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Yahoo Releases a Brand New Intelligent Text Messaging Bot: Captain bot

Yahoo’s new Captain bot

Yahoo is the most loved Email service by the users ever since the beginning days of internet. There are a large number of users who fell in love with its quite simple and sleek email service. Yahoo Messenger had become a worldwide sensation only after a few days of its launch. Various other services too were launched by Yahoo that became a source of inspiration for various tech companies. Yahoo has also inspired them to make new technological innovations. Following this trend, Yahoo has announced a new Captain bot recently for the US releases captain bot

What is Yahoo’s Captain bot?

Yahoo’s Captain bot is a text messaging bot will enable the users along with their families to manage their to-do lists and remainders. The most amazing feat of this bot is that, you will not have to download any app. Just sending a text “Hi” to the number 773-786 will enable the service for you. Another amazing feat of this text messaged-based AI is that you can use it for free with just standard messaging rates.

How to use Captain Bot?

Using Captain Bot is quite a simple and easy task and requires no prerequisites. Even if you do not have a Yahoo account, you can choose the option to use this feature. Just having a phone is enough to get up and running with this bot. Text Hi to 773-786. Then choose the I Agree option. After having done so it will guide you to perform 3 functions, i.e. Update shared shopping list, set up remainders, and add family members to a group.
If you want to perform some other tasks with Captain text “help” and you will provide you with a list of commands that you can put to use whenever you feel the need to do so. You can interact with only those people that you have added to a group.

What can Captain Bot do for you?

Captain bot is advertised to do a lot of things to remind you of the daily activities that you need to do. There are no limits to the activities that you can perform with it. Any activities for which you wish to receive notifications and wish to be reminded about can be allotted to the Captain. Some of the examples of the tasks you can perform are:
Make a list of the shopping list or to do list:
You can quite easily make a list of the shopping list using the Captain bot. Everyone in the group can add and remove items as per the requirement. This will help keep the shopping list updated at all times. You can also create various others to do list. The tasks in the list can be allotted to specific persons and you can also keep a track if the task is done or not. This will help you ensure that all the tasks is carried out by different members.

Set Remainders:

You can set reminders for different activities and get notified at particular time duration. This will help you remember the task at the specified time. This will help ensure that you are reminded at a particular instant to perform a particular task.

Get Notifications:

You can also receive notifications about any important tasks that you are being allotted by some group members. This will help you receive information about any important activity that you are notified about. This thereby enables you to share task between different group members.

Ask about the schedule:

You can ask Captain about your schedule whenever you cannot remember a task assigned to you. The schedule is prepared intelligently so that you do not miss any important schedules.
Remind the family members about the schedule:
You along with your family will be able to remind each other of the task that needs to be completed throughout the day. It also features a list support option which can be added at any time with the help of text.

Manage schedules of the members of group:

This SMS-based digital assistant with the help of some lightweight artificial intelligence will help you along with the family members to manage each other’s schedules. The instructions need to be texted to a phone number which can be accessed by anyone whom you assign a task.

Requirements of using Yahoo Captain bot:

An amazing thing about this Yahoo Captain bot is that it does not need any special smartphones. A simple phone with the messaging feature enabled is enough to perform the task. This also will ensure that even a person with no idea on how to operate a smart phone will be access this feature and put it to use.
Special Note for Sprint Customers:
If you are a Sprint customer, you need to unblock shortened links in order to properly use it properly.

P.S: This is a Guest Contribution by Angela George. Proudly published by MyTechMag!

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