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How to Write an Eye Catching and SEO Friendly Blog Post

It can be quite hard for new bloggers to keep their blog updated and to write new and Attractive content for their Readers. So I have decided to write some effective methods by which you can write a good and eye-catching blog post. You can Write an Awesome and SEO friendly Blog post within minutes, using these simple tips about Write an Awesome and SEO Friendly Blog.

Writing good content is the most common desire which can be seen in Every Blogger’s mind. So the question is “How to Write a Blog Post” which can get the eyeballs of readers looking towards it and reading it till the end. Here are some Tips I personally use to write content for my blog ( and want to share with my readers.

1. First of All: Choose Your Category

Before going to write a Blog Post, first of all, You have to choose the category and the topic about which you are going to write about. You have to choose a good topic which will be related to your blog’s niche. Also, a good number of people will have to be searching for that. You can use the Keyword Planner to check about what keywords people searching about?

Using the Best Keywords for your Blog post, improve its SEO ranking and you can get more readers on your blog. So think about your Blog Post Topic and Keywords easily and spend some time on choosing a category for your blog post.

2. Plan about your Blog Post

After you have chosen your Post’s Topic, Plan your Blog post. Planning a Blog post is to think about the Data you want to focus and how deep you are going to focus your topic. Plan accordingly that which type of reader you are going to focus. Think and Finalize that which information you are going to write and which will have to be skipped.

Planning your Blog post before writing it, is very important. I often say’s to my friends who ask me about Writing a Blog post that: “If your content is well planned then it will be finally well written”.

3. Collect the Data or Do Some Research

When you have planned about your post well, Then head towards collecting some data for your post. If you are going to write a unique post then I recommend not to copy content from any website on the internet. Do some research about your topic and find what information is previously published by bloggers, and what you have to publish.

Always try to make your content unique, It will increase your blog’s ranking in Search Engines and also attract readers. Writing a Blog Post can be Hard, but Writing a Unique Blog post is harder.

4. Do Some Keyword Research about your Niche:

When you have collected the information you need for your post, Then It is better to do some keyword research about your niche. You have to pick up some good keywords with some traffic on it. It’s better to use Long Tail Keywords with less competition, in order to rank better in Search Engines Results.

You can search for keywords which are related to your niche and the Topic of your post. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to look for what people searching for. I Personally recommend you to use SEM Rush to analyze keywords being used by your competitors.

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5. Writing Your Blog Post:

Now here is the time of writing up your blog post. Keep in mind that always start with a better and eye-catching opening. At the Start, your blog post will have to attract the reader to read till the end. If your post doesn’t contain a good startup Paragraph then chances are less that the reader will spend time reading your post. This will also increase the bounce rate of you Blog. Which can put a negative impact on your blog’s SEO Ranking?

Write your Content to be Loved by your Readers, not only by the Search Engines, Always write good quality Content to help your readers. donot do Keyword Stuffing.

5.1 Make use of Headings in your Blog Post:

Use Headings in your blog post. Divide your content in a form of headings and use them in your blog post. This will make your Post look Clean and If you can use your Focus keyword in the Heading than this can also increase your Blog’s SEO Ranking.

Using Headings in your posts will make your post look easily readable, Posts which doesn’t contain Heading look’s Stuffy and users won’t like to read that kind of posts. Make use of small paragraphs and write short sentences will also make your post be read easily.

5.2 Engage Reader in your Post:

It’s a Secret trick used by Professional Blogger’s in their Articles. Even You don’t know that how you are trapped by this Writing technique. This technique can decrease your site’s Bounce rate and a reader will read the Article till the end. Now! I am going to Reveal this technique:

The tip is to Engage user in your Blog Post while writing, It seems to be that you are discussing your topic with only that person who is reading it. This will give a feel to the reader that You are giving priority to him. This can make a reader interested in your post. So He will read the post with interest and Visit again in future also.

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The Tip I use to make my posts engaging is that I am discussing the whole topic with a Person Sitting in front of me and He is one of my readers. This Dramatically improves my writing skills, You can also consider this tip while writing posts for your blog!

6. Editing Your Blog Post:

Writing a Blog post can be hard, But Editing a Blog post can be harder. This is the step mostly skipped by New Bloggers and that put a bad impact on their readers. Editing a blog post includes taking a look on what you have written. Another Tip often shared by blogger’s is that To read your blog post loud and check for the words which cause difficulties in reading.

Cause the Posts which user feels difficult to read, were mostly not loved by readers. Replace the difficult words with some simple ones. Check for Grammatical Mistakes and Spelling mistakes. Post’s which contain too much spelling and grammar mistakes are not liked by readers and also does not perform well in search Engines.

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7. Using Images in your Content:

It’s good to use images in your blog post and better to use if you are writing a dry topic, which can make user bored. Use of Images in a Blog post improves the visibility of your post, Increase’s user engagement and also make your post look good, not boring.

8. Use Related Post’s Links in your Blog Post:

Its better to use some of your previous post’s links at the end of a blog post as Related Articles/Posts. This will engage the user and make them spend more time on your blog. It will also improve the bounce rate and take in low. Related posts links can also help you to get more SEO score and to rank better in Search Engine Results.

9. Choose the Best SEO Friendly Title:

Now we are coming towards the final steps. These two tips at the last will help you to rank better in Search Engines to get more traffic and more readers. After you have completed your blog post, Now you will have to choose a title which best suits your Topic and also have a good Search Traffic on it. You can search for some keywords and its better to use the Focus keyword in your Blog’s Title and Meta description.

Your Post’s Title should not be long than 60 Characters, as Mostly search engines shows only 60 Characters in the Title. I personally recommend not to use stop words in the Permalink of your blog post. You can edit the URL of your Post after entering title for Example:
Your Title is : How to Improve your Blog’s traffic to 25%.
The URL should be : /improve-your-blog-traffic or /how-to-improve-your-blog-traffic

10. Make a SEO Friendly Description:

After Title Meta Description is another fact which will help you to improve your rankings. As Meta Keywords are not accepted by Search Engines now. So thats why Meta Description is the only thing which could figure out your blog’s visibility.

So Choose the best possible meta decription according to your topic and its better to include your focus Keyword in Description to Rank much better. Use Maximum 160 Characters in Descriptions, Search Engines won’t Show more than this in their Snippet.

The Final Word:

By Following these tips during writing a Blog post. You are able to write an Eye-Catching blog post in just minutes. Always focus on the quality not on the quantity. If your blog have some good content in it, Then your blog posts are to be loved by readers.
If you have some other tips about writing good content and to write eye-catching blog post for your blog. Then must share them with others by leaving in comments.

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Keep Reading and Happy Blogging!

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  3. I’ve found that eye catching art work or info graphics are also really useful in SEO blogs. I use them all the time and it proves very useful

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