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How to Increase CTR and CPC of your Adsense Account?

Are you using Google Adsense to Monetize your blog? Are you getting disappointed by Low CPC or Low CTR in your Adsense Account? If Yes, Then I have the answer about how to recover and improve the CTR and CPC of your Adsense Account. You can follow these Simple Tips which I am also using on this blog. To Maintain your blog’s CPC and CTR. Improving these two things also increase your Adsense earnings and you can put more pennies in your pocket by blogging. 🙂

I am using these Simple and Best Practices to increase my Adsense’s CTR and CPC in my account. You can also follow these but before coming towards the topic, let me describe you that What is CTR and CPC?

What is CTR?

CTR refers to Click through Rate. In your Adsense account, it is a percentage of how many visitors clicked the Ad out of 100. The CTR is always showed in Percent. According to the Senior Adsense Publisher, ’s the CTR will remain between 2%,3% Normally. If the CTR Increase from that to 8,10% then Adsense team may think that you are forcing the user to Click on the Advertisement, which is strongly prohibited by the Adsense Policies.

Let’s Learn that How CTR works and how could we can take control over it.

CTR is affected by your Ad Placement and the type of Ad which is been showed to the Visitor. If your Ad placement is above the fold or you are displaying all 3 ads on the Page then CTR will be high. If the Ads related to your niche are being displayed on your website then the CTR can be good.

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So, Now we know that CTR can be affected by two factors.

  1. Ad Placement
  2. Niche Of Displayed Ad

Now we have to take control over these two factors to control the CTR of our blog or Website.

Taking Control over Ad Placement:

You can Take control over Ad Placement by learning how Ad placement works. Ad placement is the space where are Adsense Ad’s are being shown to the Visitor. There are some places which are called the Blog/Website’s Hotspots. The visitor mostly clicks on those hotspots. So you can Control your site’s CTR by using those hotspots.

If the CTR of your site is low then You can try putting your ads on those hotspots and if the CTR is low then it’s better to change the ad position from those spots. It’s better to display a total of 3 Ads on a Page and you are not allowed to show more than 3 ad units on a single page. But If you are getting low CTR then you can follow these tips.

  1. Display all the 3 Ads Above the fold.
  2. Place Ads in Header, Sidebar and in Content
  3. Use both Text/Image ad Units
  4. Format the Ads to match your websites Style

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But, If you are following these tips then also keep some important precautions in mind.
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If you are going to display all three ads above the fold then take care of it that don’t make the Website ad stuffy. It is not allowed by Google to Stuff your Website with a lot of ads which hides the Original content and user only see Ads on the website when He/She Visits.

Never Force the Visitor to Click on the Ads. Because if you do so, Your Account can be suspended by Google Adsense Team and then there will be no way to get your Money back which was in your account. You cannot apply for another Adsense for that website in future also.

You can increase the CTR of your Website or blog by using the above-stated techniques, As I have previously said that I am also using these on my blog too.

Now Let’s discuss the CPC and learn improving the CPC of your Blog.

What is CPC?

CPC refers to Cost per Click. In your Adsense Account, it is the amount Adsense have paid to you for each click on their ad. CPC can be different from each ad and may vary with respect to the niche of your blog. But you can also use some of my tips to improve the CPC of your Adsense account.

CPC depends on the Ad which is displayed and on the Niche of your blog. A question arises in your mind that “Can I take control over CPC of my blog?”. Definitely Yes! You can improve your blog’s CPC using the following tips.

  1. Choose a Good niche with high CPC for your Blog
  2. Block low paying Advertisers.

1. Choosing a Good niche with Better CPC:

CPC basically depends on the Ad displayed to the visitor. But as we know, Adsense display’s ads related to your website’s content. So they can be also affected by your blog’s niche. You can do blogging on a high paying niche to improve the CPC of your blog. I will share some of the High Paying Niche’s for which Adsense pay’s nearly 2,3 Dollars for each click.

Another way of improving your blog’s CPC is to use good and high paying keywords for your blog. Always spend some time on better keywords research for your Blog. Use some good Keyword Research Tools for keyword research. You can also analyze your competitors keywords. Using good keywords for your content can also increase your blog’s CPC.

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Here’s the List of Niche’s which have the Best CPC for Adsense:

  1. Health
  2. Insurance
  3. Law Firms
  4. Google Products (Adwords, Adsense etc.)
  5. Internet and Computer
  6. Physical Training
  7. Digital Security
  8. Domain and Hosting
  9. Banking and Finance

Increase Adsense Revenue by Blocking Low paying Advertisers?

Do you know? You have the ability to block 500 Advertisers from showing ads on your websites. You can Block those who are paying less in your Adsense account. This will give a chance to high paying advertisers to show advertisements in your AdSense account. By doing such thing, You can surely increase your Adsense Account’s Income.

These are some tips I am using on my blog’s to increase my Adsense Income. You can also use them to increase your’s one. If you have some other tips to do so, Then I will be happy if you share them in comments.

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