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What is Social Media Marketing strategy and How to create it?

Not much familiar with the term “Marketing Strategy”?

Want to create a Marketing Strategy for your business but don’t even know how to create one?

Not a problem at all.

I will guide you with all steps of creating a profitable Marketing strategy for your business.

But first, let’s learn about “What a Marketing Strategy actually is?”

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is a plan to achieve some objectives with the minimum possible budget and the maximum Return of investment (ROI).How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

As this is a blog about Content & Digital marketing, So we will focus Social Media Marketing in this entire blog post.

It’s my duty to define marketing again, but this time “Social Media Marketing”:

Social Media Marketing is a complete plan to market and advertise a product to the right visitors from the right location to get the best results, more sales and better ROI.

So, I think now you can understand what Marketing strategy actually means.

But before we start learning “How to create a marketing strategy for your business?” let me tell you why you need one?

Why I should create a Marketing Strategy for my Marketing Campaign?

The reason to create a Marketing strategy for your business is to get maximum results by spending minimum amount of money.

The main objective is to improve your website’s or online business’s conversion rate. So that more percentage of visitors converts into customers and let you earn profit.

Suppose, you are getting 1000 unique visits daily to your website, with a conversion rate of 3%, You are making 30 sales daily and 900 sales a month.

But if you can improve the conversion rate to 7%, you can make 70 sales a day 2100 sales month.

Yes! 1200 More sales in a month and 14400 more sales in a year.

That means 233% more profit… J

So, now you know the importance of a Marketing Strategy. Let me show you how can you create one.

How to create a Marketing Strategy for your Business?

Before creating a marketing strategy for your business, first of all you have to know about “What objectives you want to achieve with your Marketing campaign?”.

Once your objectives are defined which you want to achieve from your Social Media marketing campaign you can now start creating a Marketing strategy for your Online or Digital business.

It requires some important steps, which we are going to discuss below:

Know your Targeted Audience:

You must know about which type of audience you are going to target with your social media marketing campaign. Because if you know about your targeted audience, you are much more confident about which type of country you have to target.

This will be the backbone of your social media marketing campaign because all the other questions will be answered on the basis of this.

Which country you are going to Target?

The second thing you have to know is that which type of country you are going to target with your Marketing campaign. You cannot get good results with your marketing campaign if you are targeting the wrong country.

For example if you are running a shoe store in United kingdom and want to go online and ship all over UK, but you started targeting Indonesia with your social media marketing campaign, You can’t generate sales from that traffic.

Maybe, you can get a lot of visitors driven by social media on your website but just think about “Why they will buy from You and How?”, Because you are running an e-store just for people living in UK, So your targeted audience should be also from United Kingdom

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Which age group should be targeted?

When you are going to create a marketing strategy to advertise your business or product on Social media, choosing the right age group to target, matters a lot.

If your product is for youngsters, you should have to target peoples from 18-26 age group or If your product is for Men, Your targeted age group should be 22-30 etc.

Which Social media Platforms you are going to target for your campaign?

Once you are about which country you are going to target and which type of age group you are targeting, Now it’s time to decide on which platforms you are going to focus the most.

All the websites have different user behaviors and give different type of ROI. So choosing the right Social media marketing platform for your campaign will help you to get better ROI and can increase your conversion rates.

The Social media platforms that were mostly used in Social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+

Final Words:

Hope that this blog post helped you to understand Marketing strategies in a better way and You should be now able to create a marketing strategy to promote your business on social media.

If you are facing any difficulty with any point discussed in this blog post, you can send me an email, and I will be happy to help you further.

You can contact me anytime at:

This was my first blog post on this blog, and hope you liked it…

But don’t be shy if you like my blog post, let me know… Because I was in need your kind words of motivation to work more hard.

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Areeba is a Blogger and Content Writer from Pakistan. She worked with different well known agencies as a Content Writer. She loves to write about technology, Blogging, SEO and want to teach people How they can drive more visitors to their websites and make more money. Currently, She is working as the Senior content writer at


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