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Impacts of Blogging on your Lifestyle (Amazing Facts)

Do you know? Being a blogger Passionate or Professional can also affect your Lifestyle. Feeling amazed? Let me clarify it more for you to understand easily. Blogging has a lot of Positive effects on your daily life. Along with some Pros, there is also some cons. Blogging definitely has the same.

But today we will mainly focus about the good things ;-). I will let you know about the positive effects blogging could put in your daily life.

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Being a blogger, Your thinking style, and The way you see the world would be completely changed. You are more in touch with the latest news about Internet and technology. It can affect you in a good manner and strikes with some positive changes in you. As I often say’s that “Blogging is not just a Way to earn some money, It’s a complete style of living you have to adopt”: – Umair Akram (Its Me!).

There are some positive facts about how blogging changes your life, Based on my personal experiences.

Changes Your Attitude:

Blogging can change your Attitude in a good manner. Blogging teaches you “How to be nice” and it will teach you throughout the journey. Being a blogger, You met up with people who likes you but there are those also who hates you. You learn to face those who hates you. Near to me, Its good to meet those with beautiful words and let them say what they think.

But if you met up with a Person who argue with you for non-sense reasons. Do Nothing, Just Enjoy it. While blogging, you will get a celebrity like status. So while having some fans, there are some haters too. Let them say what they think. As well said by one of my Blogosphere friend Rohan Chaubey about that stuff, He Says that “Hug your Haters and Kill them with your kindness”. I also agree with Rohan 🙂

Improve’s your Ability to Describe:

While you are blogging, You have to describe your thinking and convey your message to even thousand of readers around the globe. So you learn how to Describe a single topic to more than Thousand of readers from all over the World.

This will also help you in your personal life. Your ability to convey your message can be far better than a simple person. A Blogger can convey his message and can describe something in a more effective way than a Normal person.

Improve’s your Communication Skills

As I have described nearly the same thing in the above Heading. But it is necessary to dig in depth, Because I love to spend time talking with my readers through the means of this blog. 🙂 Being a blogger helps you improving your Communication skills. Communication Skills includes your Writing ability, Talking Akcent and the ability to convey your message to the world effectively.

Makes your Writing Skills Better

Did you know? Blogging can help you being a Good Writer too. Yeah! I know it sounds’s interesting, and this is true. Being a blogger, you have to write content which would effectively engage the reader and let them visit again. Blogging can teach you some Professional ways of writing like:

1. Engaging User within your content.
2. Make your Content look good.
3. Improves your grammar skills also.

If someone asks you to write few lines about anything, You can write it in a more interesting way than a Normal person of your Age having the same qualification can. This can make you stand apart from your Classmates or University friends. How Glamorous can it be? 😉

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Gives you a Celebrity like Status

Sounds Weird? But doesn’t matter you realized or not. Being a blogger, if you are active on Social media then definitely you are getting some fans. Some people asking you for help and some just want to be your friends on Social Media. Sounds interesting Na?

But this can only be done, if you are using Social media websites and you are sharing you social media links with your readers on the blog. Being active on social media can also help you in increasing traffic and readers of your blog.

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Increases your Knowledge:

While blogging, You search different stuff on the internet to collect data for your blog post. This will increase your Knowledge. You are always learning something new when you are collecting some data for your next blog post. This can help you in different matters. This will increase your IQ level too and also train your mind about how to remembers things you have read.

Boost your Skills:

While you blog, You are not just writing articles. You are keeping your eye’s on many factors like formatting the blog post, Keyword density, meta descriptions and also have to think about the look of your blog post. This will give a boost to your writing and formatting skills and help you in nearly every field of I.T.

When you blog, you are learning a lot of new things daily. This can boost your online skills. Thousands of people ask you thousands of questions and when you try to answer those, this will improve your communications skills.

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Teach you to be Patient!

Blogging also teaches you how to be patient. Yeah! It is true :-). Blogging can make you a nice person. Don’t Believe? Let me clarify it more for you.

While your Blogging journey, You came up with some good comments from your readers along with some bad also. There are not only your fans, you have to face some of your hater’s too. Reading and answering those comments will teach you how to be nice with your haters, and how to reply to their bad words.

Most of the new bloggers start blogging because of its money-making potential. It is true that blogging have a great money making potential but remember it is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It can let you down sometimes. That’s how blogging teach you to be patient. The time when you are expecting some pennies from your blog and you are unable to acquire that goal, You learn how to compromise with that. Blogging takes some time to generate some money for you, So keep working without going down.

Things can be worse than those stated above. I am not trying to afraid you from Blogging, I am just putting some light on the dark side too. Every profession has some dark and bright facts, blogging also have. You can overcome those dark facts with your Hard work and your potential to be a blogger :-).

There are also possibilities that you are working from a long time but still not getting traffic on your blog. Maybe You have to face such situation in future. Always be ready for that kind of things. Keep in mind that being a blogger, you are an entrepreneur and you have to face ups and downs. This will train your mind to be patient with those things which you would not get whether you are expecting for them.

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Keep Working, but do Smart Work rather than Hard Work! 🙂

Over to You!

Now its totally on you, How you want to work. Blogging can have some good and bad effects on your life. You have to compromise with them. Don’t Start blogging about thinking that you can Get Rich over Night through blogging. This is just a Myth that blogging will make you a Rich man in Days. Although it can, but you have to work Hard, If you want to achieve those goals. Keep your Dreams in mind, as this is the best way to get Motivated all the time.

Share this blog post, if you really like it… Happy Blogging 🙂

P.S: If you are a blogger, then must share with us that how blogging affected your Daily life? We are excited to know about it. Drop it in Comments for us to read.

About Umair Akram

I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. Umair, there is nothing a human mind can’t do. It is the will and desire which make a difference. We believe first and then act on it to get our objectives. Same applies to blogging as well. I had no idea of blogging 10 months ago and now when I look back, it feels like I have learnt tons of information and skills. It all comes to you if you are passionate.

    I wish you a very bright future with blogging. I can see you have started with an enthusiasm and a bang. The key is to not let it die. There will be a time when you will feel to quit – keep thinking the reason that made you start the whole thing. The spark is there. If there is anything I can help with, drop me a line – good luck.

    • Hi Ahmed!
      Happy to see you again here. This thing is so kind and motivating whenever I see a new comment on my Blog!

      Thank you So much for those kind lines which shows extreme brotherhood and love for me. 🙂 That’s all what a newbie in Blogging needs to keep going with his blogging career.

      I will definitely contact you if I stuck up with something, Thanks again for stopping by and reading!

      Happy to see you in future again!

      ~Umair Akram

  2. Hi Umair,

    Congrats on yet another post. I agree, blogging does changes the way you live your life especially when get serious about it. There are always going to be fans and haters for everyone. I have personally faced harsh comments but later I also met people who changed their perception and apologized for all the harm they did to me in the past. Blogging gives you the power of being a thought leader. Having said that, we need to be extremely careful what we write and publish on our blogs as that influences our blog audience.

    Apart from all the wonderful advantages of blogging you’ve mentioned in this post, I would also like to mention that it elevates our professional and social value. I read one of the books written by an ex-Google employee, he said blogging is enough to prove your verbal communication skills in any job interview. 🙂

    Thanks Umair for the kind mention once again. Can’t resist sharing this post on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Have a great week ahead.


    • Thanks, Rohan for your thoughtful comments. I am happy to see your comments on your blog because it gives me the power to write more and more. When I jumped into blogosphere, I have a C grade command on English, but while writing more and more content I have realized that my grammar is improving day by day. Being a Blogger also affected my attitude in a positive manner.

      Thanks for the Share, Happy to see you again 🙂

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