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13 Profitable Money Making Ideas for University Students

Are you a student?

Do you want to make some extra money to fulfill your educational needs?

Do you know that Thousands of students are making money online and paying their education dues just by working 3-4 hours a day from home!

It sounds interesting? Yes! It must be.

You will definitely ask a question “But, How?”

Yes, I have the answer. In this article, I am going to tell you 13 awesome money making ideas by which you can make enough money online working from home to pay your college dues and also some for your other needs also.

Money Making ideas to Earn Money online

Remember, There are thousands of scams on the internet, Claiming to tell you how to make 10,000$ on the internet in a single night working from home. Never ever got trapped to those scammers, They have nothing to show you and they will just ask you for several bucks and ran away after taking your money.

Just think about it that why would someone share his secret of making thousands of dollars online just for some hundred dollars? It doesn’t make any sense.

Can I really Make Money Online by Working from Home?

It seems impossible? using it’s possible and it’s easy too. Earning money Working from home is not impossible and even not too difficult if you know the right path and have enough knowledge about “How to take a start?”. By following these below-listed money making ideas, you can make a handsome amount of money online working part time.

It’s possible to make money from internet and thousands of people are earning money working from their living rooms. But, It’s not a get rich quick scheme and you can never make thousands of bucks on the very first day. You have to work hard and have to be patient if you really want to make money online.

“There are no elevators to success, You have to take the stairs” -: Zig Ziglar

Today I am not going to discuss building a complete business online and becoming a top influencer & entrepreneur online. Our aim in today’s post will be to make quick and fast money from the internet doing the minimum effort. Because, my today’s article is mainly for students and housewives who just want to make some extra income to fulfill their needs.

So Let’s get towards the topic and start with the first way to make money online.

1.) Write E-books:

This method is getting popular day by day among the youngsters who have a good knowledge about a specific topic and have some great writing skills also. You can write e-books on different topics on which you love to write.

This method is good if you knows a lot about any specific topic and have an ability to transfer your knowledge to others through your words. This method can help you making a quite pretty income online. As many of the college and university, students were earning money by this method.

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You can either write an e-book and sell it on Amazon or similar websites, or you can also market and sell your e-book on your personal blog/website.

The content of your e-book must have to be useful and unique if you want to make more sales. Remember, to write on a topic which is popular enough so it can attract some buyers in order to make some sales.

2.) Write Articles:

This can be an alternative if you can write good content but not willing to spend time writing an e-book and then selling it. You can also write articles about different topics if you believe that you can write unique and helpful content on a specific topic.

When you have written an article you can either publish it on sites like HubSpot etc. They put ads on your article and give you a share of the revenue they are making by monetizing your content.

You can also get direct customers through freelancing websites like odesk and fiverr. If you are willing to work as an article writer then I recommend to use fiverr. Because fiverr can be a good platform for these types of micro jobs.

The Price range for each article depends on the length and the niche of the article. You can charge 5-20 dollars for each article of 500 words and can charge 15 dollar extra for another 500 words making it a total of 1000 words article. Always try to make quality content which is totally unique in order to attract more buyers and to make more money.

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Some writers were making more than 1000$ per month by this method but, keep in mind that all that is possible after gaining the buyers trust.

3.) Working as an Online Tutor:

If you are an undergraduate student, You can also make money by offering tuitions to students of junior classes online.  You can choose a subject which you loves to study or at least doesn’t hate that subject.

You can give either one-to-one sessions or teaching a few students of the same class at once. This will also save your time spent on teaching. You can use skype or other similar services to teach students online.

Online tuitions cost may vary upon the class, subject and hours required in a week. You can charge 30-35$ per student for a total of 4 hours per week for a junior standard student and 70-80$ for a high school level student for a total of 5-6 hours per week.

By this method, you can make 350-450 dollars approximately if you are successful in getting just 4 high school level and 4  junior level students.

4.) Earning Money as a Website Designer:

If you have some Basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and Photoshop then you can earn money online by working as a Website designer. You can make a good profit by offering your services on freelancing websites.

Don’t worry even if you are not an expert web designer. You can just do jobs of simple landing pages to static websites which are offered by some small budget companies. Many small business owners were looking for some part-time website designers to get their work done at a low cost, compared to professionals.

By doing this, you can earn up to 150-200 Dollars without having expert skills. If you are an expert designer then you can earn more than 800 dollars by working from home.

5.) Making Money on YouTube:

Yeah, You’ve read it correct! You can make money on youtube. Some Vloggers were making thousands of dollars by sharing videos on youtube.

YouTube is a video sharing platform where users can share their videos and share them with the global audience or their friends and family. But it’s not only just a site for video sharing. If you have a content which can attract a lot of traffic then you can ask youtube to put ads on your content.

Then YouTube will share some percentage of the revenue generated from ads shown on your video.

But, It’s not as simple as it seems. You have to make quality Visual content to attract users to your content and your content’s niche must getting enough search traffic to make some bucks. But If you can create high-quality visual content and have enough patience to let things happen, You can make pretty good amount working from home from YouTube.

I will create a complete guide about How to make money on YouTube for you guys in upcoming days.

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6.) Earn Money with Blogging:

If you don’t have enough skills to create visual content but can write helpful and interesting articles then you can start a blog and make money by monetizing your content. Many bloggers were earning a complete living as a blogger and making a lifetime income from their blogs. Although it’s not so easy to earn a complete living from blogging as a newbie blogger. But, you can make enough money to fulfill your study needs working as a part time blogger.

I have published a complete guide about How to make money with a blog in the last days. You can read that Guide to understanding the process completely if you are interested.

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The content you are going to publish on your blog must be interesting and unique. It’s nearly impossible to make money with a blog by copying content from other blogs.

Also, You have to be patient during your blogging journey because it doesn’t make you a millionaire overnight and you cannot make thousands of dollars from the very first day. It can take up to 5-6 months for a blog to generate some money.

You can earn through a blog by putting advertisements along your articles. The advertisers will pay you money for those ads. The different advertiser will pay you on different strategies like some will pay you per month, Some will pay you some bucks for each click or on each thousands impression.

7.) Earning Money as a Freelancer:

If doesn’t want to wait months or even years before you make money online. You can just go with freelancing if you have some skills. You can offer nearly any type of skills to the clients Because there is every type of clients who are looking for different types of freelancers.

For example If you are good at writing, You can offer your writing services. If you are good at a specific subject you can offer a consultancy for that subject. If someone knows much about Programming (Like mostly Software engineering students know) they can offer their help in programming a software.

You have to create a freelancer profile on a freelancing website before you will be get hired by different peoples. There are many different freelancing websites like etc. It’s better to create profiles on 4-5 freelancing websites to boost the chances of getting hired.

8.) Create and Sell Courses Online:

It’s just another way to make money from the internet which is getting popular day by day.

You can create courses about any topic you find interesting and sell them online. This can help you making a good amount of money on the internet.

It doesn’t require any advanced level skills for a startup. You can create courses about anything which you can teach effectively. It can be about different topics like Hypnotism, Self Building, Self-motivation.

You can also create and sell courses about any specific software like about Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Dream Weaver or nearly any software which you think users find difficult to use.

You can create your courses in Audio/Visual or in Written format and can sell them on the internet. You can sell Text based courses on Amazon or similar websites. Video courses can also be sold on Amazon but for Video courses I would recommend selling them on

Udemy is an online marketplace for different types of tutorials and course online. People who want to buy those courses pay the course price to udemy, which they transfer in your account after deducting a small amount from them.

You can sell your courses at different prices based on the topic which course is about. You can charge 15-35 Dollar per student for your course. By this method, you can make 600-1000 dollar in a month if you just get 15-20 students involved in a month.

9.) Working as a Graphics Designer:

If you have some good skills at Photoshop and Corel Draw, You can make money by working as a graphics designer. This method can help you make a lot of money by working from home.

You just need some good knowledge about designing graphics with Adobe photoshop and Corel Draw. There are thousands of Courses available about this software on the internet for free. If you don’t know much about that software just go and download some video tutorials available on youtube and learn from them.

You have to do effort for some 15-20 days learning how to use this software. When you have enough knowledge and can create good graphics, You can offer your graphic designing services to the clients from all over the world.

You can use Social Media websites for the promotion and also offer your services at Fiverr to boost your sales. Jobs are mostly easy, like designing a business card, flyer or a book cover.

You can make hundreds of dollars with your skills and creativity just by playing with colors and vectors.

10.) Make Money as an SEO Expert:

If you are blogging being a student, then you are familiar with the term SEO. Also, you have some great knowledge about Search engine optimization.

You can make money by offering that knowledge to other newbies and helping them to rank higher in google and other search engines.

You just have to increase your knowledge about SEO and then you are ready to sell your services as an SEO consultant to the newbies and others who are finding difficulties in improving their sites Search engine visibility.

Believe me, it just takes 2 months for you to learn SEO and improving your SEO skills. There are thousands of articles and videos available for you to get help. Even I have a lot of content for you to read and learn new things.

You can make more than 300 Dollars per month being a Search Engine Optimizer or an SEO consultant.

11.) Selling Photos Online:

You can earn money on the internet just by selling your hobby or your passion. If you are a photographer you can do this by selling those awesome pics who you have just blocked in your hard drive or Camera. This will also help you getting some fame as a photographer and put some dollars in your pocket too.

You can sell your photos on different stock photo selling websites which will share the revenue they will make by selling your photos.

You also don’t have to worry that your photos will be copied and used by others without purchasing. Those stock image websites have Copyrights protected and they will protect your photos from unauthorized used.

You can sell each photo for more than 5 dollars and by making 20-30 sales per month, you can earn up to 150-200 dollars just by selling those photos.

You can sell your work on Shutterstock, Fotolia or other similar websites.

12.) Sell reviews and Testimonials:

Yes! Maybe it sounds weird, But it is true and you can make some part-time income by doing this. You can sell your precious words for some dollars. You just have to write or record a video testimonial for a company about their product and they will pay you some bucks in exchange of that.

They will use your testimonial to attract more customers by showing the previous customers trust them. I know it may be blackhat but for them, not for you.

You can use Fiverr, fiverup or gigbucks to offer your video testimonial service. Just try your best to make your gig more trustable and good looking. Put all the necessary information in your gig explaining every detail and your past experience (if any) in the related service.

Creating A gig is the most important step of your earning as a freelancer. So try to make it unique and trustable. You have to catch the eye of a buyer with the title and have to win the buyers trust in those 800-1200 words description.

By selling those video testimonials, you can charge 5-15$ for each testimonial you make. You can also offer extras like narrating the given script, Narrating a script of 1000 words or increasing the duration of your testimonial for several extra bucks.

13.) Recording Voice-Overs:

If you can narrate scripts effectively, then you should go with this method. You can earn money by recording voice overs for the customers videos. You can charge them 10$-50$ based on the length of the script you have to narrate.

Try to narrate like a professional. You have to fine tune your speaking skills in order to make more money with this method.

You can offer your narration and voice over services on fiverup, gigbucks or on Fiverr. I recommend to create gigs on all three web sites So you can drive more sales and make more money.

Always try to provide the best service and try your best to satisfy your customer. Be patient and Keep going on the stairs of success by doing consistent hard work.

Always try to make your job beautiful, This will make the buyer love your work and turn them into returning customers.

Bonus Content:

Here to get some bonus content for this post? Yes I, will surely provide it to you. But it’s not me who is going to add more content in this post. I am about to reach 3000 words, Now it’s your turn to add the value into this blog post by expressing your beautiful words in the comments section.

Have Nothing to say?

No Problem buddy. Appreciation is the best thing for a writer, you can give the reward of such free content. Just let me know what you think about this blog and my writing skills? Do my posts help you or not? Or any suggestions? Or Just Say me a Hi! I will happy to expand connections with my loyal readers. 🙂

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