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How to Speed up your WordPress Blog Page load time 2015

The Page load Speed is an important Ranking Factor in Search Engine Optimization. If your Blog load’s faster and it takes a short time to load, Then there are more chances to be ranked high in Search Results. Search Engines does not rank that website or blog high in their results, which takes too much time to load.

WordPress is a quite good platform for blogging. The biggest advantage is that you can extend your limitations by Using Different plugins in your WordPress Installation. These plugins are mostly available for free and those who are premium will deserve to be Premium. All of your Hard work can be discouraged by the search engine if your blog is taking too much time to load.

Research have proved it that 47% of readers expect that the blog will load within 2 Seconds of time and a delay of 3 seconds or more can make 40% of your readers to abandon your blog.

But How can you Make your Blog Load Faster?

Yes! I have the answer. Today I am going to share my best practices to reduce your blog page load time and to make your blog load faster.

1. Host your Blog on a Fast Hosting Server:

The Basic reason which makes your blog slow is slow server speed. If you are using a cheap and low-cost server then it takes more time for you site to load. This will ruin your SEO score for just some pennies. While Blogging don’t Ever compromise on quality, Always try to use better hosting company which will provide you 99.9% Uptime and it is better to choose a WordPress Optimized Hosting for your WordPress blog for better results.

2. Limit the Number of Posts on Homepage:

If you want to make your blog fast loading, then another tip you can use is to limit the Number of posts to show on the first page of your blog. I will personally recommend to set it to 5 posts. This will show only five posts on your home page and add a button to page 2,3,4 and up to so on. This will make your Site load faster because there are fewer posts have to be loaded. I will never recommend using Infinite Scroll on your Home Page. This can slow down your Home Page.

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3. Don’t use too much Plugins in your blog:

Never make your blog’s Dashboard stuffy. Always keep those Plugin’s which you are using on you blog and delete the rest ones. Prefer to use Multi Tasking plugins for eg: Using 2 plugins for 2 Different Things, If 1 Plugin can perform both of those features then prefer using it. The more plugins your blog have, the more time it takes to load.

3.1 Keep your WordPress and Plugins Updated:

WordPress and Authors of different plugins keep improving their Plugins. Always keep your Plugins Updated. There are several New Bug fixes and hopefully the Updated Plugins take less time to load, Cause the Authors are trying to improve their Plugins Day and night. So hopefully the new updates will be speed optimized.

4. Never use Nulled Plugins or Themes:

There are thousands of free plugins available for WordPress, along with those there are also some premium Plugins. What are those Nulled Plugins? Nulled are those plugins or themes which are provided as premium from the Developer or the Author.

But those Plugins/Themes later Cracked for free use by Other Developers. Its not good to call those guys developer also, I think they deserve to be called a Cracker or Just a Hacker. They Provide those Plugins or Themes to Other WordPress Users for free.

Beware! Those Hackers use Different Skills to Crack those plugins/Themes which will cause error like Slow Loading and Errors in Loading. Even they can harm your website and maybe your Blog will be hacked soon!

So Never use Nulled Plugins or Themes for your blog. Its better to go ahead and buy them. Your blog is quite more important than those Small Pennies you have to spent. Otherwise Go with free one’s. There are thousands of Professional Like Themes and Plugins which can do the same Stuff.

6. Don’t use Stuffy Codes on your Website’s Header:

Don’t ever make your blog’s code stuffy. The Blog’s which have stuffy and un organized codes load slower as compared to Clean Coded blog’s. So go with a Clean Coded and Speed Optimized theme for your blog and while editing your theme keep in mind that don’t use stuffy codes in Header. Put those Extra codes in Footer which don’t require to be run in Header.

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7. Compress your Images(Optimizing Blog’s Images) :

Another great thing you can do, to make your blog load faster is to Optimize your blog’s Images. So here are some tips which can Help you Optimizing images on your blog to load faster:

7.1 : Use WP Smush.IT: was an API from yahoo, which lower your image size and make them to load faster without losing the Image quality. WP is a free plugin available to download. You can search for WP “” from the Install a New plugin feature in your WordPress Dashboard.

7.2: Use Lazy-Load:

When a Visitor visits your blog. All the images which are on the page the will take time to load, that will make your blog slow. Prefer to use lasy-load for your blog’s Images. This will just load the Images which are above the fold on your blog as a user visits your blog. When the visitor scrolls below, it will load only those images which can be seen on users window.

7.3: Don’t Use Too high-Resolution Images:

Don’t Use images with too high-resolution. Always use Medium quality images and choose only the image size which you require on your blog. Scaling down the image using code can slow down your blog. Try to upload it with the size you required.

8. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

Using a Content delivery Network (CDN) can help you to improve your blog’s load speed. Cloud Flare use their own High speed and fast servers to serve your blog. They cache your blog’s pages time to time and serve the user with the Pages they have in their servers.

Using a Free CDN like Cloud Flare can not help much. I have personally used Cloud Flare but it doesn’t improved much speed of my blog.

But You can Use a Caching Plugin to get more good results than a CDN. There are two great Plugins available to speed up your WordPress blog one is W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

I will write a Complete blog post about the Caching Plugins for WordPress Soon.

It’s All upto You:

You can improve your blog’s Page load time using these tips and tweaks. Remember, Google is going speed conscious and it will only Rank those blogs or website which takes less time to load. So Make your blog to load faster to Get a High Rank in Search Engines and to be loved by Readers.

If you have some other Tips to Improve the Page load time of you Blog, Then don’t Be shy and Share it with the World by Writing those in Comments.

If you find these tips helpful, Then share the Word by Sharing this post with your friends over the Social media. Using the Sharing Buttons Below.

Thanks for Reading, Happy Blogging.

About Umair Akram

I am a Passionate Blogger from Pakistan who is just Addicted of Blogging and want to blog in his spare time. I always want to help my fellow bloggers and the new one's who have just Started Blogging. Near to me Money is not Everything, Good Friends are the most precious thing you can earn through Blogging.You can Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ and Stay Updated.Blogging is not just a Profession, For Me Its a LIVING Cause.I Blog for Living. :-)


  1. Great Post About Knowledge Blogging And WordPress.

  2. Hi Umair,

    This is a great post, and I have bookmarked to come back to learn each section deeply.

    Like in present Era everything is going fast so Website speed is also such a big deal. They want it now. In a time where there is so much competition, loading speed could make the difference between landing a client or losing one altogether.

    Thanks for the in-depth post!

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Thanks for spending your precious time reading this post and thanks for bookmarking it.

      Now-a-days web is developing so Fast, One have to compete with the new technology, If you have unique content you must have a fast loading website if you want that your content must be read by readers. That’s why we need to Optimize our blogs for a fast load time.

      Although, Thanks for Stopping by, Happy to See you again. 🙂

  3. Hello Umair,

    Thanks for the guiding post!

    I pay too much attention on making my blog a light-weight and fast to open. For this, I am trying W3TC, reduced images’ sizes and handful amount of plugins.

    I understand that more can be done to further improve the speed but still I am satisfied with the results I am getting. 🙂

    I’d definitely be waiting for your blog post regarding the caching plugins as I need to know how great I have tuned mine up. 🙂

    Happy to share it!

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel,

      Thanks for spending time reading this post. Caching have a great importance in your blog page load time, Caching can be of different types like Browser Caching, Disk Caching, Database Caching.

      I will definitely Write a blogpost about that topic too. Thanks for reading, and droping your comments. You comments always make me feel happy. 🙂 Another Great thanks for the kind Share. It worth to me alot.

      • I’ve enabled this and used your stntiegs (even though there is a newer version than this available now) and have adjusted my Home Title / Home Description etc and hit update but my title is still what is was before. Any advise?In case it makes any difference I am using a Mac, with MAMP.Thanks

        • Do you have the enabled optoin checked within the all in one seo settings? Also, check to make sure the rewrite titles optoin is checked. If neither of those work, it might be an issue with the local server or MAMP but I haven’t had any problems in the past.

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