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Top 6 Killer Ways to Monetize your Blog for Maximum Earnings

Nearly Every Blogger wants to Monetize their blog to earn some bucks from their blog. Even earning some bucks from your blog is not a sin. But How To Monetize your Blog for better earnings? Nearly all the newbie bloggers rely on Google Adsense for the Monetization of their Blogs. But Due to strict Adsense policies they might fail to get their Adsense Account approved  and some of them Quit their blogging journey just because they get disappointed by their Adsense Application Rejection. Even It is possible to get an Adsense Account approved by using some easy tips, but Even you can earn a lot of bucks without using Adsense. Adsense is not the End of the World, There are other Monetization ways too which can even perform better than Adsense.6 Most effective and killer ways to Monetize your blog and to Make money blogging. Also use these to boost your blog earnings

Monetization is not Just about earning from CPC Ads, You can even go with Affiliate Marketing ways to make a handsome income from your blog. Read the entire post to dug in depth about the Profitable Monetization Ways to make money from your blog without using Adsense Account. But If you are still interested in getting your Adsense Account Approved You can read my Guide about Adsense Approval and Get you Adsense Approved with the first attempt.

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Adsense is only one block of the Monetization Tower, there are thousands of other blocks too. The Only thing is that you should know about different ways of Monetizing your Blog and to make a good and handsome income from your Blog. I have ordered a list of Monetization ways through which you can earn a good amount from your blog. I will uncover more about these Ways ahead in this post.

Top 6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog!

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Selling Ad Spaces
  4. Paid Product/Services Reviews
  5. Selling your Own Product
  6. Being a Consultant

Pay Per Click Advertising:

When it comes to Pay Per Click Advertising, It not just only about Adsense. There are a lot of other services too which offers you Pay Per Click Advertising on your Blog. Pay Per Click is one of the most famous methods of earning money from your blog. If you are interested in PPC Advertising but got your Adsense Application Rejected, You can try the below-listed methods to earn from PPC Advertising. is a PPC Program offered by Yahoo and Bing. It is formerly known as Yahoo, Bing Advertising Network. Works similar to Adsense and it’s ads are also similar to Adsense. You can apply for Account by viewing their website. You can easily get an Account if you have a quality blog. Offers a good CPM, and according to my personal experience I have with, the CPM is pretty more than Adsense. Smile

Info Links:

Info Links is a Popular PPC Advertising system. It is very famous for its In Text ads. It provides different kinds of ads, like Contextual ads, In-text link ads, Image ads etc, Thus why Infolinks can be the best alternative to Adsense. Infolinks offers its publishers a minimum payout of 50$, So you can get your money in your pocket when it exceeds from 50$. Infolinks also offer payments through Western Union (The method for which Adsense is mostly loved) It also allow payments through Paypal, Check, Western Union or Payoneer.


It is an another Famous PPC Advertising Program and known as the Best Alternative to Google Adsense. Chitika is easy to Signup and easy to use. Ads are similar to Adsense, Chitika displays Content relevant ads on your blog which can be helpful in increasing CTR of Ads. Chitika offers a payout through Paypal when you earnings exceed 50$ in your Account. Chitika also supports mobile Ads which allows you to monetize your mobile website.

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Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful way to Monetize your Blog. It is very popular among Professional Bloggers and in one of their Secret ways to Monetize their blogs. So first of all let me describe you,What Affiliate marketing actually is? Affiliate Marketing is a form of Advertising. In this form you have to make sales to a specific product or service, They will pay you a commission on each sale you have made. To track your sales, they will serve you with a unique Affiliate link, Sales made through your affiliate link are considered the sales made from you.

You can use your affiliate link through different ways to make more sales to the company. You may use them in content or You can put an Image in sidebar pointing to your Affiliate Link. The Commissions percentage can differ by company and also by niche’s and product. Affiliate Marketing is a good way to earn handsome amount of earning if you are getting a good targeted audience on your blog.

For Example: If you have a blog related to Mobile’s and Gadgets you can put an Amazon Affiliate ad showing Mobile Deals and Accessories, and whenever visitor makes a purchase through your affiliate link you will be paid a commission for that sale. There are many different Companies you can sign up for Affiliate Marketing like Clickbank, ShareAsale, Skimlink etc.

Selling Ad Space:

It is a more easy and powerful way to monetize your Blog. You can sell ad spaces on your blog’s So the Advertisers can contact you directly for a Adspace and pay for it. This method can be used directly by putting a contact page named “Advertise Here” So the Advertiser will be directly in your contact. If you want more exposure then you can signup an account on Different Ad Space Selling services like BuySell Ads. They will show your Ad Spaces to Advertisers and Sell it to them for a specific period on prices specified by you. This method can be helpful if you have thousands of Daily Pageviews on your Blog and also your niche must have to attract a number of advertisers.

Writing Paid Reviews:

If you want to make Money from your blog in a more decent manner then, Writing Paid Reviews can be a good practice. It is one of the secret tactics Pro Bloggers are using to make money from their blog’s. You have some questions currently striking in your mind like, What about this Method actually is? and How I can make money from that? Let me answer all your question in detail.

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It is a method in which you Write a review of a product and post it on your blog, by doing this you are recommending that product to your readers. By reading your review about that product, If you have build an authority with your readers they will go and buy that product. This will result a boost in the sale of that Product and the Company will pay you a commission for those pretty sales. This method can be more appealing than PPC and Selling Ad Space and even it can generate more Sales than Advertising.

One can also use this method to promote your Affiliate Links and can earn by that method too. If you write a good article, then the Results can be pretty handsome. Smile  You must have to consider some important tips before Writing Paid Reviews and making money from them.

  • Select a product or Service that is Related to your niche.
  • Make the Post Title appealing and it should not look like a paid review.
  • Write the Post in a genuine manner and Don’t force the reader to Go and buy the Product
  • Before Writing a Paid Review, Make a trust level with your readers.
  • Consider making your Affiliate links cloak and look beautiful.

Selling your own Product or Service:

Maybe it sounds difficult to earn from this method, but believe me its not a rocket science it is easy as other methods are. Although I needs some hard work but the results are also far better than the other Monetization ways. This method is being used by many of successful bloggers and earning a good amount of income by using this Monetization method. Your product doesn’t only mean to setup a Production company and selling your own produced goods over the internet.

Your product can also may be an e-book related to your blogging niche. This is the method for what website’s are being made in the past. Many people own a product and create a blog to sell their product, but I have seen many of bloggers who have created their products after starting a blog and selling their products on their blog.

You can write an e-book on your blogging niche, and can promote it on your blog. For example: if you are blogging on weight loss and health tips you can write an e-book on “7 Days Complete Course to loose your weight by 5 KG’s”.The Results can be awesome if you have crafted a great product which is helpful to your audience, and you have a targeted audience. Before going to Monetize through this method, it can be  a good practice to Write a Free e-book to win the trust of your readers. You can include your affiliate links in your Free e-book which can help you earn some money from the free product too. Smile

You can promote your product by different ways like, using an Optin Tool, Displaying it in Sidebar or writing Article about your product. Make sure it is related to your blogging niche or to the blog on which you are promoting it. If your Audience finds it helpful then It will go with more sales.

Being a Consultant:

Another method to monetize your blog is being a Consultant to your Audience. This method is not much famous but have a great Earning potential. You can provide your consultancy services to your readers and ask them to pay for it. This can be helpful to your readers and also make you earn some money. Can’t get what I am saying? Let me teach this in more detail.

You can use this method if you have some interesting skills related to your niche. For Example: If you are a fitness expert and running a blog about health and fitness, you can provide consultancy to your readers if they want to learn something more than you are providing on your blog. If you are managing a blog about Insurance and stuff like this, You can offer your service’s of being an Insurance Consultant to your niche and ask to client to pay some money to you. Your readers always want more than you are providing. That’s why this method can be helpful in getting better results.

This method is being used by some top famous bloggers like : Harsh Agarwal is using it to provide its consultancy services to its readers.

An Important tips I want to share with you to use this method is to build a trusted relationship with your readers. If your readers are not satisfied with you, its hard to get some clients. But If you are successful in creating a relationship then you can just super rocket your sales.

You can build trust with your readers by writing awesome content, and providing one free e-book to your readers. So they will know that you know much about your niche and can be a best consultant Smile.

Over to You :

I have already exceeded more than 2000 words and now here I rests. Now its over to you that how you use these monetization methods to earn money from your blog. Remember one thing, Don’t prioritize any monetization method on your Blog’s Quality and your Readers relation. Because there is always an Alternative Method of monetization but if you once loose your readers satisfaction then there is no alternative to get it back. I personally recommend you to create your blog and make relationship with your readers for the first six months and blog daily. Because it is must for every method that you have created a relation with reader. So It can give better results if you monetize after six months of blogging. Also let me know, Which Monetization methods you are using to earn from your blog?

Do you think I have missed any point? Do work from your side and Share it in Comments. I will be happy to see it Smile

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  1. Very informative article! I didn’t know many pointers in the above article. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi, Umair
    This is another very informative post
    Pay per click is most popular method in pay per click i prefer and infolinks
    After that another best way to earn more is by selling ad space i have seen many bloggers are selling ad space

    thanks for sharing this great post
    i’ll surely visit again

    • Hi Satya!
      Happy to see you again here, Thanks for reading this post and dropping your comment. I love to read from my friends. PPC is one of the Most Famous Monetization ways for the Newbie Bloggers. But, Many of the Pro Bloggers are using Affiliate Marketing and BuySell ads to monetize their blog. Pay Per click is just a Startup Step and there are many other ways to earn money. As some of them are listed above also.

      Thanks for Sharing your Views. Glad to See you again. 🙂 ~ Umair Akram

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