffic and leads… Don’t be shy, you are a marketer and that’s what a marketer wants.

So, now we have a question:

“How to get more followers on twitter that actually converts into visitors and then customers?”

That’s the question I am going to answer today.

Most of the marketers don’t focus much on Marketing tactics and strategies while using twitter or writing content.

They just write, Share the article on twitter and then Hope for the best results.

I want to say Sorry to all those marketers and bloggers because it will never work for you…

No Matter you have 1000 Followers or you have a following of 10K people.

You have to do the effort, to drive more traffic and to get more targeted followers on your twitter account.

Because a large number of followers does not matter, the number of engaging followers matters.

But how you can grow the number of followers that interact with what you tweet on your twitter account and they can actually grow your audience?

So today I will share some awesome and effective tips to grow your twitter followers, and to gain followers which interact with your tweets and share them with their followers.

Tips to get more Twitter Followers:

First of all, we will learn about “How to grow your twitter followers”. So, I am starting with some tips to get more followers on twitter.

After that, we will discuss some tips about building connections with your followers and make them Share, what you tweet.

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Use Hashtags in your Tweets:

Hashtags are tags followed with a hash (#). They are used to categorize your tweets on twitter. Hashtags are very popular on Twitter and used by people to search for tweets, they are interested in.

Using hashtags in your tweets can help to gain more visibility on Twitter. This will help you to gain more followers on Twitter who are interested to read your tweets.

But, never use too many hashtags in your tweets and make them look like spam. It’s better to use at least one hashtag in a single tweet and a maximum 3 hashtags in your tweets.

Don’t Tweet off topic:

If you want to manage a following of interest based followers, it’s better to tweet about a specific topic. You can tweet or share stuff about topics related to your niche, but don’t tweet about totally off topic content.

Because people are following you to read about things they are interested in, not about things you are interested in.

Use Images in your Tweets:

According to a study, Tweets with image links have 2 times more engagement rate than tweets without an image.

So, it’s better to use images with your tweets in order to get more visibility and more followers.

But, make sure to only use images that were related to your tweets. Using irrelevant images doesn’t work much.

Use links in your tweets:

If you want to grow your twitter followers and to get more traffic from Twitter, it’s good to use links in your tweets.


Tweets with links were retweeted 86% more often than tweets without links. It also improves the traffic you are driving from twitter and also to grow your followers.

Take a look on what Dan Zarrella discussed in his latest guide “The Science of Retweets”

A Report showing that Tweets that include links were Get Retweeted the most

Tweet in a Controversial Tone:

As a Conversational tone helps to increase engagement in a blog post, Similarly a Tweet in a controversial tone help to increase the engagement on Twitter.

Try to tweet in a Controversial tone, to engage your followers with your tweets. Controversial tweets get shared 3 times more than conversational tweets.

Ask for ReTweet:

Don’t hesitate, If no one is giving it to you, Ask for it.

Remember, until you don’t ask for something, The answer is a clear NO!


It’s not a crime to ask for a ReTweet.

Even, asking for a Retweet increases the chances of getting Retweeted to 12 times.

But, remember that there is a difference between “Please Retweet” and “Please, Please, Please Retweet”.

Don’t beg for a Retweet, just ask. Be a Pro!

According to the recent report by Dan Zarrella, “Please Retweet” is one of the Most Retweeted words on Twitter.

Also read my 7 Tips to Make People Share your content over Social Media without Asking! 

Tips to build a strong Connection with your Followers:

The best method to make your followers interact with what you share and make them share it with their followers is to make strong connections with them.

Once you have built some great connections with other people related to your niche, you can see a rapid growth in your traffic from twitter and also a higher engagement rate on your tweets.

Here are some effective tips to build strong connections with your twitter followers:

Post Engaging Tweets:

Your followers want to read interesting and engaging tweets from you because they also love to build a strong connection with you.

But, you have to give them an opportunity for this.

So, always post engaging tweets to make more strong connection with your followers.

Never act like a celebrity, if you are not one. Be Friendly, and, believe me, your followers will start interacting with you more.

Ask a Question:

The most effective way to increase your follower’s engagement is to ask them a Question and let them reply.

This will boost your follower’s interaction rate and they will love to reply to your tweets. So as a resultant, there will be a much strong connection and a much higher CTR on your Tweets.

Also, reply to your followers if one of them asks a question from you. People who help others were mostly loved by their followers and that’s the thing you need to become a successful marketer.

Host follower giveaways:

Hosting a follower giveaway gives you an opportunity to stay connected with your followers. This will also help you to grow your social media followers.

You can start a Follower giveaway for a specific social media website like just for twitter followers, or just more Instagram followers.


You can offer a giveaway to the followers who are following you on all social media websites.

Freebies can be e-books or some paid tools given for free.

P.S: Always offer a giveaway which was related to your niche, this will help you to gain more niche related followers.

Respond to your Followers:

Your followers have a lot of questions, which they want to be answered by you. I know it’s difficult to answer all your followers, but you have to spend some time replying as many followers as you can.

As I have previously discussed in this blog post that If your followers found you helpful, they will be happy to read what you are sharing with them.

So, always try your best to help your followers and If you can’t, tell them in a kind manner.

Never send automated messages:

Being honest, I think this is one of the biggest mistakes mostly marketer are doing on Twitter. As there are a lot of Free services available to send an automated message to every person who follows you.

Some people might think that it will help in building a strong connection with your followers, but it won’t.

It never works, and especially when you are going to sell something just after being connected.

So, always try to be genuine, and welcome your new followers with a personal message from you.

Don’t be Self-promotional, all the time:

Don’t always talk about yourself, talk about your followers. If they don’t interact with you, go ahead and interact with them. You can send them a direct message or tweet them.

Don’t always tweet about what you have written, let them know what you have for them to read.

According to Dan Zarrella, “You” is one of those words which get Retweeted the most.

Here is the complete list of words used in the most retweeted tweets:

Most Retweeted words and phrases on Twitter

Most Retweeted words and phrases on Twitter

By using the above-discussed tips, you can get more followers on true followers on twitter, who interacts with your tweets.

Still want more?

Okay, I have something very special for you guys…

It’s not a delicious cake; obviously, it’s about twitter marketing. 🙂

While researching for this article, I’ve found an awesome article about Twitter marketing advice at Tim Soulo’s Blog & I can’t resist without sharing the one’s, I liked the most.

“Writing Epic Content” beats any other tips, If you want to get more tweets Click To Tweet Headlines are the only thing people see on twitter. Make sure yours are awesome Click To Tweet Being too self-promotional on Twitter will cost you followers Click To Tweet Never be afraid of tweeting the same thing twice. Many people will miss even the 2nd Tweet Click To Tweet Tweets with image link get 2 times the engagement rate of those without Click To Tweet The chances of getting a ReTweet are 12 times more if you ASK for it Click To Tweet Tweets that include links are 86% more likely to be ReTweeted Click To Tweet

I would like to say Thanks to Tim Soulo, for those 37 twitter advises He shared on his blog, I really loved them.

It’s your turn, Mate!

I have tried my best to collect and write all the effective tactics used in Twitter marketing to grow your followers and to make connections with them.

You can appreciate my hard work, by sharing this blog post on Twitter 😉 (I hope you will).

Click the below boxes to share this blog post with your twitter followers.

Just Learned: How to Get more Followers on Twitter and manage them. Have a look: Click To Tweet Check it out! The Bible of Twitter Marketing – Read here: Click To Tweet

But, I know that I am not totally perfect. So it’s your turn to add more content in this blog post.

Let me know, “Which tips you like the most to grow your followers?”


What are your favorite ways to build a strong and long-lasting connection with your followers?

The comment section is totally yours… 🙂

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    • Hi Barry!

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      Yeah! All these tips were pretty effective and can help you with both Twitter Marketing and Growing your Twitter followers.

      So, Implement them and let me know about How they worked for you!


      ~ Umair

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