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Secret Tricks to get Google Adsense Approved in 2015 Quickly

AdSense is one of the most famous ad serving network in Bloggers. Nearly Every blogger who wants to earn some money from their blog, want to use AdSense Ads on their blog to monetize it. But Due to strict policies implemented by Google on getting an AdSense account approved, Make’s it hard to get an AdSense account for your blog.

Many of my Friends asked me about how to Get your AdSense Account Approved Quickly. So rather than telling each of them separately, I have decided to write a post and publish it on my blog. So I can easily send them the URL and they can find their answer. By doing this, My blog’s reader can also get benefited from that.A latest and Secret Trick to get your Google Adsense Account approved in Pakistan and India

AdSense is an Ad Serving network from Google, This will place ads on your blog or website and share its revenue with its publishers. It is well known for its high CPC and CPM’s. So nearly every blogger prioritize’s AdSense to serve ads on their blog. Bad luckily some of them are unsuccessful in getting their application approved by AdSense team.

There are some facts which every blogger should know before applying for AdSense. I am going to share some tips here. If you follow those tips then there are 80% more chances of your application to be approved.

Role of Domain Name:

Domain Name’s plays an Important role in getting your AdSense application Approved. Your blog must be on a top level domain (.com or .net). Although you can get approval while on a free domain on but if you want to increase the chances of getting approved then it’s better to use a top level domain.

It is hard to get approved while blogging on a sub-domain. If your blog is too viral and getting a huge traffic, then in that case you can also apply for a BlogSpot Domain. But why not to spend a little of 10 Bucks, and get a Professional look for your blog and also increase the approval chances?

Clean and Professional Template/Design:

The look of your blog is the first impression on the reader’s or visitor’s mind. If your design is eye catching and you are using a clean template which is easy to read for the reader, Then it will definitely impress the AdSense official too. Who is on your blog to review your application.

So it is necessary to use a clean and Professional looking template on your blog to increase your approval chances. If your blog look stuffy and nasty then it’s hard to get approved for your application. Give a Professional look to your blog.

Going with a free theme is also good and it’s not also bad to spend some dollars on personalizing your blog, if you plan to earn some from it. Earning needs some investment, in blogging You have to invest a little, but a little investment can help you do more.

I am giving links to some clean and sleek looking templates which are free. These can be helpful to you if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform.

Easy to Navigate:

Navigation plays a vital role in your blog’s look. If your blog is hard to navigate then it will not be loved by the readers. Many of the blogs with good content are just declined by AdSense because they are not easy to navigate.

Make your blog easy to navigate. You can do this by dividing your content in categories, So it will be easy for the reader to navigate through your blog. A Clean navigation improves the blog ranking and your chances are more that your blog’s AdSense application will be get approved by AdSense team.

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Internal Linking (Inbound Linking):

What are Internal links are? How they can help your application to be get approved by AdSense team? These are the questions you are thinking about. So let me describe you the answer. Internal Links are links which points to your blog.

They can be placed within your content or at the end of your Post titled as “Related Posts”. They work in a quite amazing manner. They can help you improve your blog in some good manners.

Internal Links help you to engage the reader in your blog. This will also lower the bounce rate of your blog. The reader who is reading your post will love to find more posts like that one from you. The Internal links do the work.

They can also be helpful in SEO and Indexing in search engines. They let the SEO juice flow throughout your blog. Crawlers from Search Engines crawl your blog’s all pages with the help of Internal Links.

Your blog must linked internally in a nice manners. Internal linking your blog doesn’t mean to stuff Links of your blog all around the content. It means to link in a nice and clean manner. It is good to use 1,2 related links within your content, as I have done in this blog post. Also put the rest ones 3,4 links in the Related Posts Section after your content.

This will definitely impress the AdSense Official/AdSense Bot who will review your Application.

If you are Using WordPress then you can get a free plugin to show Links to Related posts for your blog.

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Unique and Original Content:

Always remember that in a blog, “Content is Always the King”. If you are publishing copied content on your blog then it doesn’t mean’s a little if all other things are okay, Your blog will never get approved.

So don’t steal someone’s content, Write your’s own. It can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. So Go Ahead! and write some Original and Unique content for your blog before applying for AdSense.

A Question often asked by the bloggers that “How many posts you have to be on your blog before you apply for AdSense?”. Let me describe the answer in some detail to you.

I have seen some of the blog’s, who got approval for an AdSense account by having just 5,7 posts. I have some truly unique content which is also sizzling. Then you can go Ahead with just 5,7 posts. But to Increase the chances of getting approved by the AdSense Team.

I personally recommend that your blog will have more than 20 Well Written Posts on your blog. Before you apply for an AdSense account.

A Secret and Most Important Tip to Approve your Adsense Account in 2015 from Pakistan and India

Good Traffic:

It is  recommended by some of the well-known bloggers who are using AdSense from a long time on their blog’s. Some of them are the Premium Publishers of AdSense too. That your blog must have 500-700 Page views from Search Engine or some other sources before applying for AdSense.

The Traffic can be Social Media Traffic or from a Search Engine. You can also read my post about Increasing your blog’s traffic to 300%, Link is shared below.

But Beware that never use cheap and illegal tricks to drive traffic to your blog. Google’s resources are much wider than your ones and they will easily find that, from where you are getting traffic. So, Always be honest with Blogging and never do the Cheap Stuff!

Another important thing I want to tell you. That if you are thinking about to drive traffic to your blog using Black Hat SEO. Then forget about that, Because you can never get approved if you are using Black hat SEO techniques on your blog. Always try to do good, It can be hard, but be strong. Nothing is impossible, If thousands of people can get approved, then you also will be.

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Special Pages:

There are some special pages your blog must have before you apply for an AdSense account online. What are those Special Pages Really are? Special Pages includes a Contact Us page, a Privacy Policy page, a DMCA policy page and an About me page on your blog. Let me describe you about these pages in detail one by one.

The Privacy Policy Page:

Putting a Privacy Policy page on your blog gives a professional look to your blog. And also let Google aware that you are going with those Polices which are compulsory for applying an AdSense account. You can get a Privacy Policy from an “Online Privacy Policy Generator”.

The Privacy Policy don’t must have to be unique. Because the Terms and Policies of the blogosphere was nearly same. So it is Okay having same Privacy Policy like another blog.

The About me Page:

Everybody want to know about the person who is working behind the blog. The About me Page helps you in both manners. Helpful in getting your application approved and also in Putting some light on you and to share your Portfolio and let readers follow you on Social Media. An About me page is a damn Pretty thing.

The Contact Us Page:

Before going to apply for an AdSense account. Make sure your blog must have a contact us page. Because Google want to let people contact you for different purposes.It is must for your blog having a Contact Us page with your E-Mail address and a Contact Form also. You are free in sharing your Address with your Readers and if you don’t want to do So it is not compulsory.

Domain Age:

Domain age reefer’s that how old is your Domain is. Google AdSense stated in its policies that your domain must be 6 Months old before you apply for an AdSense account. But I have seen some blogs or websites whose applications got approved whether their domains are just 3 Months old.

As defined by Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (Founder of MBT) He says that “Its better to customize your blog for 6-7 Months before applying for AdSense. You should have to write content and to personalize your blog”.

It is also my Personal recommendation that you should have to Write Quality content for your blog, and take your blog to the sky. Spend sometime creating your blog. Then apply for AdSense when your blog is 5-6 Months old.

Special Tip:

At the last, I want to share a special tip with all of you. If you use this tip while applying for AdSense then it can definitely boost your approval chances. This is one of those, which I personally used to apply for an AdSense account. I have asked some experienced bloggers about that, and they also confirmed that it Works! 🙂

The Tip is that when you are going to apply for an AdSense account. Use the personalized email of your domain name for which you are going to apply. This will give a professional look to your application. It is better to add your blog in the Webmaster tools for that E-Mail. This will show your authority on that blog.

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Over to You!:

If you fail’s for the first time, and your application get’s declined. Then don’t give up. Make the necessary changes to your blog and then apply again. Its better to wait for 2 months applying again, if your application was declined. Never Give up. An Ant tries hundred of times, before he reaches the top of a wall.

Practice makes a man perfect. Things are not good for you all the time, So always be ready for some up’s and down’s too. The Better way to predict about your future is to create it. Never Quit trying for a better future.

I hope that by following these tips, you can get your AdSense application approved for the first time. If you do all stuff right.

If you have some more tips about getting your AdSense application approved. Then don’t be selfish, Must Share them with the world. If you need anymore help about this topic, then feel free to ask me through comments! I will be glad to help you. 🙂

If you like this post, Share this post with your friends over Social Media. I will be happy see you doing this… 🙂

Happy Blogging!

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I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. Indeed a great post about Google Adsense approval.

    Google Adsense is the best advertising network and people love to place adsense ads on their websites. I don’t find any other alternative which can replace Google Adsense.

    But It is also hard to get an approved Adsense account. and I don’t think that there would any exact method by following which we can get adsense approval.

    You wouldn’t believe that I got 2 Adsense account approval with a blog:

    1. Which is few days old.
    2. Having only 8-10 posts.
    3. 0 traffic on that blog.
    4. Not having any single important page like About, Contact or any other.

    Before these 2 approvals, I tried so many times with a blog having all the things like important pages, traffic etc etc But I never get approved with that blog.

    That’s why I believe that there is no any exact method by which we can get approved Adsense account.

    BTW I appreciate your efforts and Thanks for sharing such an in-depth article with us. 😀

  2. This is a nice blog and every post are helpful …. Also you can check my Technology Mania for getting some cool tips and tech news . Thanx admin!

  3. Nice post, Most of people don’t know these details about adsense, As they did not read Google adsense terms and conditions, But I know we can Earn $100 Per Day with Adsense easily using some simple methods without any risk to block adsense account. Please mention, If you’ve some better way to increase adsense earning through blog content.

  4. It’s spooky how clever some ppl are. Thksna!

  5. Hello Umair,

    I have actually ruined my primary email ID as it has been banned to apply for AdSense again and it is since 2009 because I tried to apply for the program without knowing a single thing about what really are the guidelines of AdSense. 🙂

    For the blog I have, I haven’t tried applying for it yet but I guess I can use another GMail or any email ID, what do you suggest? 🙂

    I have yet to work on some pages and the content but this blog is live since 2013. I will give all of the items sometime before re-applying with new email ID.

    Thanks for the writeup! And I am happy to share it! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel!
      Happy to See you again 🙂

      This is the thing nearly every blogger try when He is new in his blogging journey. Even I have also applied for an Adsense Account but my Application was rejected because My Website do not complies with the Adsense’s Program Policies. But After spending some time working with the above listed tips, I am successful in getting my account approved. Then I’ve also helped my friend in getting his adsense account approved and it Works! 🙂 .

      First of all, Spend some time crafting it for Adsense. Don’t make it like a Made-For-Adsense Blog, but craft it to comply with the adsense policies. Then consider reapplying for an Adsense account.

      Here use a special tip listed above: Apply using the custom E-mail address of your blog, which will be like or This will improve the chances of getting your blog Approved by Adsense team. Consider to Apply with the Same payee name you are using in the “rel-author” of your blog, Some Publishers think that this will help in getting approved. 🙂

      Thanks for the Kind words and the Share. These both means to me a lot and help me do more hard work.

      Happy to Serve you More ~ Umair Akram

    • I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brteohr out.

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