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19 Blogging Tips That will Change your Blogging Forever

Blogging tips that will Change your Blogging Forever

Do you want to improve your blogging skills? Yes? Good! You should have to improve because being a blogger, if you can’t improve every day you will be out of the market soon. Every blogger has to improve with this consistently changing game, even pro bloggers have to improve. But, how and where I should work on? This is one of the most embarrassing questions which frustrate mostly bloggers. Blogging is a game of constant challenges; this teaches you how to accept new challenges and ... Read More »

Want to get more Followers on Twitter? – But Why?

Why we want to Get more Followers on Twitter? When just Traffic Matters

So, you want to get more followers on your Twitter handle… Am I right? I think, yes! Okay, But I want to ask you a question? “Why you want to get more followers on twitter?” Is this your prime focus? Is this is what you want to get more twitter? Can you grow your blog, having tons of twitter followers and just several visits daily on your blog? Obviously, No! Then why you are looking for tips to grow your twitter followers? Because you think ... Read More »

Get more Followers on Twitter – The Bible of Twitter Marketing

The Complete Twitter Marketing Guide by Umair Akram

So, You want to grow your Twitter followers? Right?…. Yeah! Why not, you have to grow them and this will also increase the number of traffic to your blog from Twitter. But wait! I want to bust a Myth mostly bloggers and content marketers have about Twitter marketing that “The more people follows you, The more number of people interacts with your tweets” That is just a Myth, it never works. To drive traffic and generate leads from twitter, followers are not the only thing ... Read More »

What is Social Media Marketing strategy and How to create it?

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Not much familiar with the term “Marketing Strategy”? Want to create a Marketing Strategy for your business but don’t even know how to create one? Not a problem at all. I will guide you with all steps of creating a profitable Marketing strategy for your business. But first, let’s learn about “What a Marketing Strategy actually is?” What is a Marketing Strategy? Marketing strategy is a plan to achieve some objectives with the minimum possible budget and the maximum Return of investment (ROI). As this ... Read More »

Secret Trick to Make Money on Youtube without Adsense

Feature image for Make Money on youtube without adsense

Are you a Youtuber? Have you ever faced the temporarily disabled monetization by YouTube? Or Your YouTube channel have a lot of videos, but you have lost the ability to monetize your videos. Do You know that you can still make money from YouTube videos, even if your channel is not eligible for monetization? But How? In this post, I am going to show you a method by which you can make money from YouTube videos without using the monetization feature. OR You can also ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes