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How to Promote your Blog on Instagram – Ultimate Guide

Have you ever used Instagram to promote your blog?


Then, you have missed a chance to promote your content to 130 Million people.

Marketing is being changed with every passing year. To stay in the market with having tons of competitors around you, you have to be very quick in accepting new things and latest marketing tactics.

If you are marketing like its 2007 or 2008, then you can’t compete with other competitors and you will be out of this market soon!

In order to compete with the other competitors constantly trying to grow more than you, you have to market as it has to be done in 2016.

How to promote your content on Instagram (free Guide)

In 2016, Social media marketing doesn’t revolve around Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It’s expanding and you have to expand your reach too.

Today, we are going to talk about a social network which started in 2010 and shocked all the social media networks with its huge potential to attract users.

Got it?

Well, no matter if the answer is yes or even No. I am going to reveal it for you.

It is Instagram, a popular photos and video sharing platform.

When I came to know about Instagram by a friend of mine, I do not focus much on it.

I ignored the importance of this platform. But, at the moment when I came to know that Instagram has more than 120 million users, it becomes a necessity to market my content on Instagram also.

Today, there are more than 130 Million people who use Instagram to share visual content like photos and videos.

Believe me, this little app totally changed the marketing prescriptive.

But there is a question:

Why should I have to use Instagram?

You know what?

A marketer can’t market on a platform he like, He has to market on a platform which his audience likes.

A marketer should have no love for a specific social media platform. He should have a love for visitors, customers, conversions and CTR’s.

As Instagram have over 130 million users, then “Why to lose all those users which can be turned into visitors and then customers?”

Not a solid reason?

Okay, let me give another reason to use Instagram for business promotion:

According to the comScore Mobile trends report: In 2014, Mobile media consumption rate was increased to its top with having 100 Million active users, who spend more than 439 minutes in a single month on the platform.

Desktops were preferred in 2007 or 2008 but today mobile preference is becoming more popular, and thousands of people were joining and spending more time on the internet through mobile devices.

But why I am focusing just Instagram?

Because Instagram users are 58 times more likely to comment, like or share a post than Facebook users and 120 times more than a Twitter users.

So it means, Instagram users are much engaging than Facebook and Twitter users. Nowadays, users are spending more time on Instagram rather than Facebook & Twitter and this time was increasing every day.

So, why should a marketer doesn’t want to market on such a highly-engaging platform? Definitely, He will.

But the question is “How can I promote my product or business on Instagram?”

To get the answer, you have to understand “What is causing such high-engagement on Instagram?”, first.

Reason of High-Engagement on Instagram

Instagram users were highly engaging because of the uniqueness of the platform. The platform supports visual content and thus allows users to share their stories and reactions in a visual format.

Visual content was loved by our brain too, As our brain process visual content 600 times faster than textual content. That’s why people like to spend time on Instagram.

Being a Marketer, You must admire the fact that “Visual content is always the king among other contents.”

Visual Content is always the king among all other content types #blogging Click To Tweet

How to promote your product on Instagram?

Make your Profile Attractive:

A profile is just like a landing page for your social media profile. Your profile must be attractive enough to make a user hit the follow button.

But, the question is “How to make an attractive profile on Instagram?”

There are a few things you should focus on, to make your profile attractive:

1.      Choose an appealing username:

Username is one of the most important factors of your Social media profile. So, while creating an account on Instagram, you have to choose a username which relates to your niche.

I recommend choosing a username which is similar to the username of your account on other social media platforms you are using (If possible).

2.      Profile Picture:

When you have created your account on Instagram, you should have to put a profile picture of your brand or of your own. The photo must be good looking and clear to see.

If you are creating the account for your business than you can put your business logo, otherwise use your own picture. This will give a more personal appeal to the user and he will be more likely to follow you.

3.      Name:

If you are building a personal profile than this will be simply your name and if you are creating an account for business, This would be your brand name.

Never use spammy words like the URL of your website or words like “Follow me” etc as the profile name. It will ruin your online image, and your online image is everything for you being a marketer.

4.      Description (Bio):

Let’s tell the users about you through description. You can tell users about yourself because they are willing to know “Who you are?” and also give them a reason to Follow you.

My words make you feel confused?

I am not willing to do so, so let me define more in depth.

You can give them a reason to follow you by telling them “What they will get from you in return If they followed you?” You can tell them that they will get interesting updates about a specific topic (Your Niche), Motivational Quotes or updates about Discount coupons on the related niche.

This will force the user to follow you because now they have a reason and they know that they will be benefited by following you.

P.S: Make sure to keep your description conversational, this will give a friendly touch to your profile and users will be more likely to hit the “Follow” button.

5.      Place a link to your Website/Blog:

Now here is something which we know as “Call-to-Action”. You have to place a link at the last of your description of your website/blog or your landing page.

You can refer to the link like this “Visit my website for more updates”.

This tactic can be used at both places, in the description and also while captioning images before posting them on Instagram.

Here is a useful Blueprint by Gerry Moran from MarketingThink about Building a Perfect Instagram Profile.

Gerry Moran's infographic about the Perfect Instagram Profile

Post Engaging content:

Building a following is just one side of the Social media marketing game. Once you have built an attractive profile, you have to post engaging and interesting content on your Instagram account in order to gain followers and to turn them into real followers.

Your content must be niche related and engaging all the time because this kind of content will help you getting followers and also keeping them alive.

Asking a Question from your followers can be a great and effective way to engage them with your content.

P.S: With the term “Real Followers”, I actually mean the followers who interact with what you post. For example: liking, commenting or sharing your images and videos.

Interact with others:

Your followers also want the engagement, which you want from them. They want you to interact with their photos and their videos and why not? You don’t have to pay for this.

This can also be a great way to getting more followers and to connect with your followers. It’s good to like, comment and share other’s photos if you want to get yours…



You can also search for a specific hashtag and like photos posted with that hashtag. This will grow your followers and you can also learn many new things by doing this.

Use Hashtags:

The term “Hashtags” is a revolutionary term in the market. After being introduced by twitter, Hashtags are the game changers of the Social media sharing campaigns. They have totally changed the etiquettes of search on nearly all social media networks.

But Hashtags works best on Twitter and Instagram. People are more likely to include and search for hashtags on these social networks.

So, while posting content (Picture or Video) on Instagram, you should use hashtags within your caption to maximize your audience reach.

This will help you to reach more people on Instagram, thus a higher rate of conversions and more sales.

P.S: As we learn in Twitter marketing that it is ok to use 2-3 hashtags with a tweet on Twitter. But, the game on Instagram is a bit different from what it is on Twitter; using 7-8 hashtags seems to be ok on Instagram.

So you should take benefit of the maximum hashtags with your images, to never miss a single person you can reach.

Give Value to others:

Marketing is all about lifetime values. If you value others for their product or website, you will be valued by them. If you don’t do this, you will be lost in those thousands of bloggers and marketers who are not focusing much on giving and getting values by others.

You should appreciate others on their products, offer your customers the best you can and all that you can do to value others. No matter they are your fellow marketers or your customers.

Cross promote other’s Products:

This is one of the top ways to market your product and generate sales from Instagram. You can promote other’s products on your Instagram profile and ask them to promote yours. This will silently boost the audience reach of both of you and this will be a Win-Win situation for both.

Some Instagram resources, I’ve found useful:

I think you have learned all the basics of promoting your product on Instagram.

But, this is not the only thing you have to know about the Instagram promotion. There are much more to learn about Instagram marketing to compete with your competitors and to stand out of the crowd.

Most of the Instagram users want to know the secret about “How to get maximum likes and comments on their photos?”

This is what Dan Zarrella explains the complete science of Instagram in this infographic published on his blog.

Dan Zarella about Anatomy of Instagram

Hope this infographic will help you to get more engagement on your photos and videos.

It’s your turn, NOW!

I’ve still crossed 2000 words and I think I have included enough content to answer the question “How to promote your business on Instagram?”

I admire that it’s impossible for me to gather and define every single tactic that works, but I’ve tried my best to explain all the tips which are found effective by experts & by me too.

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Now it’s your turn to add some more value in this blog post by putting those tips in the comments section, which you follow to grow your blog on Instagram.

One more thing; I am not charging you even a single penny to read this guide. The only favor I want from you is a Share on any of your favorite social media networks if you think that this guide really helped you.

Because, Appreciation works in way that money can’t.

Thanks a lot for reading this guide till the end, Have a Happy Blogging Journey!

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