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5 Professional Tricks to Earn Money from YouTube

Are you a struggling online earner?

Do you want to make some hard cash from your internet connection by working online?

If your answer is a BIG Yes! Then you are in the right spot, at this time.

The Internet is a huge place for all kind of information, and with all those wide hubs of information, there is a HUGE opportunity to make some pretty nice dollars from the internet.

Unfortunately, thousands of internet users want to make money online but they fail. Don’t know why? Because they don’t know the right path and follow different cheap and quick ways which lead to nothing and they end up disappointing themselves.5 Professional Tricks to Earn Money from Youtube

But, Why I am telling all these statistics to YOU?

Because Being an Online earning consultant it’s my duty to help you guys follow the right path and to teach you how you can actually make money from the internet.

A vast Majority of persons who want to earn online are average internet and computer users and don’t have any advanced skill related to internet or computers. But the good news is that this doesn’t close the door to online earning and still you can make some handsome bucks online.

But, the question is HOW?

Let me REVEAL that platform. The Platform today I am going to introduce is what you use daily to watch and share videos. Yes! You got it right I am talking about YouTube. YouTube is not only a video sharing platform; you can use it commercially and can earn a handsome amount of income from YouTube which is much more than some most famous earning methods.

YouTube is a video sharing platform, but still, it’s not necessary for you to be a movie director or Actor before you earn from YouTube. There are thousands of opportunities waiting for just one move from you and the success is yours. The only thing you need is Smart Work.

Now, it becomes necessary to answer this question (It is in your mind too, Right NOW)

How can I earn money from YouTube?

There are many different ways to earn money from YouTube. The primary gateway from which you can earn money from youtube is the monetization program of youtube. YouTube share the revenue generated by its users with them through Google Adsense. A user can allow youtube to show AdSense’s ads on his/her videos and then youtube will share the revenue with them.

Still, there are much more ways to make some cash from youtube. I have gathered top 5 profitable and legit ways to earn money from youtube, which I am going to share with you guys today.

So let’s start the money game guys… 🙂

Tricks to earn money from YouTube

Google Adsense

This is the most popular and primary way to earn money from YouTube. YouTube allow its content creators to monetize their videos on YouTube by placing AdSense ads before and along the videos. The revenue generated by showing ads on those videos is later shared with the content creators.

You can earn money by this method so easily. The only thing you need is a creative mind and there you go. It’s not necessary to shoot videos with a professional camera or stuff like that. You can start even with your mobile phone’s camera or by just making animated videos.

You can use any kind of freely available video editing software to edit your videos and then upload them on YouTube. The biggest benefit of working with YouTube is that you have a ready-made audience of billions of people. If your video is catchy enough to grab the audience attraction, you can easily make pretty nice bucks from your video.

I have seen many content creators who have made hundreds of dollars without much work and time. Even some of them succeed with the first videos and that video made them more than 500 dollars in the first week.

Once you have finished uploading your video and it is published. You just need to enable monetization in your YouTube channel.

To do this just follows these instructions.

Go to Channel tab and then Status and Features.Image showing Channels Status and Features Tab

Here you find Monetization as the first tab just click on Enable and follow the instructions.

Image Showing Monetization tab

Once you have finished monetizing your channel there is still one more step to go. Your channel will not display ads and do not generate revenue until you do that step.

Go to your videos setting and there you find a new tab named “Monetization”. Go to that tab and check display ads box in order to show ads on your YouTube channel.

Enabling Monetization in Videos

Sponsored Videos

Another way to make money from your YouTube channel is to make sponsored videos featuring products or services from different brands and charging them for that service.

This is a kind of advertising for those brands and they will pay you to feature their product in your videos. You can choose different products according to your niche.

Personally, I will advise you to be more niches specific while choosing the brands. For example, if your channel is about Teeth care then you can go and make a deal with some top toothpaste brands or if your channels niche is related to household electronics you can go with some famous manufacturers.

Always try to reach the brands through e-mails not through Social media conversations, because email is the more professional way to pitch them for your service. Send them an email with what you are offering and describe how it is going to benefit them, because, no one is going to spend dollars on something which is not beneficial for them.

Paid Product Reviews

This can be another form of Sponsored videos but it’s something a bit different. In sponsored videos, you feature products of different brands in your own video but this time you are going to create a video for the product.

This is called paid product reviews; you are going to review a product in your video by describing its all pros and cons. You have to give your users a reason to buy that product. This can bring awesome results if it’s done right for the right product related to your niche.

Always remember, that don’t even try to reinvent the wheel. Always try to offer something new in the market so this can attract manufacturers. You can pitch them by the same method discussed above.

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve surely listened about affiliate marketing in blogging and digital marketing industry. Compared to sponsored videos, this time you don’t have to pitch manufacturers to ask for a deal. This time you are going to work with the companies who are looking for someone to advertise and market their products.

Whenever a sale is generated through your promotion or through your video, you will get your commission. There are many Affiliate marketplaces from which you can choose from thousands of products which suit your niche.

I personally recommend that don’t prioritize the percentage of commission if the product doesn’t relate to your niche. Go for the best-related product according to your niche, because this will help you to generate more sales.

Selling your own Product

If you want to expand a little bit more, then here is another way for you. This can be the best way to make a lot of money from YouTube if you can do some hard work and your viewers trust you. The method is to sell your own created product through your YouTube channel.

It’s not must to become a manufacturer first and then sell products. You can even get yourself branded products manufactured by any large firm and then sell it on your channel. You can also sell T-shirts or mugs branded for your channel if you have a large number of following.

If your channel is about any writing-related niche, you can write and sell guides related to your niche on your YouTube Channel. The whole game depends on your niche and the number of following you have built.

Bottom Line

YouTube is not money making machine and it requires attention, consistency and hard work just like any other business model in this world. So, just quit the dream of being rich through YouTube in a single night. It is totally impossible.

In this world nothing is impossible but every work that generates money requires hard work. If you want to succeed in anything, you have to come out of your comfort zone.

The best advice while starting any online business from my side is “Always be consistent and Patient”

Do your work and leave the rest, focus on what you have planned to do. On many occasions, you feel that there is no way other than quitting this stuff, but believe me, you have stepped towards success that time and don’t quit.

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  1. i am planning to start work on youtube. and no doubt this is the great article. helped me a lot.

  2. tkank you,how can I get more views to my videos ?and witch kind of videos i must to creat?

  3. thank you very much for all your posts,really are helpfull ,just i want to ask you something about my youtube channel,always i tray to improve it but it always have a very low traffic,i follow the rules and i make defferent videos myself i like to draw and sharing my work but always the same thing ,please can you make a visit for my channel and help me with some ideas to get my gool,this is my channel
    and thank you again

  4. Thanks for sharing such a valuable tips and tricks to earn money from youtube. Hope this article will helpful for beginners. Keep on Rocking.

  5. Hey Umair,

    Such an amazing post mann! I am really gonna try this now. Super excited.

  6. Thanks for sharing the tricks. I am gonna to try this tricks to sale my own product.

  7. I hope this is one of the best post I have seen recently. Keep up your good job to enrich people’s knowledge.

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  10. really nice post thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I’m an artist.I want to post my video on YouTube as it is said to me from an art gallery to make a content on my artistic creation with short movie.

      So, is YouTube free to upload my content?

      I have another question is that, may I upload any slide show on my creation to YouTube?

      • Hi! Bk,
        Thanks for commenting. Yes! It is always free to upload your content on youtube.
        And sure, you can upload a slideshow on youtube. You can make that slideshow in your computer or make it through Youtube’s own Video editor.

        Let me know if you need further help!

        Umair Akram

  11. Awesoem article ‘Akram’ Thank you for sharing Keep up the good Work .

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