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5 Things You Should Never Do as a Blogger

Here are the 5 Secrets to Prevent your blog from failure. Never do these 5 Things if you want to make your Blog Grow

Every Person who jumped into blogging has to face some Problems and Also go with some mistakes that lead him towards failure and creates a problem in Growth of his blog. Nearly Every Newbie Blogger (Even Me too) have done some mistakes while his blogger journey. Doing mistakes is a part of Life and it’s not a bad thing Because everybody Learns from mistakes. The Worst Part is that if you don’t Learn anything from your mistakes. I like a Quote by an Unknown Author ... Read More »

How to Write an Eye Catching and SEO Friendly Blog Post

Secret tricks to write amazing and awesome blog post in minutes which attracts thousands of readers

It can be quite hard for new bloggers to keep their blog updated and to write new and Attractive content for their Readers. So I have decided to write some effective methods by which you can write a good and eye-catching blog post. You can Write an Awesome and SEO friendly Blog post within minutes, using these simple tips about Write an Awesome and SEO Friendly Blog. Writing good content is the most common desire which can be seen in Every Blogger’s mind. So the ... Read More »

7 Best SEO Practices to Boost your Website Traffic by 300%

Best SEO Tactics to Improve your Blog's Traffic by 300%

Today SEO is going to be more difficult every day and you have to accept all the Conditions imposed by Search Engines to rank higher in their Results. The biggest Question which is on the tongue of every New and old blogger is How to Increase my Blog’s Traffic. So I have decided to write a quite unique Article which will help you to increase your blog’s Traffic by 300% and you will also be able to Rank Higher in search Engines. SEO Tricks are ... Read More »

9 Reasons Why Newbie Bloggers Fail & How to Beat them?

10 Shocking and Most Common Reasons Why Newbie bloggers fail in blogging and end up quitting their journey

Blogging is not always easy as eating a cupcake and even not difficult as Rocket Science. If you know the right way and have dreams and passion to do something, then you can definitely achieve what you want. But some teenagers think that blogging is just a Get Rich Overnight scheme, believe me, its not. You must have a lot of patience and a hunger to become a successful person. Without those things, it can be very hard to stay as a blogger. Unfortunately, Many young boys ... Read More »

2 Free Plugins to Make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

2 Free Plugins to make Your Wordpress Blog mobile friendly to get Higher Rank in Google

The internet is Improving day by day and our blogs will also have to improve to compete in this race of a better internet. The Technology is improving and Now many people are using Smart Phones and tablets rather than PC’s and Laptops. So that’s the reason behind why our blog’s will have to be mobile friendly if we want a good number of readership on the internet. A Great piece of a blog post cannot do anything if it cannot be read by the ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes