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10 Must Read Problogger Secrets to Make More Money with a Blog

Are you planning to monetize your blog?

You are thinking of making money from your blog. Am I right?

I think it’s a Yes!  Yeah Why not go ahead, it’s good to put some dollars in your pocket from your blog and why not, you are providing content for free from a long time.

But Wait… Does it seem easy?

Definitely it’s easy but only if you know the right path to get maximum results and also maximum money.11 Unknown Secrets Pro Bloggers Use to Make Money online

There is a different way to monetize every different kind of blog. Maybe the way you going to monetize can make some money but it’s not the number what you actually can make with the same blog, and even with the same traffic.

Sounds weird but interesting? Let me explain it more clearly,

Many blogs or website which are still making money for their owners, can perform even better if their owners research & implement the right strategies and techniques to monetize their blogs.

Believe me they can earn 45% more than what they were currently earning!

But, what’s the right strategy and How to find the right way to monetize a blog?

If the question above strikes in your mind, then you are at the right place. Today I will reveal 11 Tips you should follow to earn maximum money from your blog and not lose even a single penny.

These tips will help to get maximum performance with your blog and also in boosting your blog’s growth.

Now, what you should have to read before you start monetizing your blog and making money from it.

1. Craft a Great Blog Design:

Have you ever noticed an authority blog, which is making thousands of dollars? The must thing all the blogs have been a great and clean template. If you are planning to make some money with your blog, then first audit your blog’s template.

Your blog’s template must be clean, sleek and should look pretty to the visitor. It must be feature enriched, but should not look nasty and ugly.

But, how a blog design can affect your earnings?

You might also have this question in your mind, like most readers. Let me explain the answer. This is a quite simple strategy of winning the visitors trust and converting a visitor to a returning visitor.

When a person visits your blog, the first opportunity to impress him was with the design. If the design is clean, sleek and the content on your blog was easy to read He will definitely love to read from your blog.

If He was welcomed with a nasty and badly organized blog, where He faces difficulties while reading, He left your blog with disappointment and will never come back. This can be the worst turn for a blog.

To avoid this, you have to craft a well-organized blog with a clean and sleek look, which appeals and catch the attention of your reader.

2. Make exploring your blog an easy task:

The Second best thing you have to do with your blog if you are serious about making some money with a blog is to make it easy to explore. If a reader finds your blog easy to read and navigate. He will definitely spend time exploring content around your blog.

The more a reader explores the more attention you can get on your Affiliate links and products.

Let me explain you how?

Most bloggers put their Affiliate links in their blog posts. Even some also place them in sidebars, but the in-content links perform better.

When a visitor lands on your blog post from a Search engine or from Social media. He starts reading your content. But He doesn’t want to buy the related product you have linked to. If your blog has an easy navigation and also some related posts after the content.

The chances are that He will read another blog post. Maybe He decides to buy the product you have linked in your next blog post. When He buys the product with your affiliate link, then you will generate money.

In short words, Try to make an easily navigable blog with strong internal linking.

This helps you in some more ways also:

If your blog have an easy to use navigation and it is internally linked well. It will be also loved by AdSense’s Review team and the Direct Advertisers. As I have previously discussed that the first thing a visitor sees on your blog is its appearance.

So, it will help you getting advertisers for your blog and also in getting your AdSense application approved easily, which is a dream for every newbie blogger and a very famous Monetization method among newbie’s.

3. Don’t Stuff your blog with Ads:

The more beautiful it looks, the more people love it.

This is what I am trying to explain you. Remember one thing, too many Ad’s never performs well even if you are monetizing only with Pay per click (PPC) Advertising. Placing few Ads’ on targeted locations can be more profitable rather placing many ads on useless locations.

It also ruins your blog’s impression on the reader if your reader found your blog just an Advertising board and will never come back to find some content. This will ruin all the hard work you have done while creating your blog & content.

Because too many ad’s looks ugly and dilutes the helpful content of your blog. So, avoid using too many ads on your blog. Research for the best locations to place them, by this technique, you can get same results similar to 5 ad units on a page with just 3 ad units on the same page.

Blog’s which have above the fold ad’s which are hiding the content from the reader got penalized by Google Phantom 2. Because there is no content above the fold. It hurts your Search Engine ranking and User Experience badly. Thus stops your blog’s growth.

My Recommendations:

I personally recommend you to avoid placing too many ads on your blog. If you are solely using Google AdSense, you can just put 3 Ad Units on a single page. I recommend researching for the best placement for those ad units to get maximum benefit from those ads.

You can use heat maps which show mostly clicked areas of a blog. Even AdSense’s Team also recommends using single but larger ad unit instead of using two but smaller ad units.

4.Don’t try to run too fast:

It’s a truth that, Blogging have a potential of making thousands of dollars. But blogging can make it happen in a single night, it’s nothing more than just a myth.

Blogging cannot make you rich overnight and will never put thousands of dollars the second day after the start of your blog. If you are dreaming of making it happen, then you are just wasting your time blogging and even reading this blog post.

If you want to make money with a blog, you have to learn to be patient. You have to work hard building your blog. It can take months even years before you make money with a blog.

Every achievement has a price and you have to pay it.

If you want to become a doctor, you have to pay the price.

If you want to become a successful blogger and an entrepreneur, you have to pay its price.

That was spending hours and hours doing work, sitting in front of your laptop. Brainstorming thousands of ideas and improving your writing skills, and also a great patience.

I am not trying to make you scare of blogging; I am trying to make you aware about blogging and want to clear all the myths people have in their mind about bloggers.

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What I recommend to you:

I have some honest advises for you to follow if you really want to become a successful blogger.

  • Be patient with blogging.
  • Always be consistent with your blog
  • Don’t expect too much in a very short time. It can make you disappointed because sometimes things won’t happen like what you are thinking.
  • Focus on building your blog not on getting thousands of visits and making money, for the initial months.

5. Make Strong connection with your readers:

This is one of the secret strategy used pro bloggers nowadays. Pro bloggers always focus on building a relation with their readers and this thing lead their blog’s towards success. If you want to skyrocket your blog’s growth, you should also have to focus this.

Try to create a relationship with your readers. If they like you, they will definitely visit your blog and read your posts.

But the Question is “How to make a relation with readers?”

I will surely answer it for you, Let me answer:

First of all you should have to know what your readers want from you. Because if you are able to provide them what they want from you, they will surely love you and follows you.

Your blog readers always want you, to help them. They will read your blog posts if they know that you will help them if they got stuck with anything.

The best way to build a relationship with them is to be always helpful for your readers. Give them a medium by which they can get in touch with you. I am not asking to share your phone number with them, or to answer all of them separately on social media.

You can do this by replying to the comments they left on your blog. If any person left a question or anything on your blog and want your help, always try to explain the answer clearly.

Another practice to engage users in your blog posts and be connected with them was ending your blog posts with a call to action. Sometimes a user want to interact with your blog posts but He actually don’t know what to do, and He leaves your blog after reading the content.

You can ask him to left a comment if He needs your help in any matter and also let him know that He can get in touch with you by using your contact page.

Not always provide paid products to your blog readers, Serve them with some useful freebies also. This will help you creating a stronger bond between you and your blog reader and also gains the trust of your reader.

But, how building connection with your readers can actually help in making more money?

There is a famous quote by Zig Ziglar “If people like you, they will listen to you. But if they trust they’ll do business with you.”

That defines the need of building relation with your reader.

You have to win the trust of your blog reader. When a reader trusts you, He will definitely buy and use products which you recommend. This will help you become a good Affiliate Marketer.

Never ever recommend a cheap product to your readers, even if they are offering you higher commissions. Because if you lost the trust once, it cannot be built again at any cost.

Don’t ruin your business trust for just a few hundred bucks. If readers trust you, you can make thousands of dollars selling useful products to them.

6. Focus on Conversion rates:

The conversion rate is the backbone of a blog. If you can turn a visitor to a subscriber on your blog, it’s easy to convert it from a subscriber into a customer. This is one of the secrets pro bloggers use to make money with their blogs.

They focus on converting visitors into returning visitors and then into subscribers. As their e-mail list expands, they have a large number of interest based people who trust them.

Then the only thing they have to do with their subscribers is to throw a call to action and start making sales & revenue.

Having thousands of visitors on your blog cannot make money for you till you have a good conversion rate. Maybe it can make some dollars for you, but it’s not the actual income you can make with the same traffic by focusing & improving your blog’s conversion rate.

But Why I need to focus on Conversion rates?

Good Question buddy!

Conversion rates are important for a blog to sale a product. No matter whether it is your own product or you are promoting an Affiliate product. To explain more, we will take the example of a blog “x” having a total of 1000 unique visits per month.

Unique visits per month: 1000 visits

Conversion rate: 3% = 30 Subscribers

If the owner of the “x” blog sends an email to his subscriber for the promotion of a product.

E-mails sent to 30 people.

8% subscribers are interested in that product and buy from his affiliate link.

Total sales will be: 2.4 Sales

Commission per sale:  35 $

Total commission earned from 1000 visitors @ 3% Conv Rate: 84 $

If we use some effective strategies to improve the conversion rate of the same blog. We can improve the Conversion rate to 25%. Let’s check the same statistics with the improved conversion rate.

Unique visits per month: 1000 visits

Conversion rate: 25% = 250 Subscribers

Again, If the owner of the “x” blog sends an email to his subscribers for the promotion of a product.

E-mails sent to 250 Peoples.

And again, 8% subscribers are interested in that product and buy from his affiliate link.

Total sales will be: 20 Sales

Commission per sale:  35 $

Total commission earned from 1000 visitors @ 25% Conv Rate: 700 $

In the above example, we have boosted our revenue to 800% approximately and made another 616$ with the same traffic, just by focusing on improving the conversion rate. We are losing these 616$ in the past, just because of low conversion rate.

That’s why a Conversion rate is very important for a blog.

Maybe, you are thinking about “How to get subscribers for a blog?”

Let me explain,

Subscribers are people who share their email addresses with you, to get notifications and updates from your blog.

If you want to increase your subscribers list, here are some effective tips for you:

  • Use subscriber form, to get subscribers.
  • Find the best placement for your subscriber form. You can put it in the sidebar of your blog or can use an opt-in to show a dialog box requesting a subscription.
  • Opt-in tools can dramatically improve the subscriber rate of your blog.
  • You can offer them freebies sent directly into their email accounts. Ask them for their emails and then send them the freebie you have offered to them.

P.S: If you are offering freebies to your readers, your product which you are offering must be related to your blog’s niche.

7. Never promote Cheap and Low-quality products:

That’s what we have also discussed in the previous points. But due to its importance and its role in maximizing your revenue, it should have to be discussed in detail.

Never ever promote cheap and low-quality products on your blog. Because they badly hurt the trust of the readers on your blog. Always try to recommend the best products, which worth’s spending money to your readers.

Don’t ever prioritize Revenue over your reader’s trust. Trust is one of the most precious and powerful things you can earn with your blog. If people trust you, then there are thousands of ways to make money recommending good and useful products to your readers.

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But if you have lost your readers trust, then there is no way to get the same trust level back. It is possible to gain trust again, but the value of the trust will never be the same as the past.

You can probably generate sales and money for a couple of initial months, by promoting low-quality products. But once the customer realized the quality of the recommended product. They will never ever come back to your blog and you will lose a returning, buyer. Thus, you cannot make a single sale with your blog.

8. Never Try to Trick your Readers:

A Reader is a pillar which makes your blog grows and makes it strong enough to earn money. So don’t ever think about to cheat your reader. If you are unfair with your reader, you are non-serious about your blogging journey; in fact you were killing your blog yourself.

If you write a review about a product for which you are going to be paid or you are using your affiliate link to earn some commission for each sale you make. Be fair and write all the pros and cons of that particular product. Don’t try to cheat your readers by writing only the pros of the product and hiding all the cons.

If you behave fair with your blog readers, believe me, you can drive more sales. Because you have won the trust of your reader, and He will definitely buy that product if you advise him to buy.

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A Blogger must always be fair with its readership and tell them the truth. Never favors a product even if He was getting paid for that. That’s the real meaning of the word “Blogging” Near to me.

I will never ever recommend you to make money from cheap and unfair techniques and strategies. There may be hundreds of companies ready to pay you money to promote their low grade and useless products. But you don’t have to show a greedy behavior and ignore those products.

You should go with only those useful products that worth spending money.

9. Go with the Best Monetization method:

Every monetization method is not for every blog. There is a different monetization method that performs best for each particular blog, which is based on the niche, the source of traffic, the blog design and the traffic stats.

If your blog’s traffic was mostly coming from Asian Countries, then using only U.S based affiliates won’t make money for you. Affiliates from Asia can perform even better on that blog.

Similarly, If you blog’s about fashion and clothing, then monetizing your blog with Ads of Sports goodies is completely useless. They won’t perform better even if they are paying a 2x more CPC than the fashion related advertisers.

That’s why you should have to wisely choose the best monetization way to make money from your blog. If you are monetizing with the best method, you can make up to 3 times more money than other bloggers having same traffic, using formal methods.

Sometimes PPC performs best and sometimes Affiliate marketing can make more money for you.

So, I recommend to think about it a while and don’t use too many ways of monetization on a single blog. This can make your blog look ugly. I recommend to just use 1, 2 monetization methods at a time.

10. Always use correct Marketing Strategies:

A well-written and useful content is useless without implementing the correct marketing strategies. You can’t earn even a single penny if nobody knows that your blog can help them.

Can’t get the point? Let me explain further.

There is no sense of having useful content on your blog about different topics if you are not marketing your content to the targeted audience. You can’t get visitors on your blog if the search engines don’t know what content you have on your blog.

Content needs marketing, and you should have to use correct marketing strategies to get a wider audience for your content.

Correctly configure your on-page SEO. SEO is one of the most powerful ways to market your content and to drive traffic to your blog. If you want to make money with your blog, you have to rank on a good position in the search engines. I agree with you that you can make money with traffic from social media only. But in that case, you are losing a lot of money which you can make with traffic from search engines.

That’s why you have to learn SEO and to implement the correct SEO techniques on your blog.

Along with Search Engine traffic, Social Media is also a good medium to drive traffic to your blog. Many bloggers neglect the power of social media and focus only on ranking higher in search engines.

Maybe they can drive thousands of visitors on their blogs through search engines. But what about those hundreds of views they are missing just because of no presence on Social media sites.

That’s why you should have to focus on all type of marketing strategies which can help you drive traffic to your blog and use the best one for that purpose.

Pro Bloggers always use the best marketing strategies to market their content over the internet. They guest blog on other niche related blogs. Which gives them exposure in front of a wider audience; they make their on-page SEO strong in order to rank higher in search engines.

If you want to make your blog grow, you should have to do well with all the marketing strategies, including Social media marketing, Search Engine optimization, building connections with similar niche blog owners.

Final words, Your Turn Now!

I think I’ve discussed this topic enough to make you understand the important secrets pro bloggers are using to make money with their blogs. I have still crossed 3500 words. The sole purpose behind writing this blog post is to guide my fellow bloggers with the best money making techniques by which you can earn fair income without hurting your readers trust.

Remember one thing; placing ads on your blog is not the only way to make money through blogging. There are thousands of opportunities waiting for you. But just, if you want to make fair income not by tricking users, using cheap tricks or scamming your readers. Hard work never gets wasted, so if you worked hard building a blog, you will definitely get the reward in soon.

Blogging is not just passion, nowadays it was turned into a complete business and you must be fair with your Business.

Now, it’s your turn to add some more words in my blog post and make it shine by sharing your experiences about making money with a blog, by leaving them in comments to be read by others.

If you want to ask something, or want to get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below and I will be definitely here to answer questions from you all. It’s my pleasure to join the discussion.

Also spread the light of knowledge by sharing this blog post with your friends over social media, to help them in making money online.

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