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Secret Trick to Make Money on Youtube without Adsense

Are you a Youtuber?
Have you ever faced the temporarily disabled monetization by YouTube?
Your YouTube channel have a lot of videos, but you have lost the ability to monetize your videos.

Do You know that you can still make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization?
But How?
In this post, I am going to show you a method by which you can make money from YouTube videos without using the monetization feature.


You can also increase your income by using both Monetization and the method I am going to share with you guys.

Who Should read this post:

A YouTuber who wants to earn more from his YouTube channel.

A Youtuber who don’t want to stay with AdSense, for their YouTube income.

Or the Youtuber who’s Monetization feature was disabled due to a copyright strike or something else like this but still don’t want to leave his Channel.

So Let’s get started…

How does YouTube’s Monetization feature work?

YouTube basically offers the Monetization feature to its users to monetize their videos with ads and to make money from them.  YouTube uses this feature to encourage people to upload more videos by offering a small share from the Money it generates by monetizing the users video with ads.

YouTube place Advertiser’s ads on your videos and charge them for each view or click made on their ads.

YouTube pays you 55% of that revenue to you and keeps the 45% of that revenue itself, to encourage users to upload more quality videos and make more money.

All those payments made to you through AdSense.

YouTube have full control over what they want to monetize and what they don’t. It can be a good thing for YouTube but can be disappointing for some users.untitled-1

Youtube Monetization feature will be disabled by YouTube (Permanently/Temporarily) due to the following issues:

  1. Multiple Strikes or Worldwide Blocks
  2. Invalid Click Activity
  3. Monetization Rejected Content

Some  users make videos for their channel by putting a lot of efforts and what should they do if YouTube rejects their videos or Disable their Channel’s Monetization feature?

When a Youtuber have to migrate to a new channel, He has to leave all his subscribers of the previous channel and start building his new channel, which requires too much hard work.

Unfortunately, There is no way to get it back rather than submitting a complaint to the YouTube Team and waiting months and months for their reply.

No matter if there are even more than 100 videos in your channel.

But don’t get disappointed because I have another way for you.


You can still earn money from your YouTube channel without monetizing it or without using AdSense.

How Can you Make Money without AdSense?

Yes! It’s still possible to make money without monetizing your YouTube videos. This is a rare method often used by some really huge channels with a lot of subscribers. But you can also earn money from this method by using it into your videos.

So What’s the method?

This monetization way is mostly used by bloggers and was much popular among them. This method is called Affiliate Marketing. You can also earn money from your YouTube videos through Affiliate Marketing.

But Now the question is “How can I use Affiliate Marketing to make money from my videos?

Okay, Let me answer your question.

There are basically two types of Affiliate Marketing.

One is offline affiliate marketing and the other is online affiliate marketing. Both work in nearly the same manner.

You recommend a product or a service to your visitors or readers and get paid some commission in reward of each sale or customer you referred.

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You can choose among different products and then recommend those products which you have found helpful and which worth purchasing.

You can use Click bank or Amazon Affiliate Program. They have a lot of products to choose from and then market them in front of your Audience.


How can you Make Money from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing?

You can use both of the above-stated types of Affiliate Marketing to earn money from your youtube videos.

If your Channel is on a specific niche then this method can be really helpful to you.

But How?

The process is quite simple. First of all, You have to pick an Affiliate product which matches your channels niche. Once you have an Affiliate product to market, then you have to create an interesting video which promotes that Affiliate product.

Then, Upload that video to your YouTube channel and include your Affiliate link in the description of your Video.

Now, You just have to wait for people to watch your videos and then for a sale.

Also read my FREE Guide about:

You can promote as many products as you want, but I recommend you to promote one product in one video. If you want to work with another one, then do it by creating another video to market that product.

This method can help you earning a lot of more money from your YouTube channel even without using AdSense to monetize your videos.

But you must read the following tips before you start monetizing your videos with an affiliate product.

Your niche must be Attracting:

It is must, that your niche have some people searching for that, and you are getting views on them. Your channels niche must have to attract the audience in order to generate sales and to make money.

Well, this condition was the same like AdSense because in order to drive visitors to your Affiliate’s website your content must attract visitors.

Your Content will not look like an advertisement:

The video you are going to make to promote the Affiliate product will not look like a typical advertisement for that product. You must have to win the audience’s  trust and have to make them feel like you are personally recommending the product to them.

Tell them about your experience with that product, and why should they purchase the product. You must have to give them a reason to buy that product.

Also, let them know about How the product you are going to sell them is better than other similar products on the internet.

Pros of using Affiliate Marketing instead of AdSense:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of products according to your Channel’s niche.
  • You can drive a lot of sales if you are using correct Affiliate Marketing tactics.
  • No worry of getting your Monetization feature disabled by the YouTube team.
  • By using correct Marketing strategies, you can earn even more than you were earning from AdSense through your videos.

It’s your turn now:

AdSense is not the end of the world. If you are honest with your work, then there are thousands of methods to try which can make even more profit than AdSense.

Try to build your Channel and its audience first, by uploading quality content. Because, you can try any Monetization method for your YouTube channel if your channel contains quality and helpful content and your channel’s subscribers love to watch videos from you.

Now it’s your turn to make this blog post more informative and more useful by sharing your experience with others.

No Matter, if you have nothing to share. Just say me a Hi! And I will be happy to reply you.

Because, I love to hear from my readers and to connect with them. 🙂

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  3. Youtube is one of the best ways of making money from your contents,its even more profitable than domain blogging because you dont really need much of seo,hosting etc.

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  4. Very nice information. i were disappointed after disable my adsense monetization.

  5. Thanks a lot man! I haven’t tried it out yet, but will…..Very informative and kind of you to share

  6. Dear Bro Very informative Article
    i have a islamic channel 20k subs
    But my Channel Monetization is Permanently Disable
    135 videos
    Now please guid me easy way
    i am thankful to you

  7. It was really great and very interesting one.I hope it will very useful for who all are looking to earn money on online.Thankyou.

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    I love the way you explain every single thing so carefully and in details. Helped a lot! Keep the hard work up ❤

  14. Hey sir, thank u so so so much for sharing this information ???my only question is,. How can we earn by advertising a product in our vedio? I mean , do we have to first contact the product seller first, and tell them that, I gonna advertise ur product, and make contract with them , then they will pay u right??????
    And yeah thx again !!

  15. Assalam o alaikum
    I have many dollars in estimated revenue in youtube and i have approved adsense. And monitize my videos but cant open adsensr or login at adsense so how can i login ? Please help me
    I install goofle adsense app but it says no active adsense account found !
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  19. Hi, Umair

    First of all i would like to say thank for this great post…
    This post is beneficial for me, because in our country Youtube monitization is not available.

    This your post is very useful for me as well all others…
    Thank you so much…

    • Hi! Satya, Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words of Appreciation. This works best for the Youtubers living in countries where monetization is not available or if any of them have lost the monetization feature in their youtube channel.

      Although this method also works best even if used with monetization and Once can increase his earnings by implementing this method.

      Thanks again for visiting 🙂 Happy to see you again!

      ~ Umair Akram

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