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Getting No Traffic on your Blog? Read What to do Next

Is blogging making you Disappointed because of no Traffic? and Don’t Know How to Get rid of those Stress and Disappointment?

Mostly It happens if there is No Traffic on your Blog.

Getting Low traffic or Zero on your Blog is a part of your Blogging Journey. You have to manage with all ups and downs  during blogging. Blogging is not just a journey of all good things, there maybe some bad things happen too, which can make you feel disappointed and tend you to think about quitting your blogging Journey.

If you are getting no traffic on your blog? Don't be sad, Don't quit your blogging journey just because of this reason. Read here

But you don’t have to Quit Blogging. Just think about that “If Others can do, You can do it too”. The Only thing you have to do is to take a look on the mistakes you have made in the past and making them correct. This is the best possible way you can utilize your time when you are not getting traffic on your blog. But How to get some motivation to continue your blogging journey and to take a new start?

I am amazed after reading that “Mostly newbie bloggers quit their blogging journey when they get disappointed with low traffic on their blog”. So that’s the reason behind writing this post to Teach newbie’s, the best way to utilize their time and to prevent themselves from getting disappointed.

Step 1: Relax and Be Calm:

If you are not getting expected traffic on your blog, Just be Relax. First of all don’t be stressed because of that. It is a stage most of the bloggers face during their blogging Journey. Blogging is not an easy game, You have to face a lot of things which can make you quit. Like Getting Low Traffic, Hateful Comments, Not Making Affiliate Sales, and Fail to earn money from your blog. Don’t Just fed up and thinking about to Quit.

Keep your Mind easy and Be Calm. You need to be patient to perform well with your blog. You have to take some steps before Making a New Start with your blog. You can also read my blog post “10 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail and Quit Their Blogging Journey”. I think it can be helpful to you gather some motivation. You can also take a 4-5 Days Holiday to make your mind fresh, It can help you a lot.

Step 2: Read Some Blogging Guides:

If you are not getting traffic on your blog, it is the time to improve your Skills. The Best way to Improve your skills is to read some Blogging Guides online. These blogging guides can be on different Factors like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing Skills and Web Development and Designing.

Many Blogs provide free tutorials which can be helpful to you improving your Skills. These skills can help you a lot in your future blogging journey and can be helpful in making a new powerful start.

Step 3: Find Mistakes in your Blog:

After gathering Some motivation and Improving your Blogging Skills. Now it’s the time to do some work to get traffic. First of all take a deep review of your blog and Strategies you are using to blog. Find out the mistakes you have made during your blogging journey.

Maybe, You have not focused on Social Media Marketing, which is a great way to get thousands of visitors on your blog, It is also possible that you are using an old SEO strategy which is no longer accepted by Google. So go and find out all the mistakes, Spend time finding them and creating a list of all that.

Step 4: Dig in depth of Mistakes you have Made:

After you have pointed out those mistakes you have made in your blog. Now it’s the time for some Call to Action. You have to collect information about your mistakes. Like finding out How Important Meta descriptions are in a blog? It can help you finding out the role of that factor in which you have made a mistake.

After you have some information about those mistakes. Go and Find solutions for those mistakes. Read detailed tutorials, There is also Visual content available to watch. After finding the solutions, consider implementing them on your blog. Blogging is a journey of mistakes. The best thing you can do with your mistakes is to learn from your mistakes.

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Step 5: Get some Suggestions:

You can try a different method of Pointing out your mistakes. Maybe there are some factors you even don’t know about, or you have missed some. So it is better to ask your blogosphere friends to do a review of your blog and ask them to point out the mistakes you have made in your blog. Mistakes can be of different types, Like Content Mistakes, Wrong SEO Tags, Open Graph Tags mistake etc. and Make a suggestion to you on How to get rid of those mistakes if they can.

Create a complete list and try finding the solutions online too. This will help you to gather the most effective solutions and then Implement them on your blog.

Step 6: Go and Read Success stories:

If you stills need some more Motivation to make a new Start. Just go and read success stories of Pro Bloggers. Don’t read them Just like Stories, Try to generate a passion in yourself to be like them or even better than those bloggers. Pro Bloggers are also humans and the only thing they have putted in their blog is Great Hard Work and skills. If you can do hard to be successful then you can also do that, even better than that.

Passion is the most compulsory thing to be successful in blogging. Without the will to do something great You cannot achieve your goals. Be Patient all the Pro Bloggers don’t have a lot of traffic on their blog when they published their first blog post. It was the result of Years and Years of Hard Work they have done to make themselves successful.

Remember this quote, It can be helpful and a source of motivation throughout your blogging journey “If you want to Succeed as bad as you want to breathe, Then You will definitely become a successor.”

Step 7: Think for a While:

After Improving you Skills and You blog. Now it’s the time to think about what to do next. Take a short review on your Niche and figure out that would it is a good niche to blog about. Your Blog post must worth reading, So always go with a niche you love to write about. If you think that you are going with your favorite niche, then consider checking for some traffic details for that niche.

You can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool for this purpose, You can try other tools also to find out the traffic stats on your targeted niche. It is must that your targeted niche have a good amount of traffic to get some decent traffic on your blog. Maybe it can be reason that Why you are not Getting traffic on your Blog

Step 8: Make a Future Strategy:

Now, You have improved your Blogging Skills, and it’s the time to make a strategy for your blog to be used in future. You can order a complete list with different questions and their answer, To make a future Strategy. like:

1) Decide how you are going with SEO this time?
2) What Changes are you going to made?
3) Which method are you going to use for Social Media Promotion?
4) How can you Interact with your readers?
5) Which methods are you going to use to make your readership?

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Step 9: Make a Commitment and Take a New Start:

Now it’s the time to take a Power Start with lots of improvement in your blog and also in your skills. This time, make a commitment with yourself to perform better than the Past. Try making a connection with your readers and treat them like your friends. Readership is one of the most strong pillars of your blog. They can lead you towards a great success. A Secret tip Pro bloggers use to grow their blog is that they Don’t just only focus on getting a lot of traffic, They work hard to turn that traffic into daily readers.

Over To You!:

Just Do your Best to be good with the Search engine optimization of your Blog and also use Social Media marketing to improve your Blog’s Traffic. Write Content in a Controversial way, Suppose an old Business Expert teaching you “Ways to Boost your Sales” and You friend sitting in a coffee shop, telling you the same. Which will help you understand more? That is a Controversial post type, Write content in a way to make a reader feel that you are talking directly with him.

This will definitely help you in making a great readership. Allow them to follow you on Social Media Networks, by sharing your Social media links with your readers on your blog. Be Patient If you are doing honest with your blog one day your Hard work will turn you in an Entrepreneur, Believe in yourself. Blogging is not a Rocket Science which can be too much difficult to do. It is easy if you have a strong will to do something great.

Do You think I’ve missed a point? Then Go ahead and Share it in Comments Section below. I will be happy to see you doing that. If you find this article useful and enjoyed reading this, Go and Share it with your friends over Social Media. This can help them to take a new start.

About Umair Akram

I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


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