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Want to get more Followers on Twitter? – But Why?

So, you want to get more followers on your Twitter handle… Am I right?

I think, yes!

Okay, But I want to ask you a question?

“Why you want to get more followers on twitter?”

Is this your prime focus?

Is this is what you want to get more twitter?

Can you grow your blog, having tons of twitter followers and just several visits daily on your blog?

Obviously, No!

Then why you are looking for tips to grow your twitter followers?

Because you think that “As number of followers you have increases, the more traffic you will get from twitter”

Umair has busted this Myth in the last article on this blog, but I want to explain it further.

That’s why I am writing this article…

Why we want to Get more Followers on Twitter? When just Traffic Matters

The problem is that we are not focusing on “What we want?” but we are trying our best to get “What we can easily”.

It’s all about Goals…

We all have to know about “What we are doing, and for what we are doing…” (Read this line carefully)

You must have to know - What you are doing? & for What you are doing? Click To Tweet

So, I am going to discuss the goals, we want to achieve with Twitter Marketing.

What we actually want to achieve with Twitter Marketing?

Most of us don’t have a clear vision about “Why we use twitter?” or you can say that “Why marketers use Twitter”.

We all are content marketers. Agree?


We use Twitter mainly to promote our content and to get more readers, Right?

Then why we are focusing on the number of Followers? Not on the number of followers who engage and interact with our Tweets?

The prime goals of a Marketer, which he wants to achieve with Twitter should be:

Do you think that we are taking necessary steps to achieve our goals?

Actually, No!

Not even a little bit…

Then for what we are doing such efforts?

Let me answer:

What are we trying to achieve with Twitter?

Actually, we are on the Wrong path; we do not understand the prime purpose of Twitter Marketing for a content marketer, correctly.

The only thing nowadays we want to achieve with Twitter is:

  • More, more & more Followers.

Actually, we have taken this thing like a competition and we are just focusing on it.

Our prime purpose for using Twitter have become “To get more followers on Twitter and then more and more”

We want to watch the numbers to grow, not the sales.

So, from now our questions would be like this:

  • How to drive more traffic from Twitter?
  • How can I get more CTR for my Tweets?

How can we acquire all these with our Twitter Marketing campaign?

So, Now I am going to give you some tips about “How can we actually grow our business with twitter?”

I am not going to discuss these tips in further detail because I think Umair have done this very well in the last blog post. You can read the full blog post here: The Bible of Twitter Marketing

  1. Post Interesting Tweets
  2. Tweet niche related content
  3. Ask for Retweet
  4. Make Influencers tweet your Article
  5. Make sharing on Twitter easier, from your blog.
  6. Retweet other’s tweets, so they will retweet yours.
  7. When you retweet, try to add your own views at the end.
  8. Include links in your tweets (They work like a Call-to-Action)
  9. Try using images in your Tweets; they tend to have a higher CTR.

My purpose of writing this blog post is not to revise the same thing discussed in the previous blog post.

Actually, I want to show you the right direction of twitter marketing to make our goals and vision more clear about Twitter marketing.

Twitter is not just about “How many numbers of people following you?”

It doesn’t matter much,

In content marketing “How many numbers of people clicks on your links?” matters.

Final Note:

I think I’ve written enough, and I hope that now “You know why we use Twitter?”

If yes, then try to focus on conversion rates and CTR of your twitter account.

No one can succeed with twitter marketing by focusing on just the number of followers He has.

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Let me know what you think about this blog post?

P.S: Do you think I am right? Or Wrong? Let me know through comments. I love to read them!

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