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How to use Social Media to Reach a Wider Audience – 3.5K Words Guide

Social media is getting popular nowadays. In the last some days Facebook has more than 1 billion persons online which were 1/7th of the total population of the world. Can you believe it? Even I also can’t, but it’s a reality.

But How a content marketer can get benefit from that?

Okay let me explain,

According to a report by Econsultancy, They have found that 75% of people having age of 18-26 Years use recommendations on social websites before making a purchase.

Which means, When a person of age between 18 to 26 wants to buy a product online. He first uses social media websites to do a product research about the product, He is going to purchase.

Social media also helps you reaching out more targeted audience. According to the Shareaholic’s Social media report 2014, 31.24% of the total web traffic is being driven by social media websites.

If you are not using social media correctly for the promotion of your product. It means you are losing 31% of traffic which can be driven from social media. Just imagine, How much more money those 31% can put in your pocket?

But, why I am telling all that to you?

A Complete 3.5K words guide to learn How to Use Social Media to Reach a wider audience

Actually, I just want to let you know about the importance of social media websites in your business. And who don’t want to increase the number of sales of his product. Yes! Everybody want to make more sales and more profit.

So, in order to reach a wider audience and to make more sales online. You have to ensure your business presence on social media.

But How?

In this post, I am going to guide you about “How to use Social media Correctly”. After reading this blog post and spending a couple of days experimenting the tactics discussed here, you can reach a much wider audience and can generate more leads and more sales.

Ensure your Business’s Social Media Presence:

Before you get started to drive those 31% of the traffic you are losing, you have to create a social media presence. Creating a social media presence for your business actually means to create Social media pages especially for your business. Those pages must have to be separate from your personal social profiles/pages.

Even you can promote your content or product on your personal profiles also, but creating separate pages help you getting more audience engagement in your profiles. Your followers will love to read updates from a Professional looking page rather than reading the same updates or promotions on a personal looking profile.

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Create separate accounts for your Business:

Before you start promoting your business online, you first have to set up separate social media profiles for your business.  It’s recommended to not use your personal Facebook or twitter profile to promote your product on social media. So first of all create separate profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Pinterest.

Fill out the information:

Once you have signed up as a business on social media. It’s time to craft your Profiles and make them look attractive. Fill out all the information related to your business in the fields of your profile and complete it. Incomplete profiles don’t attract many visitors and don’t even look professional.

Incomplete profiles can leave a bad impression and can affect the number of sales negatively.

Take care of the On-Page SEO Factors:

On-Page basically refers to on the site. But do you know there are some on-page SEO factors of a social media profile also?

No? Okay, let me tell you about those on-page SEO factors of social media profiles and how to setup them correctly.

On a web page, factors which are considered as on-page factors are basically Title, Meta-Description, Meta-Keywords (not more effective) and a link (canonical URL in case of web page). The Social media profiles also have Titles, Meta descriptions, Keywords and URL which should have to be configured correctly in order to gain more customers.

But where they are located?

Okay, let me tell you about where those factors are located on a social media profile.

Example of On-Page SEO Factors on a Facebook Page

On-Page SEO Factors of a Facebook Page

Example of On-Page Factors of a Twitter Profile

Example of On-Page Factors of a Twitter Profile

In these above screenshots, I have marked different kind of information fields with different SEO factors. You should use these fields according to the tags they have to get the best results from your Social media marketing campaign.

Build strong connections with Others:

Social media not only means to talk about just yourself. If you want to drive real customers to your website/blog you should have to make people find you or your business interesting. You should have to communicate and build strong and long lasting relationships with other people related to your niche.

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To make people follow you and visit your blog, You have to make strong relations with them. Those relations can only be built by helping others. When people find you helping them they will be also interested in visiting your blog for more niche related content.

Another way to make new connections with others and growing your Social media audience, is sharing others content with your followers. When you share someone’s content with your followers, some of them will also do the same. This will help you reaching more niche related audience and helps you driving more targeted traffic to your blog.

Engaging your Audience on Social Media:

Once you have created Social media profiles and your connections start expanding. You are getting more and more visitors on your social media profiles. But Wait, this is not only what we have to achieve. There are two types of Social media users who view your Social media profile.

One who just visit your profile and then disappear and never come back to hear from you. Second was who visits your page, Hit the Like/Follow button, Read what your share on social media and also share your content with his connections.

The second type of visitor is who finds your Social media profile engaging and you are successful in engaging him with your content.

But, what makes your Social media profile engaging enough to get a Share, Like or a ReTweet?

How to Boost Engagement on Facebook?

Having thousands of likes on your Facebook Page is not enough to drive traffic to your blog. Those followers also have to interact with your page and should share your content with their friends in order to get social media traffic.

But, How to get your Facebook content shared?

This is called facebook page engagement. The secret is to create more interesting content which will be shared on Social media by other users. Let’s learn about Creating content which will engage more users and make your Social media page grow.

Engagement by Content Type:

To engage users on your Facebook page or profile, first we have to learn which type of content can help us increasing user engagement.

According to a study conducted by Social Bakers on their blog. Content based on photos have been shared the most on Facebook. Photos get 75% of the total of all Facebook shares and like post receives. After Photos, the most shared content type was Links.

The Below chart shows the results of a study conducted by the Social Bakers.

Photos get 75% of Shares on Facebook

Social Bakers report on Most Shared Content type on Facebook

In this, chart we can see that Photos are getting maximum shares and like on Facebook. Photos are the best way to reach and engage a wider audience with your Social media profiles. Photos make user interact with your page and some of them share photos from a Facebook page with their friends which also helps your content to reach more people easily.

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After photos, the content type getting more shares than all others are the links.

But What makes links be shared even more times than videos?

Okay! Let me tell you the secret behind this. Links which was shared are not only textual links they are well optimized for the social media sharing.

Links gets a total of 10% of Total shares on Faebook

An Example of Link Shared on Facebook having Correct OG Tags

The Links which are getting 10% of the total shares and likes on Facebook are the links from web pages which have proper Open graph tags configuration. If you share a link on Facebook from a web page having Open graph tags configured correctly, Facebook turns it into a complete information box.

There is an image with the Page Title and also author’s name (If set). Even you can also Place a link to your Facebook Page instead of your Personal profile at the Author name.

This makes the link more attractive than Videos because there is a complete article full of information behind that link.  That’s why it was shared most of the times after photos.

Engagement on Facebook by Days of the Week:

Did you Know that engagement on your social media pages can be affected by the day it was shared on?

Yeah! I know what I am saying, and it’s not only me saying this. Let me prove my words via the study from the Social intelligence report 2014:

According to the “Social Intelligence Report 2014” users on Facebook pages are even more active on Friday’s.More Number of engagements have been seen on Facebook Pages on Fridays as compared to other days of the week.

In the chart below, You can see the highest number of impressions from a Facebook page was on Friday which are 15.7% of impressions. Whereas the lowest number of impressions from Facebook was on Sunday which are 13.4%.

Facebook Posts Gets maximum number of likes and shares on Friday

The Social Intelligence Report 2014

It means different days of the week can also affect social media engagement and also the traffic coming from social media websites. So In order to get the maximum benefit from social media you should know well about when most of your audience becomes active, and when they are not.

Boosting Engagement on Twitter?

After Facebook, Twitter is also a great source of traffic for Bloggers. Even according to the reports Twitter is not such large source of Social media traffic like Facebook is but according to Bloggers they are getting a lot of traffic on their blogs from twitter.

So that’s why I am going to show you how to create content that will be shared on twitter by others. We are going to study the content type that get shared the most number of times on twitter.

From the start of this blog post I am backing up my words with some proves and reports from some authority websites. I am going to do the same this time also.

According to the Twitter Blog, Tweets containing Photo URL’s were Retweeted maximum times on twitter and covers 35% of the total Retweets on twitter. After that Video Links are getting most of the Retweets on twitter covering a total of 28% of the total Retweets.

Photo URLs gets the maximum Retweeteson Twitter

Twitter RT’s Chart

In the light of this report, We can find that which type of tweets can help us getting more retweets and reaching a wider audience. For example, We can experiment with Photo URL’s, quotes and post Titles containing Digits to get more retweets than our previous posts on twitter.

Whenever your tweet get retweeted by a user, It was shared with his followers and they can see, interact and can follow you on twitter. This can help you reaching a wider audience by increasing the number of your followers.

Driving Traffic to your Blog from Social Media:

Once you have built a wide audience on social media who interacts with what you share, Want to listen from you and want to read what you share with them. It’s the time to drive those readers to your blog/website and turn them into your customers.

You have to know the method to drive traffic to your blog or website from your Social media accounts. Driving traffic doesn’t mean to post  a lot of links of your blog posts on your Social media profiles, Don’t ever do it. Because it can ruin all your hard work and your followers find this action as a spam and they will stop following you.

Maybe this type of promotion can drive some traffic to your profile but those who visit your blog are just visitors and they cannot be converted into customers. The traffic driven by this type of trick is for just one time only So you cannot drive traffic from those social media profiles again.

The Etiquettes of Sharing your content on Social Media:

Everything needs some etiquettes to be followed to do things correctly. Marketing your content on social media also have some etiquettes to be followed while sharing your content on your social media profiles. If you follow them correctly, You can make more people interact with what you share and can drive thousands of visitors from your social media marketing campaign.

These are the etiquettes which should be followed while sharing content on social media. To get the best results out, try following them:

1. Research and Choose the best time to Share:

The first and the most important thing you should have to keep in mind with your social media marketing campaign is to share your content on right times. Choosing the right time for sharing your content on Social media will help you converting your social media followers into your blog visitors or customers effectively.

You should have to know when they are mostly active on social media and when most of them are not. Knowing your audience helps you getting the most effective results out from your business campaigns. So, always try to know your audience well before you start a business or a marketing campaign.

Do you remember that Friday rule, we’ve discussed before?

Yes or No?

Okay, I am going to repeat those words. According to a study, most of the Facebook traffic is generated on Friday and the minimum number of traffic generated from Facebook is on Sunday. So always find out the best day and even the best time of the day to share your content on social media.

If you share your content mostly on Friday and Saturday this will help you getting more traffic from Facebook, and you can get the maximum benefit of your social media sharing campaign.

2. Share several times in a day:

Sharing content just once in a day on social media?

You can get even better results by posting several times. Believe me, It really works.

Sharing more than once on social media can attract much more visitors on your blog. If you share once in a day, Your followers see your updates once in their news feed or on their walls, But sharing several times can make them much more familiar with your profile and your blog also. This will help you generating more traffic and more leads.

But How to share multiple times a day without being marked as a Spammer?

Okay, That’s a really very important question. Sometimes when you post several times on your profile, People will think you a spammer and they stop following you.

But how to overcome this?

Okay! I have the solution, There is a special tip you should follow to prevent being marked as a spammer.

Don’t Just Share, Engage them:

The secret is to don’t just Share content with your followers, you should have to engage them with your content. You can post a question To which they can reply.

You should reply to your followers if they ask you a question. This will make your social media profile much more interactive and the users will love to visit your Profile and your blog again and again.

Did you know: Profiles having higher user engagement rates on Facebook rank higher than other Pages of the Same niche having lower Engagement rates. The engagement rate is calculated on the basis of how many users have shared or commented on the updates of a particular page.

3. Share every piece of content multiple times in a week

Suppose: You have posted a Blog post on your Blog and Shared it on your Facebook page and tweeted it once on twitter.

Do you think it’s enough?

Honestly, NO!

You cannot reach such a wider audience as you can, by sharing your content just once on Social media. You have to share that piece of content multiple times to reach a wider audience.

But Don’t just share it again and again. This will affect your social image badly and maybe users will stop following you. You have to share your content multiple times but have to do it smartly.

But How?

Okay, Let me explain it more.

You can setup a sharing schedule for your Content, to share it on social media.

For example:

  • 1st Share: On the day it’s published.
  • 2nd Share: 2 Days after the post is published.
  • 3rd Share: After one week of the Publishing date
  • 4th Share: After 4 days of the 3rd Share.

This is just an example of a Social media sharing schedule. You can create one for your blog according to your audience.

Keep in mind, Don’t  share your content with the same title every time on Social media. Change the headlines to attract more visitors. You should also Make use of hashtags as they are getting popular day by day on twitter and Facebook.

For example, you can share your content once with its own title. Share it with a quote for the second time and for the third time attach a statistic with it. This will help you getting more traffic from Social media.

I want to Learn More Tactics!

Do you think it’s Over?

Well! it’s not. There are some more effective tactics which work well to drive traffic from social media. It will be a deception If I hide those tactics from you and wind up the blog post here. That’s why I am not going to do it and I am going to share all those tactics which can be helpful to drive some traffic from social media with you.

So let’s come towards those remaining tactics to get tons of more traffic from your Social media campaigns.

1. Offer Giveaways on your Blog/website:

Giveaways are always a great way to reach the new audience and to drive more traffic to your blog. Giveaways work well for blog’s because people always have an interest in winning things for free and you can take advantage of that desire.

Organizing giveaways on your blog can help you driving thousands of new visitors to your blog by giving them some gifts for free. The gifts can be anything you can think about to give them for free. You can give them an e-book for free or either an IPod or a completely free trip to any designation to the world based on how much and which type of audience you want to get.

No Matter what you are going to give, If you are not adding value in your giveaways they will never drive traffic to your blog. So always promote your giveaways correctly on social media and let your audience know what you are going to give them and how they can get benefit from that Giveaway.

This will definitely increase the audience engagement and also help you getting more social media shares. Giveaways also work best to get backlinks from other websites.

2. Optimize your Content for Social Media

This tactic worked effectively for thousands of blogs and maybe you are the next who are going to increase their traffic and sales through social media traffic by following this tactic.

Optimizing your content and making it easy to share on social media can help you increasing your social media traffic quickly. Creating content that will be shared on Social media is an art, you should have to learn it before you start. If you want to learn this art, Here is a complete guide for you to Learn “How to create Content that will be shared on social media widely”.

You can try experimenting with different positions of Social sharing buttons to find out the position where you get the maximum shares on social media. You can also try with different post types to find out the post type which will be shared widely on social media. I also recommend you to read my blog post about post types which can go viral easily on social media.

Creating content requires hard work and Creating content that will drive traffic requires Smart Work. So always do some smart work along with your hard work to hack the growth of your blog and to sky rocket it.

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What have you Learned?

I think this 3500+ words guide, helped you improving your Social media marketing and content creating skills. If your answer is YES! Then you have invested your time at the right place and you have made the best use of time.

Because, the best time spent is when you have learned something new.

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I want to give you a Final advice about your blog’s growth, and here it is:

“You should always experiment different techniques to improve you blog and traffic. Keep learning new things and implement them, find out the strategies which works best and then use them permanently on your blog. This is the rule you should have to follow to boost your blog’s growth.”

I have put all the efforts, to serve you with the best strategies to reach the new audience through Social media marketing. But, It’s not all that bloggers should have to know about this topic.

I am looking forward to you guys to add value to this blog post by sharing the tips you follow while you are marketing your content on Social media websites.

Got any questions? Don’t feel shy, discuss them with me via Comments. I will try my best to serve you with the best answer.

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    Keep up the good work.
    Looking forward to hear more from you.
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    ~ Ahmad from Tutorials Fist

  2. Fairly a long and impressive guide, took me a while to read it, but Yes Umair, Social Media is bringing me major share of traffic each month, keep writing and thanks again for such a good guide, Umair!

    • Hi Ali Raza,
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    • Hi! Mukesh,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Here on this blog I share only well researched tactics which worked for me with my readers. I hope they will definitely work for your blog if you implement them in the right way.

      Thanks for visiting. Happy to see you again!

      ~ Umair

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