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Impacts of Blogging on your Lifestyle (Amazing Facts)

Read the Top Interesting Ways about How Blogging affects your lifestyle and How your attitude is changed being a Blogger

Do you know? Being a blogger Passionate or Professional can also affect your Lifestyle. Feeling amazed? Let me clarify it more for you to understand easily. Blogging has a lot of Positive effects on your daily life. Along with some Pros, there is also some cons. Blogging definitely has the same. But today we will mainly focus about the good things ;-). I will let you know about the positive effects blogging could put in your daily life. Being a blogger, Your thinking style, and The ... Read More »

How to Increase CTR and CPC of your Adsense Account?

Give your Adsense Earnings a boost by Increasing CPC and CTR by these Tricks

Are you using Google Adsense to Monetize your blog? Are you getting disappointed by Low CPC or Low CTR in your Adsense Account? If Yes, Then I have the answer about how to recover and improve the CTR and CPC of your Adsense Account. You can follow these Simple Tips which I am also using on this blog. To Maintain your blog’s CPC and CTR. Improving these two things also increase your Adsense earnings and you can put more pennies in your pocket by blogging. ... Read More »

6 Practically Working Tips to Build a Loyal Readership

Do you want to learn those 6 Methods Pro Bloggers use to build a Loyal Readership for their blogs.

Are you a Blogger? Do You want to Build a Readership for your blog? But Don’t Know how? You are at the right place then. I am going to share 6 Practically Effective tips which works and helps you out in building a loyal and Active readership for your blog. Readership is the most necessary pillar of a blog, They let your content spread over the internet and helps you getting more Traffic. A Loyal readership also helps you in making more affiliate sales and ... Read More »

Top 6 Killer Ways to Monetize your Blog for Maximum Earnings

6 Most effective and killer ways to Monetize your blog and to Make money blogging. Also use these to boost your blog earnings

Nearly Every Blogger wants to Monetize their blog to earn some bucks from their blog. Even earning some bucks from your blog is not a sin. But How To Monetize your Blog for better earnings? Nearly all the newbie bloggers rely on Google Adsense for the Monetization of their Blogs. But Due to strict Adsense policies they might fail to get their Adsense Account approved  and some of them Quit their blogging journey just because they get disappointed by their Adsense Application Rejection. Even It ... Read More »

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Rank Higher in Google SERP’s

Top Ten Free Best Wordpress Plugins to rank higher in search results in Google SERP's

Are you using WordPress as a Blogging Platform for you blog? If yes, Then you have definitely searched for some best SEO Plugins for your WordPress blog. I have also done the same when I am new to WordPress and blogging, but I was unable to find some trustworthy tools that can improve the SEO of my blog. After spending a couple of years blogging on WordPress blog, I have found some plugins which perform’s best to improve the Search Engine Ranking of your WordPress ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes