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Getting No Traffic on your Blog? Read What to do Next

If you are getting no traffic on your blog? Don't be sad, Don't quit your blogging journey just because of this reason. Read here

Is blogging making you Disappointed because of no Traffic? and Don’t Know How to Get rid of those Stress and Disappointment? Mostly It happens if there is No Traffic on your Blog. Getting Low traffic or Zero on your Blog is a part of your Blogging Journey. You have to manage with all ups and downs  during blogging. Blogging is not just a journey of all good things, there maybe some bad things happen too, which can make you feel disappointed and tend you to ... Read More »

Secret Tricks to get Google Adsense Approved in 2015 Quickly

AdSense is one of the most famous ad serving network in Bloggers. Nearly Every blogger who wants to earn some money from their blog, want to use AdSense Ads on their blog to monetize it. But Due to strict policies implemented by Google on getting an AdSense account approved, Make’s it hard to get an AdSense account for your blog. Many of my Friends asked me about how to Get your AdSense Account Approved Quickly. So rather than telling each of them separately, I have ... Read More »

How to Speed up your WordPress Blog Page load time 2015

The Page load Speed is an important Ranking Factor in Search Engine Optimization. If your Blog load’s faster and it takes a short time to load, Then there are more chances to be ranked high in Search Results. Search Engines does not rank that website or blog high in their results, which takes too much time to load. WordPress is a quite good platform for blogging. The biggest advantage is that you can extend your limitations by Using Different plugins in your WordPress Installation. These ... Read More »

How to Recover from Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Easily?

Learn How-to Recover from the Google's New Mobile FRiendly update known as Mobilegeddon in easy steps.

Recently Google announced a new Mobile friendly Update. By that Update, Google promises to uproot all that domains that were not mobile friendly. Yeah I know that this News make some bloggers feel bad. Because there is a massive traffic loss to their blogs along with thousands of blogs over the internet. But Why not to face the Challenge given by Google to all of us? I am not Sad by this update from Google, even I am Happy. Because Google has given us an ... Read More »

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Starting my First Blog

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام وعلیک یا باب الحوائج ادرکنی Starting with the Name of Allah, The One Who Created us, Who make us able to do something and who have control on the Whole World & also the more Worlds like this one. By the grace of the Allah Almighty, I am able to start this blog as the first blog of my Professional Blogging Career. My Name is Umair Akram and I want to Help my Fellow Bloggers and the Newbie’s in blogging ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes